Dawn of Ages: Tips to level up easily in the game

Become the ultimate Warrior of the Medieval Age!

Dawn of Ages is a strategy game where you engage in PvP battles and more. The BoomBit Games promises to serve immersive gameplay with features to climb up the leaderboard. It lets you dive into medieval warfare where you loot weapons, lead your army into battles, and develop the city. You must strategize wisely to fight legendary battles against famous warriors and rise higher in status. Now, the Legendary battles don’t unlock right away and you need some tips to level up up to the Viking Age. For the same, I’ve explained all the important points in the Dawn of Ages: Tips to Level Up piece that boosts your level and lets you enjoy the entire game thoroughly. 

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How to level up easily in Dawn of Ages

1. Strategize with Damage Matrix

The Damage Matrix shows the damage type efficiencies of all types of weapons. On the battlefield, before the fight begins, you can check which troop will affect you the most and vice versa. The game draws out the efficiencies for three damage types namely: Slash, Thrust, and Blunt.

Dawn of Ages Damage Matrix
Image via BoomBit Games

The grid clearly shows what symbols and colors represent the light, medium, and heavy damage against the opponents. This is a great method to strategize and arrange the troops conveniently. You can also select your Tacticards following the Damage Matrix.

2. Create your Card deck mindfully

Tacticards are of three types: offensive, defensive, and utility. I’ve explained the Tacticards in detail in our Dawn of Ages beginners guide. So, you should check it out for a thorough run on the game as a newbie. Now, various cards assist you uniquely during combat. The game presents three options for you to choose from.

Dawn of Ages Tacticard Deck
Image via BoomBit Games

The cards that appear are always from the Tacticard deck you’ve designed for yourself. The deck is in beta form and you can always edit it via the Yard. So, I would recommend creating the deck with the most effective cards. You must keep shuffling between the reserved cards in case of inefficiency. 

3. Upgrade Weapons and Armour

The Weapons and Armour are as important as your strategic skills and overall troop power. It is necessary to assign the troops with the correct weapon type and every troop should have a shield on. After you upgrade, the newly improved items add to the overall strength of your army.

Dawn of Ages Upgrade Weapons and Armor
Image via BoomBit Games

More strength than your opponent increases your chances of winning the fight. The more fights you win, the closer you’ll become to unlocking the Viking Age and in turn the Legendary Battles.

4. Climb The PvP Ladder

The PvP battles don’t unlock immediately after you start playing the game but still become available in the early stages. Once the PvP battles unlock for you to play, the victories from these battles contribute to your progress. Also, helps to unlock the Viking Age in the last stages of the progression quests.

Dawn of Ages Climb the PvP Ladder
Image via BoomBit Games

You win prizes like coins, battle pass XP, and others which help in getting resources. These resources are necessary for the upgradation of weapons and armor. The PvP Ladder keeps track of the score you attain after each win and enhances your status on the global leaderboard.

5. Focus on the Progression Quests

The quests in Dawn of Ages can be put under four names: Progression, Daily, Weekly, and Achievements quests. Although the daily, weekly, and achievements quests contribute to your progress, the progression quests should always be your priority.

Dawn of Ages Quests
Image via BoomBit Games

The free valuable rewards come in handy but these quests are a major criteria to unlock the Viking Age. You ought to complete 34 progression quests to unlock the next vital age. The Viking Age will give you access to Legendary battles and you’ll face the great warrior, Alfred the Great to rise above rankwise. 

Final Thoughts

Dawn of Ages is a thrilling game that delves into the concept of historical civilizations and creates an epic saga out of them. As you progress in the game, you’ll notice the game getting challenging with upgrades and improvements all over the city.

Here, the battles are tougher than any other strategy games I’ve played until now. The players should focus on every feature that enhances their gameplay and increase their score in the global leaderboard. Therefore, follow this Dawn of Ages: Tips to level up piece to take advantage of the tips I’ve highlighted above.

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