eFootball 2023 kicks off Season 4 version 2.5.0 update with Legacy Transfers, Player Slots, and more

A new season is live!

eFootball 2023 has finally got the most awaited version 2.5.0 Spring update with a brand new Season 4 kicking off starting April 13th, 2023. Titled ‘Develop.Design.Define‘, the update’s primary focus is on the announcements made during the 2023 Update Roadmap reveal, and it seeks to fill the improvement features in the game. Without further ado, we will look into the features, events, and awards that Season 4 is bringing us and other updated information in eFootball 2023.

eFootball ‘Develop.Design.Define’ Season 4 Overview

KONAMI tasted immense success thanks to back-to-back hit seasons, the Qatar World Cup 2022-based Season 2 followed by the Club-themed ‘Back to the ClubsSeason 3. The reason behind the popularity is that KONAMI took note of the shortcomings they faced and applied a fix while the season was running live.

Things, however, took a positive turn for this reason, and the community which was not happy with the way things were going slowly backed the football title. With this, the fourth season also comes with a spectacular feature-filled update, which will immensely help the players in enjoying the Dream Team mode even more.

Skill Training System

A system that was popular in the PES series has been brought back with this Season 4 eFootball 2023 update. With this feature, all players in your team will gain 5 Additional Skills slots. Although it cuts down the realism in the game, it will be very interesting to have multiple skills on a player, which will improve his performance on the pitch drastically.

Skill program
Image via KONAMI

Players can do this with the help of skill tokens. These are part of the newly introduced “Skill Training Programs” and will add new Player Skills at random to these Additional Skills slots. With this, a player can have a maximum of 15 skills, compared to the 10 previously.

Legacy Transfers

A wonderful feature that has arrived is the Legacy Transfers, which will mostly deal with getting a better version of an already existing player. Users can transfer Experience Points and Additional Skills from one player to another using this feature, whether you have trained them or not.

Legacy Transfers
Image via KONAMI

For making a player undergo a Legacy Transfer, all you have to do is simply choose a player from whom you wish to transfer all Experience Points and Additional Skills, then select Legacy Transfer, and choose a person who fits the required conditions to inherit those points.

However, KONAMI has confirmed that Trending players will not be able to learn Additional Skills through Skill Training Programs, nor can they be developed via Legacy Transfer.

Additional Player Slots

As mentioned in the spring update news, the player slot quota can now be expanded to a maximum of 900. However, the current number of slots available in the Game Plan of Dream Team is 500, and GP can increase the number of players available by acquiring 50 slots for 500,000 GP.

player slots in eFootball version 2.5.0
Image via KONAMI

This may appear to be a bit pricy, but because many players have a stockpile of in-game currency, it won’t matter much for them, although Tour event grinding is suggested for novice players.

Attack and Defense Level Bar

Another great addition coming in this update is the level bar for Attack and defense. In simple words, it helps the player choose the level of play either focusing on attack, defense, or basic, just like the system on PC/console. On mobile, FIFA Mobile has this system, however, it is between three modes only, Attack, Balanced, and Defense.

Attack and Defense Bar in eFootball Season 4
Image via KONAMI

Here, players can choose a mild defensive system or an all-out system as well, because it adds one extra level of play. When you’re behind by one or two goals, you may go all-in from the next second because you have nothing to lose. If you choose to attack, your player movement will be more bent toward making forward runs than the typical style of play.

However, it will leave a hole while making a defensive transition, which may work against you. You can also see how the opponent is set up, on the bottom side of the screen. The attacking panel is displayed in Pink, whereas the defensive panel is displayed in Turquoise.

Player Rating changes

Some other Team features now include Team changes implemented which will display the players’ Overall Rating exceeding 100. This means more players with great performances will be getting higher-rated players. So, if you were a fan of the high-rated 102 Mbappe or 103 Iconic Rashford in the PES series, you are in for a ride.

Kick-off Campaign

To celebrate Season 4, a kick-off campaign has been announced to gift players the skill tokens. Details are as follows:

Season 4 eFootball Kick-off Campaign
Image via KONAMI
  • Login 1: Skill Training Program x1
  • Login 2: Skill Training Program x1
  • Login 3: Skill Training Program x1
  • Login 4: Skill Training Program x1
  • Login 5: Skill Training Program x1
  • Login 6: Skill Training Program x1
  • Login 7: Skill Training Program x1

The campaign will run in two periods, the first one starting 13/04/2023 02:00 to 20/04/2023 01:59 (UTC) and the next from 20/04/2023 02:00 to 27/04/2023 01:59 (UTC).

Other updates and changes

KONAMI alongside the impressive changes mentioned above has also made some changes with respect to the gameplay and leagues as well. There are as follows:

  • The team structure of the American League has been updated with data from the new season.
  • Updated selectable Authentic Teams in Trial Match and Friend Match.
  • Player photos, Manager photos, graphics, and data have been updated.
  • Commentary and chants have undergone a change as well, which has to be re-downloaded.
  • Gameplay fixes and tweaks.
  • Updated Match Pass.

Final Thoughts

Wowzah! This is what we refer to as a banger update! KONAMI may have recognized the game’s potential and chose to include whatever they could to make it more enjoyable to play. When it comes to new features, the eFootball 2023 version 2.5.0 Season 4 update checks all the boxes because they are all well-planned without disrupting the game’s balance.

With the way things are going, the update appears to be quite favorable for eFootball. The future plans for game improvement are also quite thoughtful, which naturally increases interest. There’s little doubt that they’re improving at providing a good experience, and we believe this is only the beginning.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming eFootball 2023 Season 4 version 2.5.0 update? Are you excited about the events and features? Do let us know in the comments below!

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