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Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool: How to unlock the domain

It is tough but not impossible

The introduction of two new islands with the Genshin Impact 2.1 update means that travellers have lots of new areas to explore. Like the previous patch, this patch also introduces some new domains which need to be unlocked by solving some puzzles. One such domain is Palace in the Pool located in the north of Watatsumi Island. This domain is a one-time domain similar to Shakkei Pavillion. It rewards players with 40 Primogems and 500 Adventurer’s XP upon completion along with Mora and artifacts. In this guide, we will show how to unlock the Palace in a Pool domain in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool: Location

On reaching the location, players will notice that the domain is submerged under water. Players need to light up all the electro totems to lower the level of water. The totems are locked and to remove the seal traveller’s need to interact with the probes.

Unlocking Palace in a Pool domain in Genshin Impact: Location (Image from KyoStinV)

Steps to unlock Palace in a Pool domain

One must summon the electrogranum from the nearby Sakura Bough. Players could use Beidou and hold her skill to move the direction of the arrow in the direction in which the structure is protruded. After all four totems are unlocked, players must use characters that have the electro vision to imbue the totems with element electro. Before activating the totems, players must activate the weird-looking stick-like structure by pressing the “Pay respects at the statue button”.

Unlocking Palace in a Pool domain in Genshin Impact: Follow the direction of the arrow
Unlocking Palace in a Pool domain in Genshin Impact: Follow the direction of the arrow

Activating all the totems will lower the level of water a bit, but not completely. One must jump down and look for a small opening, right in front of the domain. They must swim through the flooded corridor, till reaching the staircase

Keep a close eye on the stamina. In case, players are low on stamina, they must climb up the branch that is available there. One must head up the staircase and then climb up the wall on a level above the staircase, where there is a relay stone. Activating the mechanism will lower the level of water. A cutscene will be triggered at the end of which players will have access and finally unlock the Palace in a Pool domain in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Palace Pool unlock
Keep an eye on the stamina

Before leaving the room, players should open both of the gates as there is a puzzle that travellers need to solve at this location. This will be made easier by opening the gates.

Genshin Impact Suigetsu Pool puzzle guide

After the players have successfully unlocked the underwater domain in Watatsumi Island, they have another puzzle at their hands that will grant players an exquisite chest. To solve this puzzle, players need to connect all relay stones and complete the circuit by joining the cumulation stone with the discharge stone. To do this, players need to use all the relay stones that are scattered around. Some of the relay stones are locked behind gates. This requires the players to solve another puzzle.

To start with it, one must jump down and head left. This is where players will see a mysterious pillar and a lightning probe that is locked. One must interact with the mysterious pillar to summon an electro seelie. This guides the players by showing the pattern in which to activate the four electro totems

Pay respects to statue
Pay respects to statue

One must activate the totems in the correct order. This will remove the seal around the lightning strike probe. The next step involves the players to open the gate by correctly aligning the probes. To do this, one must either use Beidou’s skill or equip electrograna.

Genshin Impact Palace Pool unlock
One of the relay stones in the domain unlock quest

Another way of imbuing the character with electro is to approach the seelie. This will inflict the character with electro. After this probe is aligned, players need to do the same for the other probe to open the gate. To reach the other side, one must use the small opening. This is followed by repeating the previous steps, which will open the gate.

Players must pick the relay stone and head back to the location. This is where one can find the mechanism for lowering the water level. In case, the traveler can’t find the way, he must summon the seelie and follow it. After picking up the second relay stone, the electro seelie will now fly up towards the last location of the puzzle. After getting out of the room, one must search for the seelie and make it reach its court.

Players can now start placing the relay stones at not-so-far distances. They must use the image as a reference for the distance to place the relay stones.

Genshin Impact Palace Pool unlock
Distances between relay stones in Genshin Impact

The third relay stone should be placed close to the cumulation stones. The puzzle isn’t over yet traveller’s need to imbue their characters with electro and act as a conductor to successfully complete the circuit. As soon as the circuit is completed an exquisite chest is spawned.

Luxurious Chest location

Genshin Impact Palace Pool unlock
Players will finally find the most coveted Luxurious Chest

Players will also find an electroculus, an enigmatic page and finally the coveted Luxurious chest. To reach the location of the chest, players need to use the phase gate present at the area, where players had found the second relay stone. One must rotate the phase gate and then through it but before going the gate equip an electrograna because the destination has an electro barrier. 

What are your thoughts on this Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool domain unlock guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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