Dawn of Ages: Medieval Games: Beginners Guide and Tips

Become the ultimate survival in the Medieval Era!

Dawn of Ages is a strategy game that enables single and multiplayer systems. The BoomBit Games have offered this game where it re-traces the historical events of the medieval age. At the dawn of medieval history, you must build your castle, evolve your army, and conquer the other existing civilizations. The game has weapons and armor from ages past using which you lead your troops to battle and win over your rivals. Therefore, follow my lead as I explain the immersive gameplay and major features with some additional tips on this title through the Dawn of Ages Beginners Guide and Tips piece. 

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Gameplay Overview

Dawn of Ages: Medieval Games is a tactical game where you first choose a civilization amongst the four options given. These include the Teutons, Franks, Anglo-Saxons, and Vikings. After you choose your civilization, you can begin the game with the tutorial in Dawn of Ages. Since it is a strategy game, it functions on battles along with city-building aspects of a typical strategy game.

Dawn of Ages storyline
Image via BoomBit Games

The game divides the storyline into chapter stages. Each chapter has several stages, you can clear by winning the battles. The Territory development is equally important when it comes to this genre. Town Hall is the main building here and other buildings like Market, Forge, Barracks, and others are under this structure. There is a constant need for development and upgradation to build your city. Therefore, you need to level up by carrying out the extra activities in the game.

Dawn of Ages storyline 2
Image via BoomBit Games

For battles, you can access them from the World Map. Initially, the troop size stands to be five members from the city. You can increase the limit after upgrading the Barracks. You should be mindful when you’re assigning armor, weapons, or a particular position in the troop formation. These elements are crucial as they dictate whether you’ll be victorious or face defeat. For more tips to excel in this game, read the Tips and Tricks part of this Dawn of Ages beginners guide.

Dawn of Ages gameplay
Image via BoomBit Games

Before starting the battle, the game will ask you to choose a Tacticard. The cards can be offensive, defensive, or utility. The offensive card deals with attacking and damaging abilities, the defensive one increases the defense skills, and the utility cards provide other uses on the battlefield. Be sure to select the appropriate card that turns the battle in your favor. After your tacticard selection, you can begin the battle by clicking on Fight and both sides will begin their attacks. 

Dawn of Ages Basics

Chapter Stages

All the chapters lie on the World Map which you can access from the home screen. The chapters have numerous stages. For you to go forward to the next chapter, you need to win battles in all the stages. The first chapter is the Dark Ages where we see how France survives after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Dawn of Ages World map
Image via BoomBit Games

This chapter has 75 stages and the battles get difficult after a certain stage. So, follow the tips I’ve mentioned in this Dawn of Ages Beginners Guide to claim victory easily. The rewards you get after victory are like gems, coins, battle XP, and more.


The Yard is the area where you can make adjustments to the battle troops. You can rearrange the positions to enforce a better formation against the opponents. You can check the damage ability of each troop before deploying them.

Dawn of Ages Yard
Image via BoomBit Games

On the left side, you’ll witness the Barracks. Here, you can choose the commander for the troops. You can also change the weapons and armor you equip for each commander. It is necessary to keep each troop member upgraded to their fullest to expect a positive outcome in battles.


The Storage is the section where all the vital elements from the game are stocked up. The items include various armor, weapons, and blueprints for both. The game allows you to upgrade any of the items if you have sufficient resources for the process.

Dawn of Ages Storage
Image via BoomBit Games

You can also sell any of the products if they seem irrelevant to you in exchange for coins. So, you must stay aware of the resources management you should carry out to excel in Dawn of Ages. 


The game allows you to craft some significant items for usage in battles. The craftable items include armor, weapons, and blueprints. The process occurs in the Forge. So, you should upgrade the building timely. For swift crafting, you require sufficient Lumber, Grains, and Coins.

Dawn of Ages Craft items
Image via BoomBit Games

Also, if the item you’re crafting is high-grade you even require a sufficient amount of Bread. After the piece is ready, you can use these in battles. Crafting on your own helps you in the long run and you don’t have to rely on clearance prizes to get your hands on high-value pieces. 

Trader’s Harbour

Trader’s Harbour is a feature in Dawn of Ages where you get free resources by watching ads. There are five gauges and you need to reach the last one where you get a wooden chest. The rewards mainly include coins, grains, lumber, gems, and wooden chests for secret gifts.

Dawn of Ages Trader's Harbour
Image via BoomBit Games

The Trader is known as the gift bearer for the players of this game. After you claim all the rewards, the feature refreshes after 12 hours. You can make use of the feature once again and acquire amazing resources. 


The Quests in this game are an excellent way to progress ahead and also obtain resources for important in-game activities. The game has four types of quests: Daily, Weekly, Progression, and Achievements quests. The progression quest is related to the chapter progress you make via fighting battles.

Dawn of Ages Quests
Image via BoomBit Games

The daily and weekly quests have a specific time limit to them. Finally, the achievement quests represent the remarkable milestones you achieve in the game. The rewards from these quests include Gems, Lumbers, Battle XP, and coins.

Battle Pass

For the Battle Pass in Dawn of Ages, we have the Starter Pass for now. Later on, according to your advances, more passes will unlock. The battle pass typically has a free and premium pass. The free pass provides you with gifts and resources when you gain enough Battle XP to cross the pass levels.

Dawn of Ages Battle Pass
Image via BoomBit Games

The benefits from the Premium Pass unlock when you make a real-time transaction to purchase it. The rewards you get are coins, wooden chests, grains, lumber, gems, armor, etc. 

Dawn of Ages Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are a few additional tips in my Dawn of Ages Beginners Guide, that I felt useful during my exploration of the game

1. Arrange your Troops precisely for the Battles

The troops are the crucial units that take you through every battle in the chapter stages. You can upgrade the Barracks to increase the number of troops you deploy in a battle. Also, the position of each unit highly matters. So, you must always follow the right strategies in studying the Damage Matrix. This shows the damage every unit deals to all the opponent units. The matrix will assist you in making a decision about the arrangements and assigning of right weapons to the units. Also, make sure to power up the troops regularly.

2. Choose the Appropriate Tacticards

After completing certain battles as per the chapter stages, the game unlocks a Tacticards feature for you. These tacticards can affect the battle results with a significant percentage. The cards are of three types: offensive, defensive, or utility.

Dawn of Ages Tacticards
Image via BoomBit Games

Before you start the fight, the game will ask you to choose one tacticard from the three options. Therefore, you should always choose the one that suits the requirements of the battle and works against your opponents. 

3. Build and Upgrade important structures

Like any other strategy game, Dawn of Ages also enforces your territory’s typical building and advancements. Apart from battles, you must build important structures like Town Hall, Market, Forge, Barracks, LumberJack, and many more. You’ll require resources for building the facility for your territory. You should also timely upgrade the buildings so that they yield more fruitful results. These buildings play an important role and serve better in battles as well.

4. Complete all the Quests regularly

As I’ve mentioned above, the quests are a great way to get extra resources and measure your progress. There are four categories of quest: Daily, Weekly, Progression, and Achievements. The progression quests are nothing but the chapter quests which you can access through the world map. The rewards include Gems, Lumbers, Battle XP, and Coins. You can also obtain other rewards other than these. Overall, you must complete them all to reap the benefits.

5. Make Use of Trader’s Harbour

Trader’s Harbour is a feature that provides free resources only in exchange for you to watch videos. There are five gauges and five different gifts, and for each, you just need to watch ads. The rewards mainly include coins, grains, lumber, gems, and wooden chests for secret gifts. Once you claim all the rewards, the Trader’s Harbour refreshes after 12 hours. Once again, you can acquire goods from the feature. I’m aware that this method is not a conventional way to stock resources, but it serves your purpose beneficially. 

Final Thoughts

Dawn of Ages: Medieval Games is a tactical game that takes you back to the Medieval ages. The game immerses the players in a rich tapestry of medieval life, blending strategy, and role-playing elements effortlessly.

From managing a territory’s economy to leading armies against your rivals, everything forms the course of middle-age history. The past-age weapons and armor help you to relive history most authentically. The attention to detail is remarkable with every vital feature standing out. So, follow this piece for all the significant details about the medieval realm.

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