FC Mobile 24 Captains event Guide and Tips

Lead your team from the front with these groundbreaking Captains!

Amidst the Rivals event and after a short but sweet Rulebreakers, EA Sports is back with another two-week event, Captains! Captains, another new event in FC Mobile 24 that offers decent resources along with bringing players who have led both their club and country in the past.

Leaders who wore the armband with honor and passion. Play Skill Games and Matches to earn your squad leader from the Captains event! Complete Quests to march down the Captains Pass and claim your rewards.

FC Mobile 24 Captains Event Description

Event Duration: December 14th – December 28th (14 Days)

FC Mobile 24 Captains Event Flow


Before going into the details, let’s get things straight, this event is Rulebreakers again. It’s a revamp of Rulebreakers and as close to copy-paste as you can get. Remember when we were upset with an event with decent players but all of them were out of reach due to it being a pack event? Yes, it’s back again but it’s a two-week mini-event so there’s no reason to be too frustrated.

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As it’s the thing with mini-events from this season, everything regarding the event will be completed in the Main Tab itself. In the Main Chapter, you will play a series of two Skill Games and two Matches Daily to earn Coins, Captains Points, and Captains Points every day. Play your Daily Skill Games and Match for Captains Points. Captains Points are the main currency that is used in the event.

There are additional Quests on completing which you can earn extra Captains Points. Complete the Quests for extra Captains Points and Pass Points, which help you gain progress down the Captains Pass. Therefore completing the Quests also helps you gain progress down the Captains Pass. Additionally, similar to the Rulebreakers event you can earn extra Captains Points using Coins! You will need to exchange 100,000 Coins for 1 Captains Point and there isn’t any cap on that exchange.

Legendary Career

This is a continuation of the Main Chapter and therefore is present in the Main Tab itself. You will be using your hard-earned Captains Points towards your choice of two 90 OVR Captains namely CB Fernando Hierro and ST Enzo Francescoli. This is where you will spend your Captains Points to head down the upper or lower portion of the path.

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Before going down one path, do note that the Rewards are different in the Upper and Lower Path. Yes, There’s an additional Universal Rank Player – Mascherano in the top path. Use your Captains Points to unlock Skill Games and Matches to earn Players, Coins, Gems, and Universal Rank Players. You can also go down both paths if you have enough Captains Points!

Additionally, once you claim your Captains, there are Challenge matches as well at the end. The Challenge Matches dish out 1000 Gems each. But you have to have the Captain (Fernando Hierro or Enzo Francescoli) in your active starting lineup to claim your 1000 Gems once you work your way through it. After claiming Fernando Hierro and/or Francescoli, you can add them to your main lineup and play a Challenge Match for an extra 1000 Gems each.

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There are a couple of Exchanges as well that you can do with your leftover Captains Points. One of them that can be completed twice allows you to trade in your 90 OVR Captains Player and 100 Captains Points for a Universal Rank Player – Mascherano. Therefore utilise this Exchange to your fullest to get the free Mascheranos!

Up next is the Gallery Tab, this is where you see players from Team A and Team B, with the Team B of players releasing in the 2nd week. This is the tab that showcases all the Captains Players. Each day you log in, you get a free gift, but if you notice, the free gift is only good for a 77-88 OVR.

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That means all the other players shown here are achievable by opening Special offer Gem Packs below which are good for 83-95 OVR Players. So none of the players shown here are achievable from the event but only through Pack Luck. And that is the same way as Rulebreakers worked so the frustration carries forward here again.

Captains Pass

Similar to all the mini-events, there’s an event-specific Pass for Captains as well. You need to play the daily Skill Games, and Matches and complete the Quests to gain the Captains Pass Points and progress through the Captains Pass. There are two sides to the Pass with of course the Paid Pass being more lucrative than the Free one.

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There are also items and in-game resources for the event present in the Captains Pass. Gain progress through the Captains Pass and earn Captains Players, Universal Rank Players, FC Points, Gems, Pass Points, Coins, and the Captains special player 92 OVR CDM Roy Keane!

FC Mobile 24 Captains Event Currencies

Captains Points

  • Earn them by completing Skill Games, PvE Matches, and Quests from the Main tab
  • Spend them in the Legendary Career Path toward Captains Players

Captains Pass Points

  • Earn them by completing Skill Games, PvE Matches, and Quests from the Main tab
  • Spend them to progress through the Captains Pass

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Captains Points
Skill Games and PvE Matches630

Since there is no Challenge Mode or Daily Ads, further Captains Points can’t be obtained from either of the above places. Therefore simply playing the event, one can easily accumulate a total of:

You can get at least a minimum of 760 Captains Points from playing the event

FC Mobile 24 Captains Event Tips and Tricks

Captains has a little amount of grind, with daily skill games and matches to play in FC Mobile 24. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

Now tips for the event. Play everything. Be excited that there’s no event energy or stamina involved anymore in the new season. We’re not dealing with the constant fear of energy getting wasted and full and neither has there been a single ad since the game was released. So yes, definitely enjoy it while you can.

Legendary Career Rewards

Legendary Career PathCaptains Points Required
Main Path60
90 OVR CB Fernando Hierro Side Path230
90 OVR ST Enzo Francescoli Side Path230

From the Calculations above you can clearly see that should you play the event throughout, you are gonna easily end with at least 760 Captains Points. With that, you can utilize spending the above on Legendary Career Rewards.

Now with the Main Path in common, each of the 90 OVR Captains Side Paths requires 230 Captains Points with a Total of 290 Captains Points on a single one and 520 Captains Points on both. Therefore both Hierro and Francescoli can be easily obtainable if you just play the event for the next two weeks and complete the Quests.

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The remaining 240 Captains Points can be then utilized in Exchanges for Coins or better if you are willing to part ways with your Captains and trade them for Mascheranos. If at all, you are unable to play the event for the next two weeks or it gets boring really quick which it should, then just target Hierro as there is a free Universal Rank Player – Mascherano on its side path. Also if you are playing the event from start to finish, there shouldn’t be a reason for you to buy extra Captains Points with Coins.

Both Hierro and Francescoli can be easily obtained by just playing through the event

As always, our suggestion will be to complete the event in its entirety, and just trade in your Captains for free Mascheranos. Although the Captains players are not too bad stat-wise, they are all untradable. Therefore, unless you are really a fan of either Hierro or Francescoli, then just get them and exchange them for the Mascheranos. Remember there are a total of three Mascheranos up for grabs from this event and all are for free! Don’t miss out on them!

FC Mobile 24 Captains Event Players

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That’s it the Captains Event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. Basically, just play the event, every day, daily grind it out.

Overall although the Captains event looks crap, and frustrating, and again it’s a letdown. This Rulebreakers Part Two event again depends entirely on pack luck! Besides the two 90-rated Captains Players, all the rest of the Captains Players can only be obtainable using FC Points and Gems. It’s boring but then it just lasts two weeks, so just get along!

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Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FC Mobile 24 Captains Event Guide useful.

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