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Farlight 84 Weapons Tier List for January 2024

Farlight 84 is a really interesting battle royale game that comes along with few weapons in the play. Players usually get confused about which weapon they need to pick up while playing a battle royale match as every gun comes up with specific characteristics. This is so because weapons are one of the most important entities of the game, players need to pick up the best set of guns or else they might fall in trouble while knocking down other enemies.  Thus, here is a detailed weapons tier list in Farlight 84 that will help the newcomers judge properly. 

Farlight 84 Weapons Tier List for January 2024

The game has categorized characters into three different Tiers; S, A, and B:

TierAssault RifleSMGShotgunSniperOther
Strong (S)Invader,
AK 77
MF 18,Hound,
Ancient Star
Bar 95,Rhino
Good (A)M4,
Mad Rat
Mad Rabbit,
UMP 99
Fanatic Defender,
Stellar Wind
MG 7
Average (B)VSS,
Jupiter 6,
White Dwarf

Best Meta Weapons from each Class in Farlight 84

1. Best Assault Rifle – Invader

Assault Rifles are one of the most common, and key weapons that every individual tends to pick up while playing any battle royale game. The best assault rifle must have great Damage along with proper Stability to control the recoil and also provide damage at all the ranges, i.e.; Close, Mid, and Long.

Image via Farlight Games

Invader fulfills all this job as it has a Damage of 24, Stability of 78, and Range of 60. Besides these great stats, there is Rate of Fire, Accuracy, and Mobility stand for 63, 83, and 60 respectively. 

2. Best SMG – MF 18

SMGs are weapons that have an amazing Rate of Fire and are quite easy to handle because of their prime Stability. Mostly the newcomers don’t pick up SMGs, but later when they make their aim more accurate, players seek to keep one SMG as this gun helps a lot in Close range combats.

Image via Farlight Games

MF 18 comes into play and satisfies all the requirements because of its amazing Rate of Fire of 90, Stability of 93, and Damage of 12. Besides these great stats, there is Range, Accuracy, and Mobility stand for 56, 92, and 72 respectively. 

3. Best Shotgun – Hound

Shotguns are mainly known for their Damage and Accuracy. The more accurately shot, the more damage can be provided to the opponents and thus players can take down their enemies easily. Just like SMGs, players don’t pick up shotguns when they are newcomers.

Image via Farlight Games

Once they have improved their accuracy towards the aim, players then sometimes keep a shotgun with them. Hound is the best Shotgun in the game by far because of its outstanding Damage, Accuracy, and Stability of 84, 60, and 50. Besides all these stats, Range, Mobility, and Rate of Fire contribute 26, 25, and 33 points to the gun. 

4. Best Sniper – Bar 95

Snipers are mostly used for Long range fights and are known for their Damage and Range only. It is observed quite often that players are interested in picking up a Sniper and shootdown enemies present far away from them. Thus, to fulfill that interest the game has Bar 95 which is the best Sniper to date.

Image via Farlight Games

Its amazing features like Damage, Range, and Stability stand with 68, 100, and 63 points along with Rate of Fire, Accuracy, and Mobility which shows 35, 45, and 20 points proves why Bar 95 is the best Sniper in Farlight 84. 

5. Best “Other” Weapon – Rhino

This “Other” class of weapons is the Weapons which are attached to the Vehicles in the game. This type of weapon helps the players if they are playing a Squad or a Duo match mode. Teammates can help knock down enemies while one of the other teammates is driving the vehicle. The main factor observed for this type of weapon is its Damage and Stability.

Image via Farlight Games

Rhino is thus the best Gun in this class because of its Damage and Stability as they stand with 120 and 40 points. Apart from these stats, other stats like Range, Rate of Fire, Accuracy, and Mobility stand with 10, 20, 88, and 15 points and hence prove Rhino to be the best Weapon in this Class. 

Final Thought

Now players can easily figure out the best sets of Weapons to choose from in Farlight 84 by going through this piece and getting the proper knowledge about all the stats and their tiers. Thus, why wait further then? Just hop into the game, select your best Weapon, and show your survival skills to the world.

Do you find our Farlight 84 Weapon Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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