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Cross Summoner: R Beginners Guide and Tips

Uncover all the deeper secrets lying deep beneath all!

Cross Summoner: R is an RPG gacha game that has recently launched into the world of smartphone games. The game comes up with insane graphics and a storyline where the players have to complete chapters and follow up through the story. It has many heroes divided into several classes. Every hero possesses different abilities and powers to become an asset to the team. Let us follow up through a detailed Cross Summoner R guide for beginners to smash enemies with the best strategy from the first match.

Introducing the Basics of Cross Summoner: R

Players will start with only two characters at first, Fortis and Momohime. The game will start with the introduction and then take the new players into the first mission of the first chapter. It will make the players acquainted with the way of playing the game.

Image via Damo Games

Players have to defeat the main villains and their troops to complete every mission. After the completion of every mission, players will also receive valuable rewards. After the tutorial, players will get a free summon where they can summon 10 heroes and expand their team.

Image via Damo Games

Summoning heroes and utilizing the rewards to upgrade heroes are key factors in the game. Players can have a maximum of four heroes in their squad and rule over the battlefield with mind-blowing strategies. Every character has unique raged skills and special attacks to demolish the enemies in no time.

The Lobby

The main home screen of the game is the Lobby. From here, players can get access to all the entities of the game. Players can go through their profile where they can check the overall power, the server in which the player is playing, the experience, and a lot more. The Lobby comes up with some other features as well, such as:

  • Altar: At the Altar, players can have a chance to rebirth their heroes. The player will also get back all the resources that were used for upgrading the hero and that hero will become a shard.
  • Trophies: The trophies section is the place where players can check for the main objectives which are to be completed. Players can earn more rewards and in-game currencies that will help them in the game.
  • Rankings: The ranking section shows the overall ranking of you and all the players. This helps you to compare and then become stronger to surpass all the other players and reach the top of the ladder.
  • Bag: The Bag shows all the items, shards, and materials that are owned by the players. You can sell any unnecessary reward from this section and get Gold in return.
Image via Damo Games

Players can also check for all the other features of the game such as Recharge packs, pool, 7-day logins, Recharges, Sign in, and many more other aspects. They can check for all the major in0game features which we will discuss now.

Adventure mode

Adventure is the option where players can follow up through the storyline of the game. it has many chapters that unlock after a certain level. Players have to complete all 20 chapters one by one by completing all the previous chapters and achieving a certain level.

Image via Damo Games

Apart from the storyline, there are four more modes; Fight, Resources, Heavenly Realm, and Kingdom Battles. Players can complete all the chapters and missions from the other game modes to achieve exciting and valuable rewards. Players get Gold, Diamonds, and Materials that help the players to upgrade the heroes and make them even more powerful.


Summon is the place where the players can go and summon heroes after some time. There are three different types of summons for which players can go.

Image via Damo Games
  • Advanced: In the advanced summon, players can summon heroes every day at 5:00 UTC. The summon gets restored every day at the same time and players can try their luck to grab the best possible hero. The best part is that players will grab S or A tier heroes after some summons which will help them grab the maximum number of hero shards.
  • Basic: The basic summon gets restored after 5 minutes of any summon. Players can grab amazing hero shards throughout the day. up here too, players can grab an S or A tier hero shard after a particular number of summonses.
  • Limited: The limited summon follows the meaning of its name. it comes for a very limited time and vanishes later. Beginners must complete the tutorial and go for the limited summons to get amazing prizes and the best hero shards to unlock them.


General Store Cross Summoner R
Image via Damo Games

The Store is the area where players can go for some in-game purchases with the in-game currencies players have earned as rewards. There are two stores mainly, General store and Hero store. Players can buy materials and hero shards from the general store with the help of Golds. In the Hero store, players can buy the same things, but with the use of Soul stones.


Image via Damo Games

The Tasks section comes up with missions and objectives which are to be completed by the players to earn awesome gifts and rewards. At 5:00 UTC, daily objectives get restored which are to be completed by the players while fighting the villains. Rewards like Soul Stones, Diamonds, Gold, and many more are earned as rewards by the players.

Mastering your Heroes

Heroes are one of the main factors in this game. players must understand in detail the heroes. The first thing to remember, players can only use four heroes from the summoned heroes and make the best squad. Keep it in my that not all the heroes have the same capability and for that reason, heroes are divided into a few tiers and classes. There are four tiers of heroes, S, A, B, and C. Heroes are classified into four different classes in this game, namely Fighter, Caster, Healer, and Guardian.


Image via Damo Games

The fighter class heroes are considered the best heroes on the frontline of the squad. Fighters have immense powers and the ability to knock out their enemies with their physical contact. They can even deal with high damages and thrash opponents.


Image via Damo Games

Casters have the best ability to attack from far away distances. Casters spell their casts on the opponents and provide the best support from the backline. They can use their abilities and powers at their best from the defense line and be an asset to the team.


Image via Damo Games

The heroes under the healer class are best in attacks and healing their mates. These heroes use their powers and restore the health points of their teammates during a fight. They can also come up with attacks but the attacks are not that effective.


Image via Damo Games

Guardians are supporters of the squad. These heroes come up with some of the best physical attacks and powers by using which they support the attacker class heroes in the battles. These heroes also step forward followed by the attackers and defeat the enemies with the best synchronization.

Leveling and Upgrading your Heroes

In this section, players can check out all the heroes present in the game. The colored heroes are the ones that the players are obtaining and the B/W ones are the heroes which are not been obtained yet. At the bottom, players can check for the four classes of the heroes and check all the heroes of the classes.

The best part is that players can also upgrade their skills and level up the heroes with the resources and materials they have earned as rewards. Follow the steps to level up skills and upgrade heroes:

Heroes breakthrough leveling up cross summoner r
Image via Damo Games
  • In the heroes section, select the hero you want to upgrade.
  • After selecting, you can check two options, Breakthrough and Level Up in the bottom right corner.
Heroes upgrading summoner r cross
Image via Damo Games
  • To upgrade the skills, tap on the Breakthrough option, you can see four options ATK, Stamina, Physical DEF, and Magic DEF. select one by one and tap on the Breakthrough option. It will cost some Golds to upgrade the skills and the hero will become more efficient in their skills than before.
  • To Level up, your hero, tap on the Level Up option. Check for the availability of the potions and then level up your hero up to the maximum limit. You can level up one by one or level up to 5 times at once as well.

Cross Summoner: R Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After going through all the hurdles and challenges of Cross Summoner: R, here are the best tips in our guide for beginners that will help them in the game.

1. Complete the Chapters

Beginners must go through all the chapters and win them three stars. Winning every round with three stars will lead the players to earn the best possible rewards. By completing the stories of every chapter, players will also level that will help them unlock more modes and earn more valuable rewards.

2. Summon more Heroes

The Advanced and Basic Summons get restored every day after a certain time limit. Try to go for many summonses as possible to obtain more hero shards. All tier heroes have different numbers of shards required to unlock them. Summon more and unlock the best heroes to make your squad the strongest.

3. Upgrade and Level up your Heroes

Upgrade the heroes with all the materials and potions obtained by the players as rewards. Upgrading the skills and leveling up the heroes will lead to an increase in the powers of the heroes and the overall squad as well. This will help the player to defeat the enemies more easily.

4. Create the best squad of Heroes

Summon the best heroes and select the four best ones from the four classes of heroes to make your squad. The fighters, healers, guardians, and casters will come up together and have the best synergy to easily defeat the main villains.

5. Complete your daily Objectives

Follows up on the Tasks and Trophies sections to check out the objectives. Complete the missions and objectives assigned to earn more valuable rewards and invest them to make yourself stronger.

Final Thoughts

Cross Summoner: R is a gacha JRPG game that follows an adventurous storyline. Beginners must follow all the above points to ensure the best gameplay at their first stroke mentioned in this Cross Summoner R guide. The game can only be run in online mode; hence players cannot go for unfair means of play.

Thus, as a beginner follow all the instructions given above and play the game wisely. We hope this Cross Summoner: R beginners guide will help you to play the game and make the best move on your first attempt. Select the best server and enjoy the journey with all the heroes you have summoned and reach the top of the game.

That’s all for the Cross Summoner: R Beginners Guide! Did you find our Cross Summoner: R beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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