FIFA Mobile 20 Carniball Guide: All you need to know

After an underwhelming Marquee Stars event, FIFA Mobile is back this week with the much-awaited Carniball event. As the Carnival kicks off in Rio this Friday, in honor of this tradition EA joins the party with FIFA Mobile 20 Carniball.

FIFA Mobile 20 Carniball Event Description

  • Event Duration: Feb 20th – March 5th (14 days)
  • Ads: 2 ads daily giving 2 Carniball Energy per ad
  • Coin Pack: 2 Coin Packs daily that give 6 Carniball Energy for 75 000 coins
  • Daily login: 6 Blank Masks
  • Energy: Carniball Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 15 Carniball energy

FIFA Mobile 20 Carniball Event Flow


In the main chapter, you will be using Carniball event energy to play skill games to earn Blank Masks. The energy refreshes hourly and can stack up to a max 15. Playing the three chain skill games gives the user a shot at Party Popper in the third skill game.

There are also coin packs that give 6 Carniball event energy to a limit of 2 per day for 75,000 coins each and 2 daily ads giving 2 Carniball event energy.

One can use the blank masks on the offers of Xps, skill boosts, coins and confetti (Don’t) on the further right-hand side of the main tab, or use them in the Regional Parade section.

Regional Parade

In this section, you can navigate across 6 different regions (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Rest of the World), with each region being unlocked on a certain date.

FIFA Mobile 20 Carniball
Unlock date of each region, ROW refers to as Rest of the World

Each of the regions has a set of 5 matches, which one can play using your blank masks trading in for Region-specific masks. There are certain OVR and team requirements as you climb your way to the final match. The higher you pump your Team OVR with the required players from specific regions, the higher the rewards.

Note: Rest of the World players refer to Players from England, Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia and Argentina

With the Region-specific masks, you can trade in players from those specific players with the players ranging from 88 to a whopping 97 OVR.

Everyone is expected to have access to a minimum of two 93 masters from this event.

If the players fail to attract you, you can always trade-in your Blank masks for resources.

FIFA Mobile 20 Carniball
Note: Don’t go for the Confetti offer from here, trust us, it’s not at all worth it.

Update: EA heard the community and changed the offer from 2500 to 250 Blank Masks, still nothing worthwhile in our opinion, no point in wasting 250 Blank Masks when the return is only 25 Blank Masks maximum.

If you are a P2P Player this might be your event as claiming all of the 9 Carniball master players give you 99 rated Prime Icon Pirlo for free. Even EA couldn’t resist giving Pirlo for free, See?


Here you play VSA matches against other players to earn Masquerade points. The VSA matches act as a gauntlet with giving you 1 masquerade point for each win while on your streak, you lose one and you are done for the day. Yes, you lose one and then you are OUT.

The Masquerade points give you a shot to open one of the nine offers (oh yes, Lunar Envelopes) with three of them having daily featured rewards consisting of players from previous events, Carniball Players, Blank Masks, Kits and Resources. The other six offers contain 15 Skill Boosts.

Note: Every Masquerade point you acquire each day reset daily, thus you can’t stack them up and open them all in a go. Remember to open them daily.

Update: After a mass community outrage EA made changes in the masquerade section bringing a second life resurrection, ie if you lose in any of your first three matches, you’ll get another shot at playing through your VSA matches, but losing once again results in a total knockout like before.

Party Poppers

As the name stands, they are more party poopers than poppers, with the party poppers you acquire from the main chapter via the third skill game based on your luck you can trade them in along with the confetti you get from the main chapter or in exchange for FIFA points.

Green PopperYellow PopperRed PopperBlue PopperOrange Popper
86 OVR CM Douglas Luiz500 Skill Boosts88 OVR CDM Declan Rice1000 Skill Boosts90 OVR RM Da Costa
300 Skill Boosts100,000 Training XP1,000,000 Coins25 Blank Masks25 Blank Masks
25 Blank Masks25 Blank Masks25 Blank Masks

Note: Both the confetti and a color popper are required to open the party popper packs, having either one of them isn’t sufficient. Claiming 1 Confetti in exchange for 2500 Blank Masks is absurd and our suggestion is to completely skip this section.

Update: EA heard the community and changed the coffer from 2500 to 250 Blank Masks, still nothing worthwhile in our opinion, no point in wasting 250 Blank Masks when the return is only 25 Blank Masks maximum.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for the F2P players.

Resource Management

Energy15 InitiallyTotal
Hourly Refresh1 per hour335
Daily coin Pack12 per day168
Daily Ads4 per day56

Total 586 Carniball Energy and 418 without the Coin Packs.

Blank MasksTotal
Daily Events1 Energy 1 Blank Mask ratio586
Daily Login6 per day84

Total 670 Blank Masks and 502 without the Coin Packs.
Note: You can get additional Blank Masks from the Masquerade and the Party Popper sections, besides the store.

Update – EA provided a new match every day in the Main chapter which on winning rewards you with 12 Blank Masks.
Those 12 Blank masks for the remaining 8 days adds up to a total of 96 extra Blank Masks.
Which now takes the total count to 766 Blank Masks, provided one plays the skill games every day and purchases every coin offer.

Regional Parade Matches

RequirementsBlank Masks RequiredRegion Masks RewardsTotal Region Masks with Coin PacksTotal Region Masks without Coin PacksCoin Rewards for each match
No Requirement12361980147610,000
Min OVR 70 with 1 Region-Specific Player12482640196815,000
Min OVR 80 with 2 Region-Specific Players 12603300246020,000
Min OVR 86 with 3 Region-Specific Players12663630270630,000
Min OVR 90 with 4 Region-Specific Player 12723960295240,000

Note: If you do lose the regional match, you get the points ie the blank masks back.

Update: EA brought back Coin Rewards for completing the parade matches, with every match having the reward depending upon its difficulty. To maximize your coin rewards play the last match and you could walk away with a total of 2,520,000 coins for winning the match 63 times.

If you choose to ignore the players totally and look for resources,

ResourcesMaximum (if claimed, only one resource throughout)
Skill Boosts2,550

FIFA Mobile 20 Carniball Rewards

FIFA Mobile 20 Carniball guide
Region Specific parade players
These Players along with Players from previous events pop up over 14 days in the Masquerade chapter.

FIFA Mobile 20 Carniball: Tips and Tricks

After the boring Marquee Stars event, this event too isn’t a hit and doesn’t come close to Team of the Year or Lunar. So here is our suggestion.

Collect all your Blank Masks till the last day of the event and then spend them according to your planning. You can play at least 63 matches ie the final match, with blank masks, without getting any blank mask from masquerade or party popper sections.

Update: EA brought back Coin Rewards upon completing the parade matches, with every match having the reward depending upon its difficulty. Thus you could simply play that match 63 times and win and walk away with 2.52 million coins, and with that coin value, going for the 97 rated master seems really like a no-brainer.

Since all the matches on the Regional Matches can be played repeatedly, so we advise you to play only the Match 5 (4 x 90 OVR Region Players) which gives a total of 72 Region-Specific masks per match. Due to the Lunar Market Crash, a lot of high rated elites and masters are available in the market which will enable you to fill your squads with the required players.

One can easily claim three 93 OVR Masters from any region of their desire as F2P, but keep in mind their price post the event is going to be very low due to the huge supply.

On the contrary, after the update made on 27th February, F2P Players gets a total of 766 Blank Masks and on playing the last regional specific match 63 times they get a total of 4536 Regional Specific Masks, which is already sufficient since a 97 rated master requires 4500 masks.


Forget the regional players altogether, you can buy any of your desired players from the market for cheap as the event goes. go for the boosts. If you want to max out your boosts by the end of the season, this is one of your choices to count. Trade those Blank Masks for 2,550 Boosts.

From the Daily Quests, you can get 1.5 million coins you get an additional 335 Skillboosts every day, that may sound ridiculous but if you do spend 21 million coins over 14 days you get a total of 4690 extra skill boosts. This total amounts to around 7240 skill boosts at a maximum, depending on your coin inventory you can easily walk out with at least 5000 skill boosts if you are aiming for higher overall at the end of the season. With the market down and XP is available for cheap from players this might be the time to pump up your players with XPs.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 20 Carniball Guide useful. For more guides like this, make sure to follow Gamingonphone on Facebook and Twitter.

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Im F2P. So without buying blank masks with coin packs, i still can get 97 ranked players?

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