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Free Fire: Tips and Tricks to get Gold quickly in the game

Ways to get more in-game gold easily

Gold is one of two in-game currencies available for the players of the mobile battle royale game Free Fire. It is a free, easily obtainable currency used for a few but useful things. There is never enough of this, which is why you would want to get as much of it as possible. This article will go into what are the Gold in the game and tips on how to obtain them quickly in Free Fire.

How to get Gold in Free Fire

Free Fire Gold tips
Tips to get gold in Free Fire

Gold can be gained by playing Ranked matches or Classic game modes with the amount earned having a daily limit capped at 800 Gold. Even though these are methods are lasting, they aren’t fast enough if you want to maximize your daily gold gain. Few in-game things can be purchased with gold, but without it, there is little progression, especially if you are not a big spender. In Free Fire, Gold is used for:

  • Upgrading character skills
  • Buying individual character skill slots
  • Spinning in Gold Royale

How to get Gold quickly in Free Fire

There is no real “boost” for earning Gold in the game. Here are some tips that you can follow to maximize your Gold gain in the game.

1. Claiming the 24 hours gold boosts

There are various ways to earn gold faster, one being 1-day gold boost events, usually occurring once each update reaches its climax, where players get an experience, gold gain, and gold limit boost for 24 hours. This is the greatest opportunity to farm heaps of gold. So do make use of it.

2. Using the Double Gold Cards

Free Fire Gold tips

These are cards obtained through the Elite Pass and sometimes events that increase the rate of gold earned per match depending on what card you hold. These don’t stack up to similar cards, and will instead add in more time before their expiration is reached. Having 2 cards of different kinds (100% and 50%) will make the amount of gold earned stack up to 150% or 2.5x the normal amount. These cards are used everywhere( except Custom Matches and Training), but it is recommended to make use of these in quick-paced modes like Clash Squad to farm more efficiently.

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