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Farlight 84 Vehicle Tier List for January 2024

Choose only from the best vehicles!

It is very important for the players in a battle royale that they need to move from one place to another. Traveling on foot takes a lot of time for players also and they might face some problems as well while travelling. Thus, players can opt for vehicles and hence players can reach their destination quite faster and thus can stand out in their base safely. The game provides many vehicles and thus it is very confusing to choose the best vehicle out of all of them. Thus, here is a detailed vehicle tier list for beginners so that they can choose the best vehicle in Farlight 84.

Farlight 84 Vehicle Tier List for January 2024

Strong (S)Flamefanku, War Spider, Mobile Turret, Blazing Infantry
Good (A)Hover Car, War Crab, Single Pilot Mecha, Westland Hovercraft, Air Beast, Lava Chariot, 4 Legged Lizard, Rocket Tarantula
Average (B)Carnival Rig, Hoverbike, Mobile Turret, Gunboat, War Falcon

Best Meta Vehicles for Farlight 84 in January 2024

1. Flamefanku 

Flamefanku is a very chronicle vehicle players can thus check out in the game. The car is very impactful with High Mobility, Near Range Attacks, and the vehicle is quite Advanced.

Farlight 84 Vehicle Tier List
Image via Farlight Games

The car comes up with the great skill of a Fire Cannon with the car that pops out during required and then shoots down the opponent. Another skill is that the car has a Carriage fire-spewing device. This weapon can help out players to come up with a penetrating attack. 

2. War Spider

Web Spider is a single-person vehicle that the players can use to go up with a direct hit to the opponent and has high Mobility, Near Range Explosion, and comes up with Advanced modification.

Farlight 84 Vehicle Tier List
Image via Farlight Games

The Web Spider has a Double Pump Shotgun that helps players to bring up a range of strong blasting with the Double Pump Shotgun and just kicks out your opponent in the lobby. 

3. Mobile Turret

Mobile Turret is a very advanced car that comes with Heavy Artillery, and Artillery Mode. This Mobile Turret also has a Charged Homing Cannon and players can easily use it up in mid and short-range attacks while moving ahead at the Terrain without any hindrance.

Image via Farlight Games

This vehicle also has some unique features as well such as; the vehicle can come up charge energy bombs and drops on enemies. The vehicle can come with good tracking skills too. 

Final Thoughts

Farlight 84 has a variety of vehicles throughout the game and thus players can look out for the best ones through this piece. Thus follow up on this tier list and hop into the best vehicle to rule over the banks of Farlight 84. 

Do you find our Farlight 84 Vehicle Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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