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Free Fire Clu Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Utilise Clu to his full potential!

Free Fire introduces new characters with a distinct skill after each OB update, based on any cooperation or their own comics. There are now over 40 characters in Free Fire, with new ones being added on a frequent basis. And very much like that, Clu is a fictional character from the Free Fire comic books. She is a detective character with special active skills. In this Free Fire guide, we’ll go through her complete analysis and provide tips on using Clu effectively.

About Clu in Free Fire

As the Free Fire comics go, Clu grew up in a huge city suburb. Her parents were wealthy, and she grew up in a loving home where she never had to worry about the necessities of life. Her father was drafted into the war effort while she was a youngster.

Free Fire Clu guide
Free Fire Clu character

He never returned home after the war ended a year later and was never discovered. Clu then became a private detective after finishing high school in the hopes of learning as much about her father’s disappearance. That’s how her journey begins in Free Fire.

Clu abilities in Free Fire

Tracing Steps is the active skill of Clu’s character. With this active skill, she can locate enemies within 50m who are not in a prone or squat position for 5 seconds at its base level.

Free Fire Clu guide
Clu’s special active skills in Free Fire

As she is an active-skilled character, the ability has 75 sec of cooldown period. She will be able to share enemy positions with her teammates. She can expose the location of opponents who are within 70 meters of her for 7.5 seconds at the maximum level.

Best character skill combination with Clu you should try in Free Fire

Players can equip 4 character skills(1 Active skill + 3 Passive skills) in combination. With Clu character, individuals can equip any three passive skills.

1. Clu/ Alvaro/ Luqueta/ Shirou

Alvaro increases the damage through explosives like grenades, Explosive guns, etc. Luqueta aids by increasing the maximum HP by 25 units on every kill. Shirou on the other hand exposes the enemies’ location with a mark on them for 6 sec they hit the user. Also, the marked enemy is affected by 100% extra armor penetration on the first shot.

Using this skill combination players can locate the hidden enemies’ location and damage them using explosives. This combination can be used for BR Ranked or CS mode.

2. Clu/ D-Bee/ Hayato/ Kelly

D-Bee’s skill increases the movement speed and bullets accuracy when firing while moving. Hayato aids by increasing armor penetration BY 10% with every 10% decrease in maximum HP. Kelly increases agility by 6%.

This ability combination can be used for aggressive gameplay. Players can get the opponent’s location by activating Clu’s skill and quickly rushing on them.

3. Clu/ Misha/ Ford/ Maxim

Misha increases the driving speed, the user is harder to hit while driving i.e. default aim doesn’t work. Also, the damage while driving the vehicles is reduced by 30%. Ford reduces the damage taken outside the safe zone by 24%. The Maxim aids by consuming healing items 25% faster.

This character combination can be used while BR Rank pushes. Players can easily cover zones with vehicles, and to camp, individuals can use Clu’s ability to check if the location is safe or not.

Tips and Tricks for using Clu in Free Fire

  • Because Clu’s maximum range is only 70 metres, players can only utilise her effectively in closer range.
  • This character is useful in short map modes such as Clash Squad, Lone Wolf, Bomb Squad, and so on. Players can activate the skill while rushing into houses to check the availability of opponents. 

However, it’s important for players to remember that it does not reveal the enemies’ location who are in the prone position.

Did you find our Free Fire Clu guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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