eFootball PES 2020: AS Roma Iconic Moments review

eFootball PES 2020 is getting great profits for publishers Konami ever since Iconic Moments were introduced. In the Datapack 5.0, Iconic Moments were scheduled to launch after maintenance every week. Lots of players were excited and tried to pack them via a Special Agent. While some of them have a great collection of Iconic Moment Legends, the rest of them have nothing special to show off, with a fewer count. All depends on luck, isn’t it? Many clubs got their Iconic Moments released, then later, better and higher rated players came into the picture. This increased the interest of getting these players, which were exciting for most of them. We will give a detailed review on each one of them based o their clubs and in this article, we’ll review the AS Roma Iconic Moments players in PES.

There are four Roma Iconic Moments released as of now, so the reviews will be on those four. All the reviews are only after trying them out in both offline & online matches. Whenever any new Roma Iconic Moments are released, the review will be updated. We previously reviewed the Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Manchester United Iconic Moments players, so feel free to check them out.

AS Roma Iconic Moments

We currently have these four Roma Iconic Moments players available in PES:

  • Francesco Totti
  • Gabriel Batistuta
  • Hidetoshi Nakata
  • Cafu

Francesco Totti

Playing Style: Classic No. 10

Looking back at his iconic moment match

Roma Iconic Moments: Totti
Roma Iconic Moments: Totti

This was indeed going to be one of the Roma Iconic Moments in PES as this match cemented their Serie A title, thanks to an amazing squad and consistent performance. On 17th June 2001, Roma faced Parma in what seemed to the end of a record-breaking season for Roma. Trying to end the season with a win, they did exactly that, beating Parma 3-1 win with around 75,000 Roma fans in front of them at the Stadio Olimpico.

The match started with Totti delivering the lead to the hosts with a weak footed strike in the 19th minute. Even though the goal delivered the lead in their final league match, Totti’s celebration was even more iconic and had a lot of emotions running through the players for what had been a stellar season. Totti and other Roma players ran through the crowd to experience the emotions with the fans. Followed by which the celebrations continued with Montella and Batigol scoring for the hosts in the 39th and the 78th minutes respectively.

Player Analysis

A Roma player all his life, Totti is very good on the ball, just like his stats suggest. Good dribbler and ball holding capacity, you can trust him with the ball in the final third, he’s a safe bet. A Classic No. 10 playstyle which isn’t popular amongst players, but his game really differs from what you think.

His pace is the concerning factor, so he is more likely better as an Attacking Midfielder. A 95 Offensive Awareness stat at max level makes him time his runs forward often, which is good when comparing his playstyle. Totto’s passing is amazing, with 95+ stats of both Low and Lofted passing can ensure you players receive his passes more than not. He offers a couple of skills that come in handy when you are trying to feed your players with quick or long passing.

Totti stats at Max. Level (without boost)

The Long-Range Shooting skill helps in taking long shots outside the box. He’s accurate with his freekicks too, can score some juicy Knuckleball kicks to your wonder. He has good Physical Contact and Balance, so it is no worry to hold the ball off defenders. It is better to avoid pressing with Totti, as he is not a 90-minute engine on the pitch.

Overall, a great attacking utility. He is really good as a Creative outlet in your squad, to use his on the ball skills to play him behind forwards and create good chances for them.

Formation discussion

It is advisable to use Totti as an AMF in any formation, the popular 4-2-1-3 (Ex: M.Arteta) is a great fit. He’s not quick for your likeliness if you prefer a quick forward, but is a good fit in a 2 CF formation (Ex: G.Henriques). He’ll fit better in a Possession Game style of play as hold the ball pretty well, and be the central player in creating chances and quick passes. You can use him on any side, doesn’t matter thanks to his ability with both feet.

Gabriel Batistuta

Playing Style: Fox in The Box

Looking back at that iconic moment match

Roma Iconic Moments: Batistuta
Roma Iconic Moments: Batistuta

This match was on 26 November 2000 when Fiorentina came to the Stadio Olimpico to face Roma. Before the game, Batistuta went over to the travelling Fiorentina fans to salute them, as if to preemptively apologize for what he was about to do to his former team.

He had a couple of chances in the first half but was broadly smothered by his old team, as were most of his new colleagues. The game looked like it was petering out to a stalemate, but after 83 minutes the ball dropped to Batistuta outside the box from a Gianni Guigou header. The ball bounced, and just as it reached the apex of its arc, Batistuta pulled back a howitzer of a right foot volley. Now, don’t ask about the Physics of the ball movement, as we wonder that ourselves. Batigol had tears rolling down his eyes, in what would be one of Roma Iconic Moments to remember for the rest of his life. The match ended 1-0 in favour of Roma.

Player Analysis

Batistuta’s base legend version is one of the best forwards in the game, and as expected this version doesn’t disappoint at all. In fact, it’s even better. He is a solid Centre forward; he is also a Fox in The Box to start with. His runs are really good, thanks to his 98 Offensive Awareness at max level. He can finish any ball inside or outside the box, thanks to his 96 Finishing. A very good header of the ball, even though he is 185cm. He has several shot skills like Chip Shot control, Knuckle Shot, First Time Shot and Acrobatic Finishing that help him to be great inside the box.

Batistuta stats at Max. Level (without boost)

Batigol is having good pace, runs faster than his stats suggest. He has Physicality to push players and hold the ball, even though dribbling is not his prime aspect. His Long-Range Shooting with his 99 Kicking Power makes him hit shots powerful and accurately. Just like in real life, his outside the box shots are really amazing. Also, to mention, his low volleys hit very accurately.

On the weaker side, Batigol’s performance dips down when you use him in the attack buildup. His passing lets you down, and having average balance might have his passes misplaced. However, his One Touch Passing skill is the saving grace. So, its better to feed him balls into the box rather than involving him in the buildup. Overall, a very good pure center forward and powerful striker of the ball.

Formation discussion

Player Attributes fit to be used in a sole forward. A wide formation can be effective, you can send some crosses in as well, to use his aerial prowess. Formations like 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 are good. If you consider using him in a 2CF formation, because he thrives best under a counter attacking manager. Formations like 3-4-1-2, 4-2-2-2 are great picks. Feed him balls inside the box or cross it, to completely utilize his offensive prowess.

Hidetoshi Nakata

Playing Style: Creative Playmaker

Looking back at that iconic moment match

Roma Iconic Moments Nakata
Roma Iconic Moments: Nakata

This match gives back the memories of one of the underrated Nakata performances to give him his Roma Iconic Moments. A league game that was written to be nowhere a wonderful comeback, was written by one single man. Roma pit against Juventus, undoubtedly one of the strongest Italian sides of all-time, was hammered with two early goals within 10 minutes. Del Piero’s header crossed by Zidane and the French midfielder himself scoring a right-foot goal in the 4th and 6th minutes respectively, putting the hosts 2-0 up.

Everything seemed to be going Juventus’ way until Nakata came on in the 60th minute for Totti. Nakata seemed very positive throughout, and his wonderful long-range banger got Roma their first goal. Roma still were not giving up and tried for an equalizer with few minutes left on the clock. The match was about to end with the hosts winning but Nakata’s splitting pass to another substitute, Montella in the 90+1’ etched a great comeback to equalize. Nakata was lauded for his impact on the game, thus earning his Roma Iconic Moments memory in PES.

Player Analysis

One of the most underrated cards in PES, Nakata is often overlooked by comparing his stats to the bigger names in the game. On his day, he can create wonders for you. Nakata is really good on the ball, thanks to his stats in the Ball Control and Tight possession stats. He has good Physical and Balance stats too, so he is able to easily hold onto the ball in tight spaces and dribble around, even if pushed by a stronger player. Good pace stats to note can use it for a quick burst in tight spaces.

His Creative Playmaker style often gives you a chance to use him any offensive midfield position. His stats reflect a pure Attacking Midfielder in him. So, use him for your creation of chances with using his immense passing skills like Weighted Pass and Through Passing to move the balls forward. No Look Pass and One Touch Pass skills are very helpful if you opt for quick buildup using short passing.

Nakata stats at Max. Level (without boost)

His long shots are amazing, with the Long-Range Shooting skill helping the process. However, for unique shooting skills like Knuckle Shot or Dipping Shot, you can use skill tokens to train him. He even has decent finishing and kicking power to compliment that. Overall performance of his gets a boost because of Super-Sub and Fighting Spirit skills that make him an ideal offensive sub off the bench. Pretty meh in defending, so don’t expect him tackling around or winning balls often.

In simple words, he can be an ideal midfield substitute, and performs better as a sub compared to him starting. You can give him few minutes as a sub to test the better of him.

Formation discussion

He can fit in any formation, even at wide positions he can be effective, but position train him first to ensure familiarity is not dropped. He best fits as an AMF so he can be effective as a sole AMF in the 4-2-1-3 formation (formations with 1 AMF), 4-3-1-2 and the 4-2-2-2 as a wide mid.


Playing Style: Offensive Full-back

Looking back at that iconic moment match

Roma Iconic Moments Cafu
Roma Iconic Moments: Cafu

European giants Real Madrid hosted Roma in a tense encounter at the famous Santiago Bernabeu stadium on 24th October 2001. Roma looked to win the match as a part of revenge for its home and only loss against Madrid. The match started with Madrid playing the upper hand in certain areas but Roma creating enough chances to get into the game.

The match opened up with Totti breaking the deadlock with the 35th-minute goal for Roma. Real Madrid equalized in the 75th minute, thanks to a Luis Figo penalty. Cafu earned his Iconic Moments Card for his wonderful performance in the offensive as well as the defensive side on the right side. He was very influential in controlling and stopping a lot of Real Madrid attacks and also offered some overlapped runs on the right flank.

Player Analysis

An Offensive Fullback with defensive stats better than his offensive stats max level. The card is not designed to be the best player in the position, but it is a sure shot competition for any balanced fullback. The Brazilian legend is a good card if you want a fullback with balanced stats. On the pitch, he’s better than what the stats suggest.

Cafu is not a pure offensive fullback. He has relatively lower stats for an Offensive Fullback when you compare to other legends like Carlos. But he’s better when you try him out. He’s smooth on the ball, has 85+ Dribbling stats to get the ball rolling easily in the game. Skills like Flip Flap, Sombrero, Rabona are some of his dribbling skills, which does leave your opponent on the ground when executed perfectly.

The passing department also gets a tick. 85+ passing stats also ensures his passing is good enough. He provides you with an overlapping crossing option. His Pinpoint Crossing skill does help in sending some sweet and accurate crosses inside the box.

Cafu stats at Max. Level (without boost)

For an Offensive fullback, his defensive stats are amazing. 85+ stats in Ball Winning and Aggression, good defensive awareness too. He is also having skills like Acrobatic Clear and Man Marking which makes you not to doubt on his defensive prowess. Even with less height, he wins headers comfortably. His 99 Stamina makes him last the whole game even with Aggressive pressing throughout.

End of the day, a very underrated card, very balanced and does drop amazing performances with his 7 Form and good conditioning.

Formation discussion

He can fit in any formation with two CBs and two FBs. However, it is best to use him under a flexible formation where you have wide attacking areas.

That’s all we have as of now for reviewing the Roma Iconic Moments players in PES. We are going to review more Iconic Moments players from other clubs in the future, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you want to read reviews of the Legend players in PES 2020, we have it ready for you:

Did you find this review helpful? Read more of our PES articles here. Which Roma Iconic Moments have you used in PES 2020? Let us know your thoughts about them in the comment section below!

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