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Edge: Mech-Ascent Beginners Guide and Tips

Engage in battles in the adventurous world of Edge: Mech-Ascent!

Edge: Mech-Ascent is a new AFK strategy RPG now available worldwide. The game is an anime girl-centric game like Arknights and is perfect for the otaku population of mobile gamers. The gameplay is very much comparable to Hero Arena wherein the AFK-style RPG game has been most popularized. Additionally, following significant success in those markets, Mech Ascent developers are now working to bring the game to Western players and introduce them to the sci-fi universe filled with gorgeous and cute anime girls and some truly stunning artwork. Here’s our Edge: Mech-Ascent beginners guide to explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Gameplay Overview

When players first start playing Edge: Mech-Asce, it would be normal to be taken aback by all that happens especially the depth of the new game. The game is very unique than most games with the only game comparable coming up to mind being the famous Hero Arena: AFK battle. Below, here’s everything you need to know and what should and shouldn’t be done when starting in Edge: Mech-Ascent.

Introducing the Basics of Edge: Mech-Ascent

The gameplay of Edge: Mech-Ascent is very similar to that of Hero Arena: AFK battle, where the main goal of the game is almost to collect most of the cute characters as much as you can. But each agent is also different in power levels with some being able to be competitive with minimal setup and others that would be hard to play into higher levels of the game. 


First in our Edge: Mech-Ascent beginners guide we’ll take a look at the game’s Agents. Because, after all, these are the ones players use in the game’s battles, and understanding them at a basic level will help them learn more about these heroes. Agents are the main fighting characters of the game. They are the ones that players will want to collect and upgrade to progress into the game.

Edge: Mech-Ascent beginners guide

Six different categories of heroes are currently available in the game which is: Celestial, Fiend, Beastkin, Human, Mech, and the Void. Each of these categories will support heroes from various rarities. each with their areas of expertise and abilities. In the game, players form a party of unique heroes from various races and engage in arena battles. To save the world, players must explore and battle enemies in a fantasy world. 

The players can field a total maximum of six agents in one game where they will automatically fight against the enemies of the stage with minimal to no intervention of the player except for the placement of the agent and which agent would they want to use in the battle which is a very interesting take to the RPG genre that usually boasts a more hands-on approach to the battle against enemies.


Edge: Mech-Ascent beginners guide

Summon is the game equivalent of the Gacha aspect of Edge: Mech Ascent. Currently, there are three types of summons available in the game namely, Normal Summon, Advanced Summon, and Friendly summon. This varies depending on which characters or artifacts the players will be wanting to look unto.

Special Ability

Special abilities are skills that your agents or heroes can use in battle. These skills are more powerful than normal attacks that can change the tide of the battle in your favor. Knowing these abilities is very important in making the combination that would work for different agents in your team.

Edge: Mech-Ascent Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Budgeting Resources

Budgeting the limited resources to be gained in finishing certain stages is very important as to not spending resources on things that you would not need. As the famous saying once said, a gold coin not spent is a gold coin gained.

Edge: Mech-Ascent beginners guide

This will be especially helpful as the game progresses where fewer materials are being gained and the players usually look back and think that they shouldn’t have used the materials early on.

2. Upgrading Higher Tier Heroes

Focusing on Higher Tier Agents is a must for long-term planning in Edge: Mech-Ascent, where the most upgraded heroes should just be the S-tier ones that will for sure be accompanying you in your future stages of the games. Although if you want a certain character enough don’t hesitate to play them in your team too as the main focus of games should be to enjoy not just be as efficient as possible.

3. Grinding Levels and Stages

Grinding levels and stages are probably the main hustle thing in the game as it is an AFK RPG game where grinding for materials and levels takes the most time that players will be in the game. Knowing this, if you want to progress into the game faster never forget to farm levels and stages even when not playing the game as much as possible.

That’s all from us for Edge: Mech-Ascent Beginners Guide! Did you find our Edge: Mech-Ascent Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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