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Diablo Immortal Guide: How to enable Auto Navigation in the game

Learn to enable auto navigate in Diablo Immortal!

Diablo Immortal has some interesting and intrinsic features which many players might still not know. One of those interesting features is Auto Navigation. Auto navigation helps players travel around the game world without using the joystick and without any input. This means that players will have no control over their characters when Navigation is enabled.

Diablo Auto-Navigation
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The feature is much beneficial for those players who want to travel faster from one place to another and roam around the game world, saving time and energy. It’s upon you whether you want to experience every region in the world or you wish to only get to your targeted location to finish off your quests and progress faster in the game. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to enable or disable the auto navigation feature in Diablo Immortal.

How to enable Auto Navigation in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Enable Auto Navigation
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Auto Navigation is enabled through the main menu settings which are located in the top right-hand corner of the game screen. It is to be noted that Auto Navigation can be unlocked only after completing the Quest of Wortham. There are two ways by which you can start the Auto Navigation feature:

1. Navigate to a Particular Location

Diablo Immortal Cemetery
Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Open the World Map menu on the right-hand side of the game screen.
  • Select the location where you want to get navigated by tapping on the location.
  • Press the Navigate button and your character will automatically start navigating to the pointed landmark.
  • If the location you have chosen on the map is too far away, then your character will automatically open a gateway portal and navigate to the pinned location and continue walking without any input of yours.

2. Navigate to a Quest Location

Diablo Immortal Navigating
Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Look for the Quest objective section on the left side of your screen.
  • Click on the Quest you want to play.
  • Your character will automatically start navigating or even open up a portal if the location is a bit far away from your current location.

The players should note that while you are enabling the Auto Navigation feature, the character will not encounter any enemies that come in his pathway. Also, your character will not open up any chest, or pick up any items and collectibles. There’s not much to do if you want to disable auto navigate in Diablo Immortal. To disable Auto Navigate in Diablo Immortal, simply tap on the screen at any given instance and the auto navigation will automatically stop.

Did you find our guide on how to enable Auto Navigation in Diablo Immortal helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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