F1 Mobile Racing: Top 5 tips and tricks to get an added advantage

It’s you against your rival with the simple aim to be the first to the finish line!

With over 10 million players worldwide, F1 Mobile Racing has proved to be one of the most popular F1 racing games in the mobile gaming community. With their very own cars, players can partake in races from a variety of game modes, competing against real players and actual F1 drivers being AI-controlled by the game’s computers. Due to the complexity of the game, many players, from beginners up to veteran players have trouble getting the very best out of their cars and every race they partake in. Here, we will be looking into the top 5 tips and tricks every F1 Mobile Racing player needs to know to significantly increase their chances of winning every race.

The basics of the game revolve around actual F1 racing. However, as this game is meant to be targeted towards mobile gamers, various factors adopted from the actual F1 racing have been brought in for player comfort and optimized gameplay. As such, the game does not resemble actual F1 racing completely. Without any further ado, let’s now look into the tips and tricks to ace in F1 Mobile Racing.

F1 Mobile Racing: Top 5 Tips and Tricks

1. Understand the basics of the Duel mode

The core of this game is the Duel mode. In the Duel mode, players will be able to compete against other real-life players in races spanning different race types and real-life circuits.

F1 Mobile Racing tips
Understand the Duel mode before going in

The three types of races available in the game are Qualifying, Grid Start, and Sprint Race. These various game modes are unique in their own ways, all of which are explained below:

  • Qualifying: In this mode, only two players, will be present in this race. The starting point of this race for both players is a certain location on the race track with the car already accelerating, while the first player has to complete a lap
    by crossing the checkered flag first to be the winner
  • Grid Start: As the name suggests, in this race, all drivers will be lined up at the starting grid behind the
    checkered flag. Drivers have to start up and accelerate their own cars by holding the clutch button until the red lights are off when the race officially starts. The first person to complete a lap and cross the checkered flag is the winner.
  • Sprint Race: This race starts with all drivers on the race track with their cars already accelerating. The first person to complete a lap and cross the checkered flag is the winner.

However, remember that although the other AI-controlled F1 drivers may be present in your race as well, they are not of utmost importance in the Duel mode as their race results will not affect yours. The main objective is for you to complete the race before your opponent.

2. Have the correct car setups for different circuits

Under the R&D tab, you will be able to access your car’s customization page to customize and construct your own car. However, because of the different types of tracks in the different circuits, some are labeled as High Speed, while others are Balanced or have High Downforce.

F1 Mobile Racing tips
Customise and setup your car as you wish

As such, it is important to have a variety of setups for your car. Each setup should have an amount of each stat Power, Aero, Lightweight, Handling, and Brakes. After unlocking the 3 setup slots in the racing games, it is advised to use each setup slot for the different track types listed below:

  • Balanced Tracks: These tracks contain both fast and slow sections, you are advised to have a balanced setup with equal distribution of stats without favoring one too much over the others.
  • High-Speed Tracks: Such tracks contain long fast sections, a high top speed and good acceleration is crucial in setups designed for such tracks. High braking is also required to make smooth corner turns possible. It is advised to focus on the Power and Aerostats while also having an adequate amount of Brakes.
  • High Downforce Tracks: Tracks with High Downforce contain both tight and slow corners, which is
    often considered the most challenging type of track. Precision and control of the car is key. As such, players designing setups for such tracks should focus more on the stats Handling and Brakes, as well as Lightweight to keep
    the car nimble

3. Be aware of your surroundings during the race

During races, it is likely that you may meet toxic or players who race unfairly. Hard contact between you and your other real-life opponent’s car during the race is quite rare as a result of the game’s Dynamic Ghosting System feature, which automatically detects and ghosts both players in a case where an unfair collision is predicted by the game. However, the Dynamic Ghosting System features do not protect your car from the other AI-controlled F1 drivers’ at the moment.

As such, some drivers may resort to nasty tricks by intentionally tackling these cars, which may, in turn, become out of control and result in crashes that may involve you, therefore wasting valuable time in races. Therefore, you should always pay attention and focus on the race you are partaking in and beware of your in-game surroundings, a good reaction speed can also help you avoid such nasty accidents when racing against unfair players.

4. Know your circuits well

Just like almost any other game, a good understanding of the match location and conditions are vital in F1 Mobile Racing. Before partaking in any race, you should familiarise yourself with the circuits that are available to you, this includes knowing the various turning points, the corners, Drag Reduction System (DRS) areas, and braking points, etc. Smooth and consistent drivers often have every circuit’s layout memorized well and understood thoroughly.

F1 Mobile Racing tips
Know your circuits to ace the race

With the wide variety of realistic circuits similar to those in real life, circuit knowledge surely undoubtedly takes some time and skill to master, however, with proper knowledge, you will more likely than not have a better chance at winning the race over your opponent.

5. More and more Practice will make you the best racer

With the single-player mode accessible to all players, you should take advantage of this game mode to improve your racing as a whole in various ways. Practicing your racing in the single-player mode can help you:

  • Understand which steering control type (Left/Right buttons, Steering Wheel, Tilt Device) suits you better.
  • Have a better knowledge of the circuits (turning points, corners, Drag Reduction System (DRS) areas, and braking points, etc.).
  • Practice your reaction speed with the Grid Start game mode;
  • Practice your car’s maneuverability in tough turning corners (for example: Turn 12 & 13, Singapore & Turn 10, Bahrain).

The freedom of choice for you to choose between the circuits (available to you), game modes, number of laps (1,3,5, or 10), difficulty level (Easy, Medium, or Hard) helps make practicing easier. Starting off small at first with 1 or 3 laps along with the Easy difficulty level of choice to warm up before races or practice in your free time before changing towards 5 or 10 laps along with the Medium or Hard difficulty level can challenge your abilities and limits, improving your skills within the game.

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