FIFA Mobile 20 Marquee Stars Guide

The FIFA Mobile 20 Marquee Stars Event is here. For the first time, EA has released this event for its mobile version and we are yet to find out whether this is a hit or a miss. This is gonna be a week-long event which gives the players a shot at some high rated masters along with a stack of skill boosts every day.

FIFA Mobile 20 Marquee Stars Event Description

  • Event Duration: Feb 12th – Feb 19th (7 days)
  • Event Type: Daily Activities
  • Coin Pack: Daily Coin Pack that gives 6 Marquee Points for 200,000 Coins
  • Event Energy: Normal Stamina

Event Schedule

During this 7-day event, new daily activities will be unlocked, you guessed it, daily. You must complete a day’s set of skill games before starting the next. Even if you miss a daily reset, Chill they are there to stay for the next 7 days. This event, unlike others, doesn’t have any special energy which you need to keep a track of and uses your normal stamina to play. Phew!
Note: You get 1 free Master Token for just logging in every day daily.

FIFA Mobile 20 Marquee Stars
Day 2 Node 4 can only be claimed after completing all other nodes and only one of Day 4 nodes can be claimed.

FIFA Mobile 20 Marquee Stars Rewards

This is where you spend your Marquee points. Earn 25 random skill boosts every time you open the booster pack with a chance of bolstering your way to the master token. Master Tokens cam be redeemed Marquee Masters, a Gold+ Player and Skill Boosts. Claim all Marquee Masters to unlock the node for claiming a 97 OVR Gareth Bale (Haha Hi P2Ps)

FIFA Mobile 20 Marquee Stars
Besides the players, you can spend your master tokens on the skill boosts.
There are a total of 10 players up for grabs.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for the F2P players.

Marquee Points
Day 118
Day 215
Day 318
Day 415
Day 518
Day 618
Day 736
Total 138
Using Coin Pack42
Grand Total180
Marquee Tokens
Considering  20 Marquee Points = 1 Marquee Token
Total Marquee Token = 19 MT (Expected)
Average = 16 MT
Guaranteed = 12 MT
Chances = 2% > 5% > 10% > 20% > 40% > 60% > 100%
94K. HavertzRW20

Note: 92 OVR is easily claimable by F2P. Need a fair amount of luck to claim 94 OVR as a F2P. You need to use Gems to grab 95 OVR.

Our Suggestion

After a heartwarming Lunar New Year event, this event seems too much of a letdown, with the chances of packing master token’s similar to last year St Patrick’s Day, here is what we suggest. Each day by playing the skill games alone you get a total of 1125 random skill boosts.

Going by the math one can grab a 12 minimum and around 14-16 master tokens, even more depending upon your luck. We’d suggest you go for the skill boosts and skill boosts alone.

With the market already crashing, you can get any of the masters for a cheap amount of coins from the market, if you strongly need Abraham or say Alaba, you can grab them for the event, but even the market is going to hand them out for a ridiculous value just a week from now. Also, De Gea and Bale are out of question for F2P unless you are too lucky and are ready to spend a huge amount of gems.

Boosts are pretty much the only thing you can’t grab from the market or coin packs. And remember no amount of boosts is enough. So grab all the position-specific boosts offer you can in preference to choice and wait for the player prices to be at their bare minimum and you can easily pull them off from the market. Remember Boost is the secret of our energy.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 20 Marquee stars Guide useful. For more guides like this, make sure to follow Gamingonphone on Facebook and Twitter.

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Naimul Islam

It says I need to complete Special offer 1 to unlock Minamino offer…What is special offer 1..I can’t find it.

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