Dream League Soccer 2024 Beginners Guide and Tips

Build the Best Team on the Planet!

From the house of First Touch Games, Dream League Soccer 2024 is the latest version of the famous mobile soccer series. It is now available for download on all Android and iOS devices worldwide. The game has undergone a lot of changes and improvements as compared to its previous versions. Users can now build their dream team and rise the divisions, thanks to over 4K FIFPro licensed players. In this Dream League Soccer 2024 Beginners Guide, we are going to discuss the new additions/improvements in this latest version and also share some tips for newbies willing to start their soccer journey with this beautiful mobile soccer series.

Gameplay Overview

Needing approximately 500 MB of free space, Dream League Soccer 2024 is compatible with almost every Android and iOS Device. For existing users, all the user data including the players and the Academy Division they were in are carried forward in this edition.

For newbies, well you play a dual role in the Dream League Soccer series being both the Team Manager, as well as the Player. Your dream team cannot be built in a day. It requires some serious grind to rise up the ranks and get the players that you want. You have to start with a line-up of players with an OVR rating hovering around 50 or 60. You can build your stadium backed by Training and Medical Infrastructure, unlock new formations, hire agents to find scouts for you, add legendary players to your side (players with 80+ OVR ratings), and do a hell of a lot of other things by spending in-game resources.  Fret not, we have got you covered.

Getting Started with Dream League Soccer 2024

To kick-start your journey, first, you have to pick a Manager from amongst the 3 Default Faces that they provide you as options. You can randomly pick one and customize it later. Once you are done choosing and assigning him a Name, the Game then asks you to Pick Your Captain. This is good news for you if you are a new player as you get to choose a Legendary Player at the beginning.

This would add a much-needed boost to your squad. Once all of that is done, the game allows you to play your first match to learn the in-game controls. You can always skip that since whenever you play your First Game, they will always back you with the tutorials.

Dream League Soccer 2022
Image via First Touch Games Ltd

 As a Jumpstart, all users receive 1500 in-game coins and gems. While coins can be earned easily, Gems are hard to come by. You must use your in-game resources wisely.

Introducing the Game Modes

Exhibition Mode

The Exhibition Mode is Offline and Friendly Matchmaking. There is nothing much to exploit in Offline Matchmaking. However, if you are a beginner, you can start with Offline Exhibition Games and play one or two of those to get used to the controls and see if the Formation suits you.

Image via First Touch Games

The Team Formation would be set at Default 4-4-2 and the only other Formation unlocked by default is 4-1-2-1-2. Friendly Matches are fun no doubt. Competing with your friends and flexing your skills in front of them is a mandate, isn’t it?   

Career Mode

Premier teams from across the globe compete against each other across eight divisions. As a beginner, we would suggest you focus on Career Mode Progression primarily. Completing each Career mode game would earn you Season Points and In-game Coins initially.

Image via First Touch Games

As you rise up the divisions, the rewards double up and you even get to earn Gems which are otherwise very hard to earn. You can even watch a 30-second in-game award after each game to double up your rewards.

Dream League Live

Here you get to compete with users Online. You get rewarded with Gems based on your performance which would be reflected on the Weekly Leaderboard. As the name suggests, it would re-shuffle each week, and hence, you would be smart if you started the grind during the weekend. Special Cup Events go live on Festive occasions and earn you in-game rewards based on your Knockout Performance.


Dream League Soccer 2023 Scenario
Image via First Touch Games

In Dream League Soccer 2024, a unique in-game feature called Scenarios has been added. Scenarios simply put you in a situation where your team is losing and you have to defeat the Hard AI difficulty level to win. Every day, 50 in-game coins are awarded for completing Daily Scenarios. So, be certain not to miss out on these.

Starting your Career Mode Journey

New Enhanced Stadiums and Real-Time Highlights

The stadiums are way more professional looking after the update. Be it a career-mode game or training mode, it gives you a feel as if you are truly playing at an International Stadium. Also, when you sign new players, the in-game visuals of him walking along with the stadium with the audience welcoming him with a huge roar and applause is a treat to watch for the eyes. You can watch the real-time highlights after each game and see who assisted your goal. It is indeed a welcoming feature for the fans.

New Team Kits and Logos

Dream League Soccer 2024 Kit Customization
Image via First Touch Games

This update saw the addition of 6 new Team Kit Types. You can always customize your Team Kit, Logo, Player Kit Number, Boot Color, and sock color from the Customize Section. 

Live Transfer

The Live Transfer window helps you sign players with in-game coins. The players available on the transfer window refresh after every game that you play. However, the players that you find on the transfer window would depend on your Team Chemistry. Initially, you would find only low-rated players in the window.

Image via First Touch Games

Legendary players would only show up as Limited Time Offers during the festive season if at all they do. You have to grind from scratch to live your Dream Team. You can however hire Agents and Scouts to find Legendary Players for you by spending in-game resources.

  1. Agents: Agents can be hired using Gems. They find legendary players around the Globe for you. Once they find one, it is on you to sign or discard his pick. To add the player to your side, you have to spend in-game coins.
  2. Scouts: Scouts can be hired using Coins. They essentially serve the same purpose but the players they pick for you come at a discounted price.

Coaches and Physios

Coaches play a pivotal role in training your players under different departments, be it Physical Strengthening, Goalkeeping, or Technical Training. They can also be used to max your players out. Hiring a coach requires spending in-game gems and the price tag on a coach increases with his rarity. You may even get coaches in exchange for players that you release. But remember, releasing a Legendary Player no longer rewards you with a Legendary Coach!

Physios mainly help your team recover and regain their energy. They can be hired by spending in-game coins. Legendary Physios may even heal injuries that your players sustain.  

Daily Challenges and Division Objectives

Daily Challenges are a relatively new addition to this series. Users can earn 40 Season Points each day by just logging in. Stress this section the most and complete all the objectives set for you daily. There are pretty simple challenges set that require hardly an hour of grinding, like winning two career matches, two live matches, etc. Completing Daily Challenges would earn you coins and most importantly the rare-to-find Gems.

Dream League Soccer 2024 Objectives
Image via First Touch Games

Same with the Division Objectives, they kick off with pretty easy ones like Finishing 8th in the Division and Scoring 15 goals in the season. You will find them in the Statistics section. They earn you loads of in-game resources with each Division that you climb up to.  

Stadium and Facilities

To up your game and climb up the divisions, it is important to max out Your Club’s Stadium and other facilities associated with it. The Medical Center on Upgradation lowers the cost of resources you spend to heal your players and also lowers the probability of them getting injured.

Upgrading the Accommodation Centre facilitates the expansion of your squad. The Training Centre upon up-gradation makes way for the unlocking of new formations. A new addition to the Stadium Facilities is the Recruitment Centre. Perks of upgrading this facility include a discount tag getting added on Scouts and Agents.

Dream League Soccer 2024 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful in-game tips in our Dream League Soccer 2024 Beginners Guide for beginners to get channelized in the right direction and assemble their Dream Team hassle-free.

1. Choosing the Ideal Captain

At the start of their journey, new users are asked to pick a Legendary Player as Team Captain among a list of Big Names. If you are in your first season, we suggest you ideally go for an Attacker or a Midfielder. Your focus should be primarily on strengthening your Attack as you need to score goals.

DLS22-12 captains
Image via First Touch Games

Always keep Defenders and Midfielders in your substitution bench along with 1 go-to striker to score big ones when needed. As you slowly start climbing up Divisions, your target then would be to start solidifying your Defense Line.

2. Choosing the Suitable Formation

Team Management is an important aspect of any Soccer Game. The formation 4-4-2 and its similar variant, the 4-1-2-1-2 are unlocked by default. To unlock the rest you need to upgrade the Training Centre of your Club. If you are a beginner, you can try out the 4-1-2-1-2 Attacking formation. Two Central midfielders facilitate one playing a more Offensive Role while the other stays active defensively.

Dream League Soccer 2022
Image via First Touch Games

When on the attack, the two Wide Midfielders can fill in the space, allowing the fullbacks a lot more flexibility to build an attack through the Wings and set up for a cross. With the striker duo along with an Attacking Mid, it is one of the most successful formations in the Dream League Soccer Series. The formation must suit your playing style and starting 11. Hence we recommend you play 1 or 2 Offline Exhibition Games first and then take a call accordingly.

3. Resource Management

Properly managing the In-Game Resources is important. Gems are really hard to earn and hence resist spending them unnecessarily. All in-game spending should be done with Coins. Be it on Physios, or on Scouting Agents. You can earn coins from Career Mode and even Offline Matchmakings. But Gems are not given out so easily.

You can earn them only by completing Daily Challenges and finishing on top of the Weekly Leaderboard in Dream League Live. Never even think of spending Gems in hiring Legendary Agents as the scouts that they bring to be honest are not worth adding to your side. Unnecessarily spending on coaches is also not needed as they can be hired by releasing players from your side. Gems should only be spent on Upgrading your Stadium Facilities. Spend the 75 gems that you receive as a jump-start on upgrading the Commercials of your Stadium.

4. Keep upgrading your Stadium

The first thing that you should focus on as a beginner is to upgrade your Stadium Facilities. This is much needed if you are to climb up the Divisions and make way for Elite Players in your Team. We have already discussed each Stadium Facility and the perks of upgrading them.

Image via First Touch Games

In addition to that, the bonus in-game resources that you receive after each game also increase as you upgrade the Stadium. You won’t have too many coins and gems initially, hence we suggest you start with the Stadium, Commercial, and Medical Facilities first.

5. Never Skip the Daily Challenges and Division Objectives

As we have discussed earlier, make sure to log in each day and complete the daily Challenges. That would not just earn you in-game resources but also the most important Season Points that would eventually make your way to the Season Pass and help you earn more in-game resources. The Division Objectives must be adhered to, to ensure promotion.

6. Stay Attentive in the Live Transfer Market

To pave the way for Elite players, you must stay active in the Transfer Market. If you do not buy and sell players regularly elite players would never show up on your transfer window and you would be left with a weak team.

7. Eye on Long Shots and Set Pieces For Scoring

Long Shots were removed from the Dream League Soccer Series only to be re-added this Season. Scoring is probably the most difficult challenge in the game as you need to angle the ball inside the net using the Analog Sticks. Try scoring from outside the Box or chip it above the Keeper if he comes out. They are a lot more rewarding. We recommend you practice shooting in the training sessions and offline games to get a hang of it.

Set Pieces can lead to most of the goals getting scored in DLS 2024. Practice taking free kicks and corner kicks in the training arena. If you are a beginner, your team won’t have players exhibiting Powerful Kicks. Hence we suggest you either go for a long pass over the wall landing the ball on your strikers’ feet or else pass the ball to the side player and build on the attack from there. The latter approach is more precise. Avoid any sliding tackles near your penalty box as your opponent would also look to cash on set pieces.

8. Other Miscellaneous Tips

  • Grind Dream League Live Matches only on weekends to get the most out of it, as discussed earlier
  • In case your player meets with an injury, play a reserve bench player for a few games. That would significantly reduce the cost of healing and you can save your resources.
  • Do not hire coaches unnecessarily to train your 11. There is no point in training low-rated players if they don’t make it to your Dream 11.
  • Watch ads daily to earn in-game resources.

Final Thoughts

First Touch Games has done a great job of improving the Gameplay and adding the necessary touches that were missing in the previous updates. With improvements after each update, it would be the game to watch out for shortly. The re-addition of long-range shots and in-game visuals on signing a player are takeaways from this season.

The only negative that one can complain about is that the player ratings have dropped significantly with Messi and Ronaldo (both 86) being the highest-rated among all. The only other thing that users may complain about is that only weak players appear in the live transfer window initially but that is the beauty of it. If you want to achieve it, you grind through it. As simple as that.

That’s all for today’s Dream League Soccer 2024 beginners guide. Did you find our Dream League Soccer 2024 Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know by commenting below!

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I have the same problem. Very jarring

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Problem communicating with the server

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