Dream League Soccer 2024 Guide: Tips to progress across Divisions quickly

Max out your team and quickly progress in the game!

It’s been quite some time since the latest version of the Dream League Soccer series rolled out in the Gaming Industry. The game has already received a lot of praise for the new features that have been incorporated. What’s even more striking is that this version is a lot more challenging than the previous ones and climbing up the divisions requires some serious grind. In this Dream League Soccer 2024 guide, we are going to share some useful tips from our experience of playing the game for a month that would help users progress across divisions quickly.

Tips to progress across Divisions quickly

Dream League Soccer 2024 makes users start with a line-up of players with OVR ratings hovering around the 50s and 60s. Hence, winning with them can be challenging. However, you do not need to win all games of your Division to progress. We are going to discuss all the steps that you should be following to secure a Division Promotion.

1. Adhere to all the Division Objectives

To ensure a Division Promotion, you must look to complete all the Division Objectives of your Current Division in Career Mode. Fulfilling all of them is important within 15 Division Games, failing which you are denied a promotion and have to repeat that Division. You can find those in the My Club section of the Career Mode menu. You need to finish at a position, higher than the one mentioned in the objectives and also tally the goal count desired.

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Fret not, whichever rank they ask you to finish at; you do not need to win all games. Out of 15 Division games, even if you manage to win 10 games, you will end up being the table topper. What’s more challenging is the goal count. Initially, you will have only low-rated strikers on your side that would end up missing open nets sometimes.

Hence, we suggest you go for a lethal Forward at the beginning when the game asks you to pick a Legendary Player as captain. While in lower divisions, your target must be to solidify the attack. Your opposition teams would also be having low-rated players on their side hence; your defense line will manage that. Having a solid striker can help you score even 5-6 goals in a single game and ensure your promotion.

2. Max out your Medical Centre

Besides the commercials of the stadium, you must eye on maxing out the Medical Centre of your stadium. To be able to win games and progress up the divisions, it is important to field your best starting 11 in each game, especially in the Global Challenge Cup Events where winning is a must.

Initially, you won’t have too many good players on your side and hence that might cost you a few games and be a hindrance to your Division Promotion. Maxing out the medics of your stadium reduces the probability of your starting 11 players getting injured to a great extent.

Dream League Soccer 2024 Medical Centre
Image via First Touch Games

Hence, the gems that you earn through Live Events and by completing the Division objectives should be used to max out the Medical Centre Perks and Commercials of your stadium. Do not spend gems on unnecessary things. If you do not upgrade your stadium facilities, you won’t be given a promotion.

3. Release your unwanted players for Fitness Coaches

Fitness is what matters ultimately in the Dream League Soccer Series. There is no use keeping unwanted players who won’t make it to your Dream 11. Hence we would ask you to release them for fitness coaches. This would have 2x advantages. Firstly, if your main player is injured, a Fitness coach would help him heal from his injury so that your chances of a Division promotion are not squandered.

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Secondly, you need to keep the market rolling, for legendary players to appear on the window. If you do not get good players, it won’t be a problem in the lower divisions but as you go up, progressing further up is difficult without high-rated squad members.

4. Hire Common Scouts

This might sound a little strange since they have only a 5% probability of finding legendary players. But, that is what resource management is all about. Common scouts can be hired with 75 in-game coins, while Legendary scouts who have a higher probability of signing legendary players, can be signed with 500 coins.

Say you get a legendary player after hiring 6x Legendary Scouts and your friend for getting the same legendary player, hires 12x Common Scouts. Now you can figure out that 12 Common scouts would involve an investment of 900 coins while on the other hand, 6 legendary scouts would eat up 3000 coins.

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Common scouts are kind of handy this way. To progress up the Divisions you need Legendary Players on your side, hence we suggest you use your coins wisely and go for common scouts. Remember, Legendary players can also appear in the Window, either individually, or as Top Picks. Save your coins, so that you can spend on them.

Follow these tips, and you shall comfortably rise the Divisions real quick and hassle-free. You can always refer to this Dream League Soccer 2024 guide for assistance to progress across divisions.

Did you find our Dream League Soccer 2024 divisions guide helpful? Do let us know by comments below!

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