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Free Fire Andrew Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations, and more

Utilise Andrew to his full potential!

Free Fire has grown significantly in the last few years and it is among one of the most played games. Free Fire’s character variation makes the game so popular among youths. Each character possesses the ability, and players can maximize and use these abilities to one’s advantage by combining them with the ability of any other character. In this Free Fire guide, we’ll go through a complete analysis of Andrew and provide tips to use him effectively.

About Andrew in Free Fire

Andrew’s outfit tells all about his occupation, he is a police officer. He is a just person and takes his duties seriously. He has a singlet, which is his lucky charm. His purpose is to find the truth behind everything.

Andrew is the stepfather of Kelly. His wife left him when Kelly was very young. When the city was attacked, Andrew got shot badly. Olivia saved him so he joined the Free Fire battle royale with Olivia and Ford. Players can get Andrew with 499 Diamonds or 8,000 Coins.

Andrew abilities in Free Fire

Andrew’s ability is Armor Specialist. With this ability, the vest durability loss decreases by 2%.

Free Fire Andrew Guide
Image via Garena
  • Armor Specialist Level 1: Vest durability loss decreased by 2%
  • Armor Specialist Level 2: Vest durability loss decreased by 4%
  • Armor Specialist Level 3: Vest durability loss decreased by 6%
  • Armor Specialist Level 4: Vest durability loss decreased by 8%
  • Armor Specialist Level 5: Vest durability loss decreased by 10%
  • Armor Specialist Level 6: Vest durability loss decreased by 12%

The ability can be upgraded by collecting Andrew’s memory fragments and at his highest potential, his vest durability loss is decreased by 12%.

Best character skill combination with Andrew you should try in Free Fire

1. Andrew/ Antonio/ Kla/ Hayato

This combination can prove to be helpful in clash squad mode. Antonio’s ability- Gangster’s Spirit, gives the player extra HP at the beginning of around. Kla can knock out the opponents in a single punch when at the maximum level. While Hayato’s ability increases armor penetration.

2. Andrew/ Chrono/ Jota / Jai

Chrono’s ability is called Time-Turner, it used to be one of the best abilities until the new update. It creates a bubble-like looking field around the player, which can absorb up to 600 damage. Before the update, one could fire from inside the field but now it can’t be done. One can just stand inside it to protect themselves from the damage.

Though it’s still way better than most of the character’s abilities. Jota’s ability Sustained Raids, gives the player 40 HP per kill. Its cool-down period is 5 seconds. Whenever Jai knocks someone down, his gun’s magazine automatically replenishes by 45%. Though it is limited to AR, Pistol SMG, and SG. This is an ideal combination for the player who prefers aggressive gameplay.

Tips and Tricks for using Andrew in Free Fire

  • Andrew is the best option for solo matches. Because in solo matches the one who bears the more damage wins. When in open ground, Andrew’s ability will help him survive for longer.
  • Players can pair Andrew with Jota’s ability, it will make him a powerful rusher.

Different characters have different skills to be tested on the battlefield. It is totally up to the player how they use this character at the time of combat and rooms.

Did you find our Free Fire Andrew guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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