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Free Fire Moco Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Use Moco to her full potential!!

Characters in Free Fire have specific abilities that provide the user with a distinct advantage on the battlefield. The characters are either based on collaborations with real-life personalities, anime, web series and so on or are fictional characters from the Free Fire comics. Moco is one of the oldest characters in Free Fire and has one of the most commonly used passive character skills. Free Fire has released “Moco Enigma,” the Awaken version of Moco. This Free Fire guide will provide you with the best character combinations for Moco as well as tips to master her.

About Moco in Free Fire

Free Fire Moco Guide
Image via Garena

According to the Free Fire stories, Moco is the Cyber World’s legend. Because of her ability and intelligence, Moco is also known as “chat noir.” She can hack into whatever computer she wants and no one will notice. She vanishes like a ghost after she has obtained the knowledge she requires.

Moco abilities in Free Fire

Free Fire Moco
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Moco has a passive skill called Hacker’s Eye. At her initial level, Moco tags the shot enemies with a mark for 2 seconds and the info is shared with the user’s teammates. The tagging time increases up to 5 seconds at its max level.

Free Fire Moco Guide
Image via Garena

Awaken Ability: Players can unlock Moco Enigma, the awakening skill of Moco by completing simple in-game missions. Moco Enigma, like Moco, tags the shot opponents for 5 seconds, but the marking on the hit foes lasts up to 6.5 seconds as the enemy moves.

Best character skill combination with Moco you should try in Free Fire

As Moco is a passive-skilled character, players can equip one with active skills and passive skills in combination with her. Moco is beneficial for both Clash Squad and BR mode. Some of the best skill combinations with Moco are discussed below.

1. Moco/ Skyler/ Kelly/ Jota 

Skyler activating this skill unleashes a sonic wave that can destroy five Gloo walls in a row within a second. Also, with every deployed Gloo wall the user recovers a few HP. Kelly increases the sprinting speed by 6%. Jota recovers some HP on hitting an enemy and provides 20% HP On knocking down the opponent. Players can equip this skill combination for offensive gameplay. Players can use Skyler to damage the opponents quickly and if opponents try to run away, the user can get the enemy’s location mark with Moco and rush on them.

2. Moco/ Wukong/Hayato/ D-Bee

Wukong, on activating the skill, transforms into a moveable bush shield with a 20% movement reduction. Hayato increases the armor penetration by 10% on every 10% decrease in the user’s max Hp. D-Bee increases the movement speed by 15% and accuracy by 20% when firing while moving. This skill combination can be used for rush gameplay in both CS and BR mode. Players can get the hit enemy’s location with Moco and with increased armor penetration users can easily knock down the enemy.

3. Moco/ Alok/ Maro/ Dasha 

Alok creates a 5m aura on activating his skill that increases 5 HP every second and the user gains 15% extra agility for 10 seconds. Maro boosts damage with distance by up to 25% and damage against marked enemies by 3.5 percent. Dasha minimizes the damage caused by falls by 80% and the recovery time by 80%. Players can equip this skill combination while rank pushing in BR mode. Players can engage in survival games and earn kill points by attempting to engage in long-range fights with extra damage advantage.

Tips and Tricks for using Moco in Free Fire

  • Players should unlock the awakening skill as it marks on the hit enemies for a longer time when enemies make any movement.
  • Moco skill not only when the enemy is hit by any gun, but also when an opponent gets any damage with grenades, flash grenades, etc.
  • Rather than rushing at enemies head-on, players should try to connect at least one bullet. The mark on enemies makes it easier to rush them.

However, it’s important for players to understand the maps and Moco’s skills well and then use her to their advantage.

Did you find our Free Fire Moco guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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