Dream League Soccer 2024 Guide: Tips to earn more Gems quickly

In almost every simulation title, in-game resources play a key part in a player’s advancement through the ranks. Dream League Soccer 2024 is no exception and comes with Coins and Gems as its primary in-game resources. While the former is abundantly available and can be earned in adequate amounts by just playing the game, Gems are really hard to come by. That does not mean that you won’t be requiring them in your journey to the top. Gems are equally vital in getting you past divisions quickly. In this Dream League Soccer 2024 guide, we shall be discussing the utility of Gems in the game and share different ways to stack them up quickly.

How to earn Gems quickly in Dream League Soccer 2024

Now that we have got a basic idea of what Gems bring to your table in DLS 2024 and, where not to use them, let’s take a look at the various ways by which you can earn Gems.

1. Remember to redeem your Daily Log-In Rewards

Just as it is for any simulation title, players must be sure to en-cash on the freebies. The login bonuses in Dream League Soccer 2024 refresh every 20 days. If you miss out on logging in on a particular day, the cycle starts from Day 1. Even though you can mostly earn Coins from the Daily log-in rewards, Gems do peep in on some days. So, make sure you are logging in each day else the cycle will refresh and the addition of free Gems to your tally will only get delayed.

2. Complete the Daily and Weekly Challenges set

On the game’s Home Screen, you will come across the Challenges section at the bottom left corner. That is the first section that players must navigate to when they log in for the first time during the day. Certain objectives are assigned to you daily, such as scoring a header goal or scoring a certain number of goals. To be honest, these daily challenges can be completed within 30 minutes. While completing each Challenge can earn you Coins, completing all of them can earn you a fixed amount of Gems.

Dream League Soccer 2024 Objectives
Image via First Touch Games

Besides the Daily Challenges, Weekly and Career Challenges have also been introduced in the latest edition of the game. Just like Daily Challenges, their Weekly counterparts earn you Gems upon completing all the objectives for the Week. Coming to the Career Challenges section, reward you with Gems upon completing each objective. Playing Academy Division games can ensure the fulfillment of these objectives.

3. Engaging in the Global Challenge Cup and the Academy Division fixtures

In the previous editions of the game, the academy division games were known for earning you Coins and Season Points. However, in the latest edition, the introduction of Career Objectives has made sure that even Gems can be earned by just playing and fulfilling certain objectives in the Academy division games. As you rise the divisions, the Gem rewards double up.

Dream League Soccer 2024 Career Objectives
Image via First Touch Games

Besides that, players will come across the Global Challenge Cup under the Career section. Divided across two groups, you can compete here with users online in a round-robin format as you look to win the title. Clearing each round in the Global Challenge Cup can also earn you a handy 10 Gems.

4. Taking part in Dream League Live matches

Based on your performance against online users in the Dream League Live, which is displayed on the Weekly Leaderboard, you are awarded Gems. It would reshuffle every week, as the name implies, therefore it would be wise for you to begin the grind on weekends.

Additionally in this edition, Gems can also be earned after taking part in a said number of Dream League Live matches. So, make sure you are actively playing the Dream League Live matches if you are in a quest to earn Gems quickly.

5. Activating the season pass by completing the Season Pass Objectives

Besides the other objectives that we have talked of, the Season Pass objectives are another set of Daily objectives that can be found under the Daily tab of the Challenges section. Some of the objectives set under the Season Pass section do earn you Gems. Besides that, completing all the Season Pass objectives for the day can earn you some additional Gems.

Dream League Soccer 2024 Season Pass Rewards
Image via First Touch Games

You will also be accumulating Season Points with the completion of these Objectives. Upon accumulating a fixed number of Season Points, you can activate the Season Pass and earn loads of coins and gems. These Coins and Gems get accumulated in the Progression bank. They will only get added to our tally post the 10-day season.

How to use Gems in Dream League Soccer 2024

Well, even though the majority of the in-game Spending can and should be done with Coins, Gems are also a vital resource in DLS 2024. They can be utilized for:

  • Upgrading the facilities of your Stadium
  • Hiring Coaches (Common, Rare, and Legendary)
  • As a Coach fee, when you utilize your available coach you utilize them to train your players to their maximum development potential.
  • Hiring Agents to find deals from you in the Transfer Market
  • Signing Top Class (80+ OVR players) from Live Transfers
  • To permanently boost your player’s OVR by investing in form boosters
Dream League Soccer 2024 Gems Utility
Image via First Touch Games

However, even though Gems can be utilized in multiple arenas, you should mostly look to utilize them for Upgrading the Stadium, Commercial, and Medical Facilities of your Stadium. To start with, you will be provided with 75 Free Gems as a token of thanksgiving. Make sure that you utilize them to upgrade the commercials of your stadium.

  • Upgrading commercials first would generate more revenue and hence, earn you bonus coins after each Career Mode and Exhibition game. Having ample coins in your tally would ensure that the dependency on Gems is reduced somewhat.
  • Later on, when you have piled up a decent amount of Gems, you can utilize them to increase the OVR of your squad members and as a training fee.
  • Refrain from hiring Agents with gems at any juncture of the game. It is a total waste of resources as even the Legendary coaches won’t bring decent enough scouts that can be added to your side. Instead, save your Gems and target the Top Class players from Live Transfers
  • Unnecessarily spending on coaches is also not needed as they can be hired by letting go of players from your squad.

That’s how you can use Gems in Dream League Soccer 2024!

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