eFootball PES 2021: Steps to recover a lost account in PES

Perform these steps and recover your lost account

With the new season of eFootball PES 2021 out now, there are many reasons for users to get into the game and enjoy the content out now which includes new sets of Iconic Moment players and Custom Matchdays.
Along with them, a specific group of users generally start afresh with a new season being kicked off. Now, PES has deduced a way to recover a lost account.

Many users who had uninstalled the game a long back, might find their old account overwritten to a fresh new account. Players are generally agitated when their account with their full set of players are lost, making them start the game with unknown bronze players. Despite the fact that building a team is relatively easier in PES, Players are now able to restore the lost account.

Steps to follow to recover a lost account in PES

Step 1: Open Support on Home Menu

Open the Support menu in the Home Menu, and navigate to the Contact & FAQ. This is the place where you can check the FAQs (Frequently Answered Questions) in PES Mobile, check transactions and fill in an inquiry form to retrieve the lost account.

recover lost account

Step 2: Select Contacts & FAQ

In the menu, you have to select to click Inquiry Form where you need to accept the Konami privacy policies to further proceed to fill in the details of your lost account.
On accepting the revised privacy policies, you need to select the “I can’t restore my account using a data transfer” option.

Step 3: Fill out the Inquiry Form

In the process, PES will check whether you are the appropriate user in case of not using a Konami ID.

Clicking on the accept button, the application will redirect you to a page containing a form to verify your identity with the lost account you’re claiming. Keep in mind, It is a must to link Your Owner ID data should be linked to Google Play before this inquiry. Konami needs the current Owner ID to be linked to Google Play to recover data from your old owner ID.

Many information including e-mail address, owner name, and the Account ID which you wish to restore along with the Current ID.
Along with that, information such as the model Team name, Team Name, and Team Name(shorthand). Several essential information like myClub coins, Managers in the club along with the SIM campaign level and Campaign level is also being noted. Along with it, PES also tries to verify the actual date when the App was opened for the last time.
Also, Make it a point to fill up any past transactions along with the following basic old Device and OS Model which also needs to be recorded.

Recovery period of a Lost Account in PES

Upon successful completion of the form, users need to wait for a week or two after which the account, if found, will be sent back their lost account in PES. Please go through the following cautions after successful completion of filling up the application form.

We hope that this guide to recover lost account in PES 2021 was helpful to provide you the necessary details. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Alex Masakhwe

My account cannot connect with konami account why


I accidentally unlinked data just before switching accounts, then when I tried to login back, it says data transfer failed. Will I still be able to get my account back after filling the inquiry??


Please help bro my case same with you

Bharath krishna M

Bro did u get back your account

Manish bhoi

Hi I have some issue for login in account data transfer because I have go to and also involve in some fake Id or some illlegal informer so got trapped in some issue so keep in your hand to do some more for my account data transfer issue ,….
Thanks your loving gamer ……


I need my 12 iconic acout back plzz konami


I need my pes acout back 12 iconic acout back plzz konami


I link and unlink then I link then now showing data transfer failed


I’ve linked on konami link on my old acc.
When i want to transfer data using konami link given i’ve tried to login many times and it says no-email registered on konami im so upset tho


I didn’t gave any Gmail on data transfer but my id have changed and its showing the password is also wrong what should I do


I have tried login my PES account using my ID and through Google and it kept on saying data transfer failed and not here to transfer please can someone tell what has happened to my account

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