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Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions for Mika and Tips

Team compositions for Mika in Genshin Impact!

“Coordinates of Clear Frost” Mika is a 4* Physical support character who was released in Genshin Impact version 3.5. He performs three roles in a team: buffs Physical DMG, buffs ATK speed, and provides some decent healing. His healing is the least important part of his kit. As a dedicated support character, there is no such thing as the best team compositions for Mika, he can be used in any team that requires a Physical DMG buff and/or ATK speed buff. The teams mentioned in this article are not the only good teams available for him, these are merely suggestions.

Best Team Compositions for Mika in Genshin Impact

Mika as a Physical DMG buffer

Variations of Eula hyper carry 

EulaRaiden Shogun/FischlMikaZhongli
Main DPS Superconduct support/BatteryPhysical DMG bufferPhysical RES shred

Raiden Shogun/Fischl helps Eula cause Superconduct which reduces enemies’ Physical RES. Zhongli also reduces the Physical RES of enemies while the shield is activated. Mika’s ATK speed buff helps Eula get a few extra stacks on her burst.

EulaRaiden Shogun/FischlMikaBennett
Main DPS Superconduct support/BatteryPhysical DMG bufferATK buffer
Genshin Impact Version 3.5 release Mika
Image via HoYoverse

Same team as above. This team trades Zhongli’s Physical RES shred for Bennett’s massive ATK buff. 

EulaRaiden Shogun/FischlMikaShenhe
Main DPS Superconduct support/BatteryPhysical DMG bufferPhysical RES shred 

This is a rather unusual team for Eula. While Shenhe mainly functions as a Cryo buffer, she can also shred enemies’ Physical RES inside her burst. This may not be the best use for Shenhe but it’s definitely a team that works as intended.

Physical Zhongli 

It is definitely possible to use Mika as a buffer for characters that are not meant to deal with high Physical DMG and make their DMG semi-decent. 

Zhongli Raiden Shogun/FischlMikaBennett/Shenhe/Diona/Layla/Yun Jin
Physical DPS/Physical RES shred Superconduct support/BatteryPhysical DMG bufferATK buffer (Bennett)/Physical RES shred (Shenhe)/Superconduct support (Diona/Layla)/Normal ATK buffer (Yun Jin)

Zhongli with Crescent Pike (Physical DMG bonus sub stat) can be used as a Physical DPS since he has fast ATK speed and universal RES shred. Mika can buff both his Physical DMG as well as ATK speed. Using Diona/Layla as the fourth character will result in Superconduct being triggered, which will also reduce enemies’ Physical RES.

Using Shenhe will result in greater Physical RES shred. Using Yun Jin will result in a buff to Zhongli’s normal ATK DMG, as well as activating Geo resonance (buffs all DMG while shielded). It goes without saying, Zhongli will need to be built with two 2pc sets of +25% Physical DMG bonus artifact sets. 

Physical Fischl

FischlMikaYun Jin Bennett/Zhongli/Shenhe 
Physical DPS Physical DMG buffer Normal ATK bufferATK buffer (Bennett)/Physical RES shred (Zhongli and Shenhe)

Fischl can also be used as a Physical DPS due to her having no hit lag as a bow character. If players have Mitternachts Waltz (Physical DMG bonus sub stat) then it is even better. Using Zhongli as the fourth character will activate Geo resonance.

Mika as an ATK speed buffer

Mika Genshin Impact
Image via HoYoverse

Any character that can utilize an increased ATK speed will benefit from Mika’s ATK speed buff. These are characters who deal most of their DMG through Normal ATK, like Kamisato Ayato and Yoimiya.

Mika in a Yoimiya team

YoimiyaYun Jin MikaXinqiu/Yelan
Main DPS Normal ATK buffer ATK speed bufferVaporise support 

This is a traditional Yoimiya Vaporise team that trades the extra Hydro DMG from the Xinqiu-Yelan duo for the increased ATK speed from Mika.

Mika in an Ayato team 

AyatoYun JinMikaZhongli/Raiden Shogun 
Main DPS Normal ATK buffer ATK speed buffer Hydro RES shred(Zhongli)/Electrocharge support (Raiden Shogun)

This team is focused on letting Ayato do as much raw Hydro DMG as possible.

What are your thoughts about our guide on Best Team Compositions of Mika in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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