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Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions for Wanderer and Tips

New teams built for Wanderer in Genshin!

“Eons Adrift” Wanderer is finally playable in Genshin Impact, after being introduced over two years ago. Many players have been waiting to get their hands on this character, which has arrived as a character banner in the Version 3.3 Update. This guide will help the players build the best team compositions for Wanderer and squeeze out his maximum DMG potential in Genshin Impact.

Best Team Compositions of Wanderer in Genshin Impact

For the most part, Wanderer is meant to be played as an on-field main DPS. Teams need to be built around him and he usually contributes to the most DMG in the entire team. Ideally, he should be equipped with the Desert Pavillion Chronicle artifact set, but in certain teams, he could be equipped with the VV set instead. It will be mentioned in the details.

Image via HoYoverse

Hypercarry Wanderer

Wanderer Hypercarry teams have just one goal, which was to buff him as much as possible and switch to him. The best buffer for Wanderer is Faruzan, but unfortunately, she has crippling ER issues which make it very difficult to suggest her, unless she is at C6. Yun Jin is suggested instead of non-C6 Faruzan, since can buff normal attack DMG. At C6, Faruzan will outperform Yun Jin for the buffer spot. Bennett acts as the healer and ATK buffer.

WandererC6 Faruzan/ Yun JinBennettZhongli/ Diona/ Layla/ Thoma
Main DPSAnemo DMG bonus/Anemo resistance shred (Faruzan)/normal attack buff (Yun Jin)ATK buffer/healerShielder 

He also enables Wanderer to absorb Pyro and give himself an additional ATK buff. The last slot is for shielders since Wanderer is prone to get hit while in midair. Each suggested shielder brings something different to the table. Zhongli shreds all elemental resistance of enemies. Both Diona and Layla allow Wanderer to absorb Cryo and gain a crit rate buff, while Diona also provides the additional utility of healing. Thoma activates Pyro Resonance (ATK buff) as well as acts as a secondary source of Pyro for Wanderer. 

Venti has great synergy with Wanderer since he can tightly group up enemies and make them temporarily immobile. Sucrose can also serve a similar function, albeit not to the same degree as Venti.

WandererC6 Faruzan/ Yun JinBennettVenti/ Sucrose
Main DPSAnemo DMG bonus/ Anemo resistance shred (Faruzan)/ Normal attack buff (Yun Jin)ATK buffer/ HealerGrouper 

C4 Jean has one of the rarest abilities to shred Anemo resistance. Prior to Faruzan, C4 Jean and Anemo Traveller were the only options for Anemo resistance shred. Being a healer, Jean is always a better choice than Anemo Traveller. Not to mention Jean and Bennett form the Sunfire Jean duo, which has pretty decent DMG potential on its own. Pairing C6 Faruzan and C4 Jean provide plenty of Anemo resistance shred for Hypercarry Wanderer.

WandererC6 Faruzan/ Yun JinBennettC4 Jean
Main DPSAnemo DMG bonus/ Anemo resistance shred (Faruzan)/ Normal attack buff (Yun Jin)ATK buffer/ HealerAnemo resistance shred/ Healer

Wanderer with Sub-DPS

In this team, Wanderer still plays the role of the main DPS, but he is no longer the Hypercarry. Xiangling joins him and contributes to a pretty high share of total tea DMG. She also benefits from Bennett’s ATK buff, not to mention he acts as a great battery for her.

WandererC6 Faruzan/ Yun JinBennettXiangling
Main DPSAnemo DMG bonus/ Anemo resistance shred (Faruzan)/ Normal attack buff (Yun Jin)ATK buffer/ Healer/ Pyro batterysub-DPS

Wanderer in the Cryo team

In a Cryo team, Wanderer takes advantage of enemies frozen in place, since he can take DMG while airborne and frozen enemies cannot DMG him. This team lets him play without the need for a shielder.

WandererC6 Faruzan/ Yun JinXinqiu/ Yelan/ KokomiRosaria/ Kaeya/ Layla
Main DPSAnemo DMG bonus/ Anemo resistance shred (Faruzan)/ Normal attack buff (Yun Jin)Sub-DPS (Xinqiu/Yelan), off-field hydro applier (all)Cryo-applier

In this team, Wanderer is accompanied by two sub-DPS who will further increase the team’s total DMG. Kaeya’s icicles follow Wanderer midair, so it might be difficult to hit the enemy, Rosaria is advisable since her Cryo application stays on the ground.

Main DPSHydro applier/ Sub-DPSCryo applier/ Sub-DPSCryo battery/ Shield/ Healing (Diona)

Wanderer in Tazer team

In a Tazer team, Wanderer is not the only DPS. He acts as the driver for Xinqiu / Yelan/ Beidou’s off-field abilities as well as contributing his own personal DMG. In this team, Wanderer could be equipped with the VV artifact set, to reduce the enemy’s resistance to Electro and Hydro.

driver/sub-DPSsub-DPSsub-DPSsub-DPS/electro battery

In this variant of the Tazer team, Xinqiu and Yelan’s Hydro DMG contributes to a good chunk of the team’s overall DMG.  

WandererXinqiuYelanFischl/Yae Miko
driver/sub-DPSsub-DPSsub-DPSElectro applier

Wanderer in the National team

Most characters work well with the National team (Bennet/ Xiangling/ Xinqiu). This is because the core of the National team is very strong. Even then, some characters synergize with National-core more than others. These include Raiden Shogun, Kazuha, Sucrose, etc.

Driver/ Sub-DPSATK buffer/ Healer/ Pyro batterySub-DPSSub-DPS

Luckily, Wanderer is also one such character. If players are struggling to create a team around Wanderer, they could opt to play him in the National team which is always high performing and reliable.

Final thoughts

Wanderer is the second dedicated 5* Anemo DPS character after Xiao. The main problem which Anemo DPS characters face is the lack of proper support. Prior to Faruzan, Anemo resistance shred was locked behind C4 Jean.

While non-C6 Faruzan has trouble properly functioning in a team, she still gets the job of resistance shred just fine. Luckily, Faruzan is featured on the same banner as Wanderer, and players pulling for him should be able to obtain multiple copies of her in the process, getting them closer to the desires C6.

Genshin Impact Version 3.3 December
Image via HoYoverse

Wanderer has a rather unique gameplay and several teams to choose from. While he is not a META-defining 5* DPS by any means, he is still very fun to play. The variety of team options will make sure it never gets boring playing him. 

What are your thoughts about our guide on Best Team Compositions of Wanderer in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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