Game of Sultans tips: The Best Vizier in Game of Sultans

Vizier is the key feature of this game. Your empire’s progress, prosperity, strength everything directly depends upon them. Therefore, you must have a strong and clear view of viziers. Due to resource constraints, you can’t upgrade all the viziers you get, hence you have to pick the best vizier in Game of Sultans and upgrade wisely to proceed further.

Who is the best vizier in Game of Sultans?

There are 59 Viziers in total till now. In my opinion, there is no perfect or best vizier if you are (F2P) playing for free but you can feel vacant space by some other way. And Merzif is the best you have got.

But if you are (P2P) ready to play real money then you can have few perfect or best viziers. Apart from Hersek, Ibrahim and Somet all the VIP/ foreign legends can be considered as best viziers such as Colombus, Copernicus, etc. Murat is one of the best viziers you can get him at the lowest cost.

Note: If you buy the VIP viziers that’s okay but it’s very difficult to get a foreign legend.

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The Best Vizier in Game of Sultans

Which vizier to upgrade first?

As it’s very hard to get foreign legends and if you are not ready to pay real cash then you don’t have a perfect or best vizier. In that case, you have to come up with an alternative solution. So here it is…

covering the 4 basic resources with two or three viziers instead of one. That are Merzif + Hersek or Merzif + Davut + Ayas. Hence, they are the viziers who should be upgraded at the 1st place and rest will follow them. Another thing which needs to be mentioned is Research + Political + attributes books should be given to Merzif, Military books to Davut and Prestige books to Ayas. (If you have any of the perfect or best viziers, you can give all the books to him/her)

Note: You can replace Davut with “The Five” or “The Four” when you get them.

It’s not that you will only upgrade these 2/3 viziers, in fact, you have to upgrade all the viziers otherwise other events will get affected. But you can upgrade viziers by separating them into classes. Like,
1. Class A viziers – level 200
2. Class B viziers – Level 150
3. Class C viziers – Level 100

Note: You can consider Best viziers or Merzif + Hersek or Merzif + Davut + Ayas as class A viziers.

Want to know more about vizier selection and how you can classify viziers? Read our guide here.

Please let us know your view about the best vizier in Game of Sultans in the comment box, your response is valuable to us. If you found this article helpful do follow us on twitter.

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Verste Investments

I personally like and prefer Ahmelek. People overlook him because he’s considered insignificant. I’m in 4 servers and I can match my Ahmelek with the best and I can honestly say he’s a killing machine. In campaign, I’m fighting VLAD AND AHMELEK ALONE ONE ATTACK TAKES 80% OUT OF HIM AND KANE FINISHES HIM OFF. MY TOP FOUR ARE AHMELEK, KANE, Merzif and Lala. They are my TOP FOUR. I’ll put them up against anyone. I think the creators put too much emphasis on the upgraded vizier and not enough on the assurance I think they need to rethink. Thresh… Read more »

Christine J Tullock

Kidding me I upped him so far and he gets swatted like a fly

Michelle Kroese

Who’s your go to

Kaya Sultana

Also I upped Ishak to increase Gold production but he ate all my gold but has no power and no visible increase in gold production.. wish I could transfer his levels now uhhhh

Sienna Sims

i prefer Veli

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