FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS (Team of the Season) Guide

The best players of the season from all the best leagues. Team of the Season is here!

The most awaited event in the FIFA Mobile Calendar is finally here. FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS or Team of the Season as it is termed is live. Every year as the worldwide football seasons come to an end, EA celebrates the top performers from the five major European Leagues with a series of Team of the Season (TOTS) releases. Play Skill Games, complete daily Quests, and battle it out against other players for top Leaderboard positions. All this, along with top rewards, in what should be one of FIFA Mobile’s biggest and most jam-packed events of the year!

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS Event Description

  • Event Duration: April 29th – June 17th (49 Days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 4 TOTS Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 8 Coin Packs weekly giving 12 TOTS Energy each for 37,500 coins
  • Energy: Team Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 18 TOTS Energy
  • Daily Login: 25 TOTS Tokens & 1 TOTS Login Bonus Pack

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS Event Flow


In the Main Tab, you will be using your TOTS Energy to play a series of Skill Games. Play through a path of 3 Skill Games to earn 25 TOTS Tickets and 25 League Points. Needless to say, you get back the energy spent in the skill games. Completing the first 3 Skill Games gives you TOTS Tickets and League Points, but replaying them only gives out the League-specific Points.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS

League Points, as we know are the points related to the current league released that week. For example, during the Premier League week, the Skill Games will give out Premier League Points. During Ultimate week, the Base Reward will be 10 TOTS Tickets. Remember, the First Win Reward includes the Base Win Reward. The First Win Reward refreshes daily.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS

There are also 8 weekly coin packs that give 7 TOTS Energy for 37,500 coins each and 3 daily ads giving 12 TOTS Energy each. Additionally, opening a TOTS Daily Pack every time you log in guarantees, you in-game resources and players! Rewards include TOTY Starters and Reserves, TOTW Elites and Masters, as well as Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP, Base Players, and Special Score Boost.

League Rewards

Moving on to the actual league’s tab, it’s just a path of rewards you run down. As the paths go we have players running incrementally from 94 to all the way 102. This is a rehash of what we have seen the entire season long in big major events. The players are fantastic, their stats are stellar. These are endgame players mostly and are all starters. And a big note they are all auctionable right now. So there won’t be any big sell-off day postevent when the market could plummet and crash!

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS

Needless to say, every TOTS Featured League will have its own chapter. Use your League Points along the path to claiming Starters and other rewards! League Points can only be used towards the corresponding League. For example, Premier League Points can only be used in the TOTS Premier League chapter. You can convert your TOTS Tickets to the particular League Point of your choice. The conversion rate varies from 25 to 2000 at a 1:1 ratio for each and every Ticket.

Of course on claiming a TOTS Starter will also earn you Ultimate Points. Additionally, there are league-specific milestones, which give you extra TOTS Tickets, a 98 OVR Event Icon (who is claimable!), and a P2W 104 OVR Prime Icon on spending league-specific points.


Each League and also the Community has its own reserve wheel. This is something we have seen a lot in the last few events. Once you get the reserve TOTS Tokens, you use them on the wheel and move on. Use your TOTS Tokens here to earn TOTS Reserves, Coins, and Skill Boosts. After 7 claims, receive a guaranteed Player.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS

New Reserve Players are released every week, except for Ultimate. Past Reserve sections will remain until the end of the event obviously. There are additional Milestones that are only tracked when you spend TOTS Tokens on the latest released Reserve sections. If you want the Milestone rewards, you’ll have to use your TOTS Tokens on the newest reserves every week!

League Specials

Every League has its special tab. Battle it out in the weekly League Specials for rewards and the top spot on the Leaderboards! Play VSA, H2H, or AI Matches to earn Special Score, which unlocks rewards down the reward path and determines leaderboard placement. There is a new Special Energy and Special Score for each League Special every week.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS
  • Ads: 2 ads daily giving 5 Special Energy per ad.
  • Coin Packs: 10 Coin Packs weekly giving give 10 Special Energy for 30,000 coins.
  • Energy: Special Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 24.

Additionally, fill your team with TOTS Players and Icons of that particular league to grab the bonus. We would suggest choosing VSA as it is a lot quicker, saves the hassle and time, remember H2H uses twice the energy for the double rewards. Without the bonus, there are 30 for a win in VSA and 60 for a win in H2H. It grows astronomically on using the league special players and Icons. Use a Special Score Boost (possible reward from the Daily TOTS Pack) for an extra 24-hour bonus!

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS

There is also a League Pass where you will Use TOTS Energy or TOTS League Special Energy to progress through the specific League Passes. Play a daily Match along the Pass to earn bonus rewards. Purchase the pass to unlock all the matches on day 1. A new League Pass starts every week. It is not worth it, you can clearly play all the matches on the last day of the event if you have time though.


Spend the Ultimate Points you earn on Starters and Reserves in the Ultimate tab. All the top players from the entire TOTS event are in Ultimate! Use the Ultimate Points you received when claiming a TOTS Starter from any of the previous League chapters. The Ultimate section will feature 11 UTOTS Starters and 12 UTOTS Reserves comprising of:

  • Ultimate Starters are 102 OVR+ starting at 400 Ultimate Points.
  • Ultimate Reserves are 98 OVR+ starting at 150 Ultimate Points.

Remember getting the bonus with the full team of players is a must and you should aim that to get the furthest possible in the leaderboard. Try to set the team with at least 3 TOTS League Players and 3 Icons to get the maximum bonus.


Complete Daily Quests to earn TOTS Pass Shards and progress through the TOTS Pass. By completing the daily quests such as winning division rivals matches, completing a TOTS Special match or playing TOTS Skill games you can collect TOTS Pass Shards and move up the TOTS Pass.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS

There is an additional TOTS Pass for 3000 FIFA Points (again not for everyone) which will give you additional TOTS Tickets, Tokens, and Ultimate Points, along with all the league-specific points. If you have a massive chunk of FIFA Points in your store from all the way back in season 2, highly unlikely, now is the time to spend them.


SBC in exchange for Rank Shards is back again from the Spring Break Event. There is are 5 different weekly Squad Building Challenge in the main tab which exchanges for Rank Shards, Ultimate Points, and TOTS Reserve Player, which you will use for ranking up. Try not to ignore the Ultimate Points SBC that come during the Ultimate week.

You should be completing the SBCs but the longer you wait, the cheaper the players will become in course of the event. It’s not that tough, each requires only 5 players, with the total team OVR ranging being 84+ and 100 OVRs, while only two-five of them being TOTS players in total.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS Event Currencies

TOTS League Points

  • Earn them from completing daily Skill Games.
  • Earn them from the corresponding TOTS League Specials.
  • Points correspond to the appropriate league.
  • Use them towards TOTS Starters.

TOTS Tickets

  • Earn them from completing daily Skill Games, various milestone objectives, and TOTS League Specials.
  • Convert them to the TOTS League Points of your choice.

Pass Shards

  • Earn them from completing Daily Quests.
  • Use them to progress along with the TOTS Passes.

TOTS Tokens

  • Earn them from the League Rewards Path and the TOTS League Specials.
  • Earned as a milestone reward in the Main section.
  • Use them towards TOTS Reserves.

Login Bonus

  • Earn them from logging in daily.
  • Use them towards the Login Bonus pack.

Special Score

  • Earn them from playing VSA, H2H, or Matches in the League Special.
  • Use them to progress along the League Special reward path and Leaderboard.

Special Boost

  • Earn them from the Login Bonus Pack or for FIFA Points.
  • Use them for bonus Special Score in the League Specials.

Ultimate Points

  • Earn them from claiming TOTS Starters.
  • Use them towards UTOTS Starters or Reserves.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Energy18 InitialTotal
Hourly Refresh1 per Hour1175
Weekly Coin Pack96 per Week672
Daily Ads12 per Day588

Total 2453 TOTS Energy and 1781 without the Coin Packs

These TOTS Energy in turn will be used to play Skill Games to get the TOTS Tickets and League-specific Points.The League Specific Points varies based on weekly skill games, as you can get them only for one particular week. We have broken down the calculation for the event on a weekly basis for the league-specific calculation below.

League Points per LeagueStrategy
Skill Games2150Play Skill Games without saving energy
TOTS Pass500Complete all TOTS Quests
League Pass450Complete all League Pass Matches
League Special1050Earn at least 4000 League Score weekly
Credits:Frangin Twitter

Total 4150 League-Specific Points in one week for any particular league

From the 4150 Points, you can spend 4050 points to get two 94s rated starters from each and every league (five), and from the one remaining league focus on getting both the 99 rated players and the event icon. Additionally for the TOTS Tickets, you can achieve a total of:

Total TOTS TicketsStrategy
Skill Games4535Play Skill Games without saving energy
TOTS Pass500Complete all TOTS Quests
League Passes1200Complete all League Pass Matches
League Milestones2500Spend at least 4000 League Score weekly
Reserve Milestones3000Get the Reserve Milestone for all the leagues
Main Milestones2100Spend the required energy weekly
League Special1800Earn at least 4000 League Score weekly
Credits:Frangin Twitter

For your particular favorite or selected league, you can thus get 15635+4150 = 19785 points for the selected league, thereby giving you a chance to claim two 99 rated starters from that league worth a total of 19100 League Points.

Total 19785 League Specific Points from the favorite/particular league of your choice

Now for the League Specials,

Energy24 InitialTotal(Weekly)
Hourly Refresh1 per Hour167
Weekly Coin Pack100 per Week100
Daily Ads10 per Day70

Total 361 League Energy and 261 without the Coin Packs

These 361 League Energy will be used in turn to play either VSA/H2H matches to get the maximum rewards from the TOTS League Special Leaderboard. Additionally for TOTS Tokens,

TOTS Tokens
Daily Login1225
Free TOTS Pass400
League Path700

Total 3025 TOTS Tokens

Additionally, you will get more Tokens from the path of each of the league rewards leading to more TOTS Tokens. It takes 500 Tokens to complete the milestone and for 6 weeks leading to 3000 Tokens, so you should be able to complete the milestone each and every week.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS Event Tips and Tricks

After a simple and boring Spring Break, TOTS is a massive and exciting event in FIFA Mobile 21. It has a little amount of grind, with daily skill games and a hell of a lot of event currencies. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here. First and foremost as usual this is an event energy-based event. So never ever let your energy get filled out. Don’t let your energy refresh out. Never! Use your coin packs as they give you more chances for the League-specific points and rewards.

Now coming to the talking points. You may have thought of or heard of about hoarding the energy in this event. But trust us, it’s of no use, spend it all when it becomes available. Don’t hoard it for a future league. The difference it gives you is minimal to the likes of no difference at all. You cannot save and claim a 100 rated starter of any league in the end. There is no difference in terms of claiming a 99 or a 100. In the end for maximizing your UTOTS Points, it becomes of no use at all. So basically get your energy ticking on.

League Rewards

It’s going to come down what players you want, what individual league is most important to you for your team. As far as grabbing the players for selling, the higher the rate of the player, the more he is going to be worth it. Therefore, it’s just going to be getting who you need for your team and buying the rest.

Player OVRMain Path CostSide Path CostTotal Path CostUltimate PointsGems Required
94 Rated4501800225020
96 Rated16003350495035
97 Rated38004500830085
99 Rated7100600013100135
100 Rated12700100002270018042500
101 Rated277002270025080000
98 Event Icon11000
104 Prime Icon3800016000

From the table it might be clear to you but here is something, focus on going for the 94s for each and every league for now, as they release. But remember to aim each week for the 500 Extra TOTS Tickets in the league-specific chapters which open only when you spend 4000 Points.

  • We get to spend 348 Energy per week (coin packs included) and thus by doing the skill games can earn 2150 League Specific Points
  • Turn into the League Specials, use three icons and three league-specific players and try to get the maximum on the leaderboard, try to get the bare minimum 1050 Points (950+100)
  • You can get 450 League-specific Points from the free League Pass and an additional 500 League-Specific Points from the free TOTS Pass
  • Adding all these leads you to claim two 94s from each and every league. Rinse and repeat this method for each and every league

With your extra TOTS Tickets and all your additional TOTS Points, you can choose a particular league, and go for grabbing both its 99 rated players. In the way, you can also claim the Event Icon of that league as well.

League Specials

Most of us have three icons already, counting Beckham, Gullit, or Ian Wright, our claimable Prime Icon from Icon Strike, or even Roberto Carlos of Lunar New Year and Blanc from Freeze. Add any three of them to your team. Then add any of the Three TOTS Leagues Players in your squads (EFL Players as of week one). This gives you a total of (60+30 = 90 Points Bonus) for each of your losses or win.

You may or may not get the score bonus from the login based on your luck, but despite that getting 100 Points from each and every VSA game is really very easy considering even if you choose to lose all of them. As it is 10 for a loss and 30 for a win, the rewards increase dramatically if you can win. So just set up your squad with the 6 players accordingly and even on losing all the games it still allows you 6000 Points on the leaderboard thus giving you 950 Points and an additional 100 based on your leaderboard score as a bare minimum.

Note: Spend your coin packs on League Specials VSA when you have the Score Bonus Booster. This will enable you maximise your points from the wins in the event.


Player RewardsUTOTS Points GivenTotal UTOTS Points
10 x 94 rated players20 each200
2 x 99 rated players135 each270
Free Pass5050
Ultimate SBC5050

Total 570 Ultimate Points is possible Free to Play

Thus from the above chart it is clearly seen that 570 Ultimate Points is possible free to play if:

  • Play Skill Games without saving energy
  • Complete all TOTS Quests
  • Complete all League Pass Matches
  • Earn at least 4000 League Score weekly
  • Remember to spend the TOTS Tokens on and each milestone
  • Claim two 94 rated players from each and every league bar one.
  • Spend all the TOTS Tickets on one single league and grab both the 99 rated players from that league (You can claim the Event Icon as well!) taking the total count to 520 Ultimate Points

Additionally, you can then train one of the two 99 rated players to 100 OVR and cash both of them in the Ultimate SBC to claim 50 additional Ultimate Points, resulting in a total of 570 Ultimate Points. This point earned is enough for a UTOTS Starter and as well as a reserve.

Thus, you can claim a 102+ OVR UTOTS Starter and 98+ OVR UTOTS Reserve Free to Play

Now you might think about what to do with the 94 rated players, well, use them in the 2500 Skill Boost SBC. It opens in the next 7 days and you can complete it twice. You can put a 94 and some 88s and complete that. Additionally, the TOTS Reserve SBC for the 96 OVR SBC is also up for grabs! There is a ton of resources on offer for this event!

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS Event Players

Community TOTS Players

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS
FIFA Mobile 21 Community TOTS Players

EPL TOTS Players

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS
FIFA Mobile 21 EPL TOTS Players

La Liga TOTS Players

FIFA Mobile 21 La LigaTOTS Players

Bundesliga TOTS Players

Bundesliga TOTS Fifa Mobile
FIFA Mobile 21 Bundesliga TOTS Players

Serie A TOTS Players

FIFA Mobile 21 Serie A TOTS Players

Ligue 1 TOTS Players

Ligue 1 TOTS
FIFA Mobile 21 Ligue 1 TOTS Players

UTOTS Players

FIFA Mobile 21 UTOTS Players
FIFA Mobile 21 UTOTS Players

That’s it the Team of the Season Event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. Basically, just play the event, every day, daily grind it out. It is a big, confusing, and every exciting event. There is a lot of stuff going on with weekly currencies, passes, and SBCs on top of it. You cannot hold and wait to come back and claim everything, you have to spend. It’s an exciting event with a ton of resources and a ton of stuff! Seven weeks from now none of your teams will look the same. These are endgame players, a lot of them. You’re gonna be very excited.

Want to complete your team with the best players? Check our suggestions below!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 21 TOTS Guide useful.

For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and Google News for quick updates.

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I want to claim WanBissaka. Is that possible?

Brent Slater

Where is the TOTS token milestone that you mention in “Remember to spend the TOTS Tokens on and each milestone”? Thank you!


But considering we’re aiming at 3 players from each reserve league (3players so as to get the minimum leaderboard score and points), why do we hit it 5 times and spend 500. Shouldn’t we save tokens for the next league so we get the new league players fast and due to which we get a high leaderboard score?

another thing, can you give a calculation on the amount of tokens well get throughout the event and during each week too.


But without gems how do we get 500 tokens for each new league so as to hit the reserve box 5 times ?? How do we sustain on tokens??

Aldrich Killain

Hi Sayak, Great guide. I had 15K gems during the Spring Season event. You had suggested not to spend any gems on Spring Season Messi and save it for the TOTS event. As far as I understood from the guide and calculations, there is no need to spend any gems and we can easily get three 98+ ovr players for free. Also there is a chance to get 102/98 ovr UTOTS player. So my question is – whether missing out on Spring Season Messi was a mistake ? Looking back I feel his stats were dope and an incredible fit… Read more »

Aldrich Killain

Sounds reassuring.



Hey Sayak, appreciate the effort you guys put in to bring out detailed information about every event. My question is this: Do I save the points I get from playing skill games? (Because I’ve already spend them on the community league) or do I wait till further leagues open up. Or are the points I get from the skill games with respect to that particular league for that particular week? As in, will I be able to use the points I get this week for a player from future leagues(la liga, Premier league etc)? Also, I enjoyed ur detailed review… Read more »


Hi Sayak. Is Overmars the only icon to come or will there be more coming?

Randy Arn

Will I have to spend my gems if I can’t get minimum 100 points from the leaderboard to get ten 94s,two 99s,one event icon???

harshmay prasad

sayak bro how do we use our tokens ??
when should I spend those


Good calculation Mr.Sayak !!! I have a doubt what if i had already spent 850 TOTS Community Points instead of claiming 2 94 OVR players in Community chapter but claimed only one 94 player, which will affect my UTOTS claim????


I think what you’re saying is wrong. The community tots refreshes in 44 days which is when the tots event ends. The main (including squad building challenges) and reserves chapters, on the other hand, will refresh in less than 2 days. Otherwise, how would someone get Wan-Bissaka and Chiesa f2p if they are removed after one week only. Also, the game did not specifically say that the community chapter will change on a weekly basis.


I still don’t understand what you mean by the in-game currency and rewards change every week but the players remain the same. On another note, should I spend my tokens now or save them for better reserve players in the coming weeks. As in if I spend the tokens now, will I have a chance to get the same amount of tokens in the following week and the week after?


I have 900 tokens so far. And I can only calculate an extra 200 on a weekly basis; 100 from spending tots energy each week (from the main chapter), and 100 from the community special. The community pass has no token rewards, and the tots pass has only three token rewards left (on days 18, 28, and 35). So, with that being said, should I wait until I have 1,000 tokens so I can get both the 500 tickets and a reserve player, instead of just the 500 tickets?


I now fully understand what you meantime by the community points and future league points. I guess I’m stuck with getting one 99 rated player. As for the tokens, I got too excited and spent them all nine today in one go to get the 500 tickets and the 94 CB reserve player.


In hindsight I regret not saving my tickets. I missed the chance to get two great defenders (a 99 CB and a 98 prime icon CB with the best defending attributes).

Aldrich Killain

Hi Sayak, Please provide detailed week-by-week calculation for TOTS Tokens. We get 525 tokens in Week 1. But in Week 2, we only get 425 tokens. In case we spend 500 tokens in Week 1, we will be left out with 25 tokens. 25 + 425 = 450 tokens To claim reserve milestone, we need 500 tokens. So we will be 50 tokens short in Week 2. In the guide it’s mentioned as “Total 3025 TOTS Tokens”. A week-by-week calculation sheet would be helpful to know the flow in which we will receive these tokens, in order to see how… Read more »

Aldrich Killain

I spent 1250 gems for 100 tokens. This should keep me on track.


@franginFM in twitter gave a chart regarding tots tokens. There it is said to skip one week and spend 500 tokens for 5 weeks. Additional 1000 tokens to be spent on utots week. If i spent 1250 gems for 100 tokens will this be a problem?…sayak, Aldrich killain please help out


Thanks sayak


What’s the best combination of F2P players including the 98 icon?


Can I win 100 Zapata

Joshua Keeley

Will the Community Pass reset/expire or do I have more time to consider buying?

Joshua Keeley

Thanks much, Sayak! You’re the best! These articles are game changers.


Didn’t get how you can get 4535 tickets by playing skill games everyday? You get 75 tickets per day[tickets are given only first win], so for 49 days that’s 49×75=3675. Could you please explain?


Oh okay, and what about the league special rewards? Getting 4000 score only gets 100 tickets per week, so total should be 700 instead of 1800?


Hello Sayak,

I have a question regarding this topic. In the final week we get 7 games per day x 10 tickets x 7 days = 490 tickets. What about the coin packs which give you 24 extra games? 24 x 10 = 240 tickets. So the total number of tickets for the final week = 730 tickets. Is this calculation correct? I hope you can answer my question as soon as possible.

Sayantan mitra

Hey bro ☺️ my question was will the community chapter close after the new premier League season will start as I thought I could get community points still after the premier League campaign starts plz clarify this


Sir how can i claim those two 99 f2ps from the community chapter as they r now only giving us the epl points from the daily skill games????


Thank you so much sir😊😊😊😊

David Campbell

Hi Sayak, I’ve added Premier League players to my team in the TOTS Premier League Special but they’re not showing in the bonus section, the 2 Icons I have are showing. Is this happening to everyone. Thanks in advance David.

Vatsal patel

Is it possible to claim (101 over) player of community chapter?

Last edited 3 years ago by Vatsal patel
Daniel Hristov

How do we get community tokens now that everything has turned into premier league


How do I play the community tots because of the role tots I am not able to get anymore community points


Will the community tokens return.


Hello Sayak,

Can I show you screenshots of my current progress in TOTS? I just wanted to know if I still have a chance to claim Ruben Dias (99 CB) and Moore (98 Event Icon CB) of the EPL chapter.


Can we get 500 tokens for free this week (EPL) ? Per my calcs just 400 right ?

Joshua Keeley

Does anyone know if the Premier League energy in the special chapter rolls over to La Liga or does it reset to zero?

Joshua Keeley

Thanks for the quick reply, Sayak!


Can we get 500 tokens each week for a league coz i spent 700 in 1st league,had to spend gems fpr 5th tokens in 2nd week and seems to i will have to do same this week also


Can I go for just 1 97 rated from a league?


Thank you Sayak for the quick reply! Actually am I in between exams so was just able to manage the time. Also, will the matches in the tots pass refresh every week? They are a great source of currency and players! And thanks for putting so much effort into the breakdown of tots. Highly appreciated man !


what kinda playerz requirements are we gonna need for ultimate SBC to get 50 ultimate tots pointz??


Without spending tokens and gems i only got a 96 rated player in epl but u are saying we can get 99 rated players .How bro i really want a neuer in plzz explain how do i stock up 120000+ points.

Last edited 3 years ago by Vishal

Will i have to exchange 6000 tokens points


I wanted to know if 4x 97’s is possible f2p and what I would need. Will I have enough tickets?


Do you know if I would have a enough tickets? Would being in the top 40% for the special be fine.

Last edited 3 years ago by Abiel
Siddharth Puntambekar

Hi Sayak,
Please can you explain how can one get 4535 tickets by playing skill games and also how can one get 1800 tickets by earning at least 4000 League score ?


Hey, sorry for bothering you
I wanted to ask, would you suggest going for 2 99s or 4 94s?
Considering that there’s 2 icons in the 4 97s choice plus the more ultimate tots point


Sir i have a question… Sir will the utots points required to claim utots starters or reserves will vary according to player’s ovr?

Vijay Mohan

How many starter or reserve players can I get with 500 ultimate tots points ,is it possible to take 2 reserve players at a time


Bro. I got one 99 ovr starter from market for using it in utots sbc. Should I buy one more and use it in the sbc for getting the points ?
Can we get those points via gems?
I am just confused in utots sbc . Please elaborate. Thanks in advance


In utots week, what about the league special rewards? Getting 4000 score only gets 100 tickets per week, so total should be 700 instead of 1800?


Tell me bro I saw those comments and I got little clear now. Bro I have no tickets now because I have spend it in seria a chapter for that event icon ( vieri) so I have 0 now. In future we have nineteen the calculation is 19×75(skill games)+ 500 ( spending energy) + 500×3 + 500 + 200+200+200+100×6or4 + 100×2 = 5425 tickets. Is this right or any chance in utots week??

David Campbell

Hi Sayak, if I buy the Premier League TOTS Pass now will I get the top level (where the matches are) and the bottom level (with Rice at the end) or just the extra rewards from the top. Thanks for any help.


Hey mate, do you suggest going for the 4 97s instead of the 2 99s?
Considering the more ultimate points i can gain from the 97s


sayak, i have 62k gems now. should i use up all gems in tots event or save some foe next events?


Is thia the last event can i go with all of my gems for lukaku and kimmich


will the tots ticket expired after 46 days if didn’t use all of them


Halland u tots or kane u tots

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