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Free Fire Antonio Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Utilise Antonio to his full potential!

Free Fire has a wide variety of character selections. Each character has a unique ability which can be enhanced by the addition of abilities of other characters. This feature makes Free Fire, a popular game. Antonio is one of the most preferred characters. This Free Fire guide will help you with the best character combinations to use with Antonio and tips to master him.

About Antonio in Free Fire

Antonio is an orphan who grew up to be a gangster. Seven years ago, he started his gang and wiped out all the other gangs in his locality. To protect his loved ones, he puts himself in danger again and again. Later he got into a fight for which he was imprisoned. He was bought by a mysterious organization out of the prison and has been forced to fight in Bermuda since then. You can obtain Antonio either by 499 diamonds or 8000 coins.

Antonio abilities in Free Fire

Antonio’s ability is called the Gangster’s Spirit. This ability provides the player with 10 extra HP at the beginning of each round. At the maximum level, 35 extra HP is received, which means a total HP of 235 which is 35 HP more than what every player gets. 

Free Fire antonio Guide
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This is how Antonio’s ability increases as you level up:

  • Gangster’s Spirit Level 1: Increase your max HP at the start of the match by 10
  • Gangster’s Spirit Level 2: Increase your max HP at the start of the match by 15
  • Gangster’s Spirit Level 3: Increase your max HP at the start of the match by 20
  • Gangster’s Spirit Level 4: Increase your max HP at the start of the match by 25
  • Gangster’s Spirit Level 5: Increase your max HP at the start of the match by 30
  • Gangster’s Spirit Level 6: Increase your max HP at the start of the match by 35

Best character skill combination with Antonio you should try in Free Fire

1. Antonio/Wukong/Moco /Kla 

Wukong transforms into a bush for 10 seconds but it decreases its movement speed by 20%. Moco’s ability is very useful to track down the enemies. It tags the enemies who are hit by the user’s bullets for 2 seconds. Kla’s Muay Thai increases the fist damage by 100%, with the help of this ability the user can take down the enemy just by one shot if targeted on the head.

2. Antonio/Chrono/Maxim/Ford

Chrono’s time-turner ability creates a field that resists 600 incoming damage from the enemies. Players inside the field won’t get much HP loss. Maxim’s ability will help to heal quickly in an intense fight. Ford‘s ability makes sure you don’t lose much HP when you are stuck outside the safe zone.

Tips and Tricks for using Antonio in Free Fire

Free Fire antonio
Image via Garena
  • You should keep your distance from the enemy because a close-range battle can decrease your HP in a single battle.
  • This character can be best combined with Andrew’s ability. This will increase your resilience in combat.

Antonio’s ability is one of the strongest skills in Free Fire. Having a higher max HP allows you to stay in combat longer and will also help to win solo battles easily.

Did you find our Free Fire Antonio guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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