eFootball 2023: A guide to understanding and performing Legacy Transfer

Take advantage of Legacy Transfers!

The latest Season 4 update that arrived at eFootball 2023 leaves no space for criticism, thanks to the interesting features loaded throughout the update. The makers have promised the things which were discussed in the 2023 Update Roadmap announcement while also adding more interesting features as well. One big feature introduced via the recent eFootball 2023 update is the addition of Legacy Transfer.

It is a system that allows player experience transfers in simple steps. With the introduction, queries are posted in plenty on how these things work in the game. So, in this article, we shall look at how Legacy Transfer for a player is defined, and how players can perform it in eFootball 2023.

Legacy Transfer in eFootball 2023


Legacy Transfers will mostly deal with player experience transfer. Users can transfer Experience Points and Additional Skills from one player to another using this feature, whether you have trained them or not. Users need to select a player to transfer their points from and another player to inherit those points.

Legacy Transfers
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Although many will point out that this was there in the previous PES series, there is a difference. In the previous versions of the game, the player was first converted to trainers and then they were used for training. This time, the process is a direct player-to-player transfer.

The process requires GP and will vary from player to player depending on the level he is at. The player used for the transfer will be erased after the transfer is done while the remaining points will not be transferred over once the inheriting player’s EXP Points have been maxed out.

How to perform Legacy Transfer

Players can perform a Legacy Transfer by following the below steps.

  • Go to the My Team to access your players.
  • Pick a player of your choice and click on Legacy Transfer. Remember, this player will be the one who is going to inherit the points.
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  • Trainer candidates will now show up where players can pick one player of choice. This player will be the one who is going to give his experience points to the first pick.
  • After selecting, you go to the overview page of the player. You can see his stats and other details.
  • Click Confirm to move to the next page.
Legacy Transfer procedure
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  • A final overview of the transfer will be displayed. The new level of the inheriting player will be displayed along with the additional skills that are going to be added.
  • Click Transfer to finalize the Legacy Transfer procedure.


Most of the players have confused regarding the calculations. For example, there are queries about why a Level 1 player when undergoing a transfer doesn’t inherit the complete 31 levels of the other player. The answer behind this is the transfer takes experience points into consideration, not the player level.

Player Level in eFootball
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Consider an example where players A and B are at Level 1 and Level 10 respectively. While training A with B, you expect Level A to be at Level 10, but he is Level 8. This is because A and B have different caps and experience points to reach Level 10.

A might reach Level 10 at 10,000 experience points, but B might have taken 7,500 points for the same. So the training will consider the 7,500 points in player B and will use it to train player A.

Points to Remember

Here are some important points to remember while performing a Legacy Transfer.

  • Once a legacy transfer is performed, the player used will be removed from your Team Menu.
  • If the experience points of the inheriting player are maxed out, then the remaining points of the player used for the transfer will not carry over.
  • Additional skills are only those which are given by Skill Tokens. So, the other skills won’t get added.
  • Position ineligibility is something that the players have to take note of. This means that if your selected player for Legacy Transfer is not eligible, you cannot perform the transfer.

That’s how players can utilise the much-awaited Legacy Transfer in eFootball 2023.

Did you find this guide for understanding Legacy Transfer helpful in eFootball 2023? Do let us know in the comments below!

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