FIFA Mobile 21 Season Reset Guide

Get ready for an exciting new Season of FIFA Mobile, launching this January!

With the arrival of the Preseason Freeze Event, the countdown has officially begun. In mid-January, we will be heading over to the new season with our squads and everything reset out to zero. (Don’t Panic!) So here in this FIFA Mobile 21 Season Reset Guide, we will guide you through the entire reset and give you some tips on how to prepare with the season reset and get the best out of the preseason. Recently EA announced via their official social media accounts that FIFA Mobile 22 will officially release in January 2022. Besides the promising reviews of FIFA Mobile 22 beta, players are now more excited than ever!

What is the Reset

The Reset is the transition from season to season, FIFA Mobile 21 will become FIFA Mobile 22. The game will see a facelift, all the events will change, like any game, it’s just a new model of what we already have been playing. And like any other game with a new year model, you start at square one, the same as all of your fellow gamers. It’s the reset.

Which items carry over to the reset

In addition to your Now and Later Points and Players, your remaining FIFA Points balance will carry over. Here’s a more comprehensive list of what resets and what doesn’t:

1. FIFA Point Balance

If you have any FIFA Points accumulated or purchased any, they will carry forward to the next season as it is.

2. Now and Later Points and Players

Now and Later Players FIFA Mobile 21 Season Reset

Any Now and Later Points and Players that you accumulated during the Preseason event. To maximize your rewards in the Preseason event and to prepare for the next season, check here.

3. User Logos and Emotes

All the logos that you managed to gather in the current season and the past seasons as well (if you played), will be carried over to the next season. All in-game club logos will be available in the new season based on what club you choose. Additionally, all the emotes that you have either bought or unlocked through events will be transfered to your account in the new seaon.

FIFA Mobile Emotes FIFA Mobile 21 Season Reset

4. Kits 

All the Club/Team Kits including the Custom Kits (obtained from Star Pass) Kits  you have accumulated with all the kits we could claim this season with the SBCs will be available in the new season based on what club you choose.

Which items will not carry over

Other than the above four things we mentioned, everything gets reset. All your players, your gems, your coins, your boosts, any leftover resources everything gets zeroed out. Poof! Gone all in an instant.

  • Account Level
  • Entire Roster (Legacy Team will no longer exist, but end of season OVR will still matter!)
  • Coins
  • Gems
  • Skill Boosts
  • Fans
  • Cups
  • Quests
  • League Record
  • Friend List
  • VIP Level
  • Training XP
  • Leaderboards
  • Badges
  • Leagues

All the things listed above will be reset the time you log in to FIFA Mobile 22. But don’t panic, take a deep breath. The Season Reset is indeed a good thing that happens every year in FIFA Mobile 21. All Seasonal Games do this and it shouldn’t be a surprise.

If you are allowed to continue with your original squad than reset then the gap for players who are just beginning compared to those who have been playing for long would be huge and would just keep getting bigger and bigger. Additionally, all the latest transfers and retirements along with reevaluations of OVR mean you really need to wipe the slate clean at least once a year and start over with the players all in base cards state. The reset basically levels out the playing field.

Absence of the Legacy Mode

Additionally, EA also dropped the bombshell that there won’t be any Legacy mode in the new season. According to them, the Legacy mode is not compatible with the new game version. This means that the team you are currently using will remain until the new season begins, but you will no longer be able to view or play with it as a Legacy Team in the new season. This is one of the few limitations of the new season.

Importance of End of Season Team OVR

However, we will be still be receiving incentives and rewards in the new season based on the OVR of your final team. Needless to say, the higher your Active Lineup’s OVR, the better your rewards! It’s a bummer, a definite big bummer. People making themed squads till now won’t be happy knowing they can’t even view their yesteryear’s squads into the new season.

Collect the Now and Later Points in the Preseason Freeze event for rewards in the new season. Earn untradeable Now and Later Players to receive a version this season, along with a version that will be granted in the next season with all new stats.

Introducing Regions

EA is making FIFA Mobile region-specific! Yes, you heard it right! Coming with the new season, there will be the launch of new separate servers that are based on the player’s locations. All players will be included in one of the below Seven Regions. This means that you will be playing FIFA Mobile only with other players from your Region, which according to EA, will help matchmaking and create a better overall experience.

According to EA, moving to Regions will help with better matchmaking, allowing for better connectivity in competitive modes, and a smoother overall experience. Additionally, along with this, EA is planning to provide more relevant live events for each Region from next season onwards. The devs also added that the new season is scheduled to bring exciting new things which can only be ensured with Regions. The Seven Regions at launch are:

  • Asia and Oceania
  • Europe, East
  • Europe, West
  • Indian Subcontinent
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa
  • North America

Additionally, you can look for the whole country-wise region list here.

So, therefore, when you log into the new FIFA Mobile season for the first time, you will be entered into one of the above Seven Regions. It’s based on your device’s location and cannot be changed. The region is scheduled to affect a lot of parts of FIFA Mobile. These are all the aspects that will be affected:

  • Matchmaking in all modes (VS Attack, Head to Head)
  • Leaderboards (Division Rivals, Live Events)
  • Leagues
  • Friend Lists

Impact of Regions on League and Friend Lists

Due to players now being confined to a specific region in FIFA Mobile, Leagues will now be restricted to a single Region. This comes as a huge bummer as over the years FIFA Mobile has been an international game bringing the global community together, with players from different parts of the world joining and playing together in one single league. Although the international leagues and have been active for years, the devs have apologized for the same, saying this is for the greater good to make the game accessible and affordable to a wider audience.

The change in the region further dictates you will not be able to add friends or play against someone from outside your Region. For example, someone from North America will only be able to play someone from Canada or the USA. They would not be able to play someone from Western Europe or India. EA hopes that the FIFA Mobile gaming community still remains global in spite of being divided with regions.

Regions is an absolute bummer, honestly. The global community has been a huge part of our FIFA Mobile journey over the years. All the friendships and connections, we have made along the way will be lost in a second and we can’t stay connected in our global leagues anymore. If you have had friends from other countries and were a part of a global league, it will be definitely disappointing to log in to a new season and lose everything. But try not to lose touch with your friends. It’s hard but try to remain connected in these tough times through social media channels.

Longer and Extended Season

According to EA, the upcoming season of FIFA Mobile will be longer than usual. They have designed the season to run longer with an abundance of updates and changes to gameplay features, graphics, audio, and the overall season format. With an extended season, the players will be able to develop their teams for longer without losing progress.

How to prepare for the FIFA Mobile 21 Season Reset

The best way to prepare for the FIFA Mobile 21 Season Reset is to stockpile XP, coins, and Players. The players will be used mostly for XP, realistically with the values on the players low, you should be converting all of your market investments into masters It’s time for investing in masters for player upgrades in your team.

Another important thing to note is Players for Rank ups. Depending upon how high you will be taking your team this season, you will need masters in all OVRs. Now is the time for all this prep. Max out your skill boost as well if you are not. Stockpile all the boost you can, but again you should have been doing this all of this, all season long.

So for a quick recap, be ready for big OVR jumps for that you will be needing;

  • XP – Either as Training XP or Players preferably Masters to use as XP.
  • Players – Reserve Players to use for Ranking Up as high as you can
  • Coins – Lots and lots of Coins either as straight-up coins or as investments, you can sell them now during the preseason.
  • Rank Shards – Everyone has been collecting them and now is the time to use it

Final Thoughts

So here is our advice, embrace the reset, plan for the reset, and take it for what it truly is – a chance to refresh the game. Renew your interest and start over with a plethora of new tasks to undertake. Remember how much fun it was when FIFA Mobile 21 came out and you had Seasons to do and the Gullit and Beckham Campaigns.

Remember your first run through division rivals in both VSA and Head2Head and the fight to build a squad full of gold players, with gradually elite players. And the joy of achieving your first master player. How satisfying it was, well that’s all about to happen again. Therefore see it’s a good thing, as long as your glass is half full. We will be sharing all the news about the new upcoming features and events in FIFA Mobile 22 as it releases. So keep checking this place here and stay tuned!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 21 Season Reset Guide useful.

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David Campbell

Hi Sayak, great guide as usual but do we need to use all remaining coins on level up and rank ups before the reset? Will Ronaldinho from the recent Spotlight Event carry over? Many thanks David.

Gareth O’Neill

2 questions
1. Will the now or later players not keep their current OVR?
2. If I have a now or later player that is not in my starting 11 will he still transfer over to FIFA 22?

Gareth O’Neill

Thanks a mill Sayak, super helpful


I’m probably missing something, but what’s the point of stockpiling XP, coins etc. if these would be reset next season? Isn’t it better to spend everything you’ve stockpiled for OVR increase? Or even better since Now&Later players won’t reset – isn’t the best strategy to increase their OVR and ranks?
Thank you!


Do you know any market tips for fifa mobile 22. If not will do so am article about it please?


Hi Sayak, how valuable is the Now & Later Point in the next season? I want to spend some money to get more N&L points, but I am not sure if it is worth it or not. Thank you


Hi Sayak!!! Which of the players be retained with us in the team for the next season?? Could they be a player of any event?


I can’t find the campaign on the new game do you have an idea on what I can do?


Thanks pal


Hey, before this update I bought the aurora pass for 20 euros so I can get Lewandowski, now after the update I don’t have him anymore, I feel like I got scammed

sad kurt

but that means I payed 20 euros for nothing yk

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