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Genshin Impact Toki Alley Tales: Locations of all torn pages

Find all the Torn Pages to complete Toki Alley Tales!

Genshin Impact, an adventure role-playing game that was released in September 2020 has risen in popularity over the past year. An important factor in gaining the players’ attention has been the engaging storyline and the lore. One way to delve deeper into the lore is to read the in-game books. These books not only cover the lore but also have intricate details about stories. In this guide, we will look at the locations of all the Torn Pages to complete the Toki Alley Tales in Genshin Impact.

Toki Alley Tales in Genshin Impact

Toki Alley tales consists of six volumes. Out of which, three were launched with Patch 2.0 update, while the others will be released in the coming updates. This article will be updated to show the location of other torn pages when they are released.

Scattered across each island in Inazuma, are parts of this book, named Enigmatic pages. Each part requires 10 parts to be completed. Upon completing the book, travellers will get to know more about Inazuma, its residents and their mischievous tales of the past. Collecting all 60 Torn pages will unlock the achievement “Tales of Monstrous Madness“.

genshin impact torn pages locations
Toki Alley Tales and the Torn Pages

There are a total of 3 types of Torn Pages, namely Toki Alley Tales (Prologue), Toki Alley Tales (I) and Toki Alley Tales (II)

Volume I- Toki Alley Tales (Prologue) locations for Torn Pages in Genshin Impact

This volume is on Narukami Island. While most of the pages are easily accessible places, some require players to explore the world to level up the Electrograna or complete a prerequisite quest.

  • For the first one, teleport to the Konda Village to find the way to the chief’s house. The enigmatic page will be placed on the chair, right in front.
  • Teleport to Ritou. The page will be on a table near the Kanjou Commission officer Kobayashi.
  • In Araumi, there is a Ruin guard sitting inside a thunder barrier right in front of the teleport waypoint. Climb up the wall and you will find the enigmatic page will be on the broken pillar.
  • On Jiren Island, there are cages. In one of the cages, players will find the page, the keys to which are also found on the island itself.
  • Glide towards the abandoned boats located northeast of Kamisato Estate on the furthest isle. The enigmatic page will be there on the plow.
  • On a small shrine inside a tunnel north of Narukami Shrine. To get access to this enigmatic page, players need to get level up Electrograna to Level 6.
  • On the east shore of Araumi, there is a beached shore. There will be a page on the side of the boat.
  • For the next two pages players need to finish Sacred Cleansing Ritual.
    • For the first one, one must jump down from the cave (located behind the chief’s house). To the right, players will find two crates. Players will start to climb on the crate and continue climbing the wall, till he reaches a small opening. They will find the page adjacent to the lamp.
    • The second location is a room next to the place of Cleansing underground in Araumi. This requires the players to have access to the memento lens.
  • Under an Electroculus in the cave behind the Intermediate Thunder Barrier.

Volume II- Toki Alley Tales I

Volume II of Toki Alley Tales is described in the torn pages found on the Kannazuka Island. The pages are easy to find and in the open. Travellers need to complete Tatara Tales quest to break the Electro barrier. Once the Mikage furnace area is accessible, players can waltz to gather all the pages.

  • The first enigmatic page is located at the lowest part of Tatarasuna near the shore. This is close to the mikage furnace. For navigation, players must go to the lowest area, where there is a time challenge. Players will then see a glowing thing on the screen, therefore one must go there to find the page.
  • The second page can be found on the tallest building adjacent to the furnace. This is the same location where players find “Key to some places“. The key is on the top of the building, while the page is inside the house on a table.
  • The third key is behind the Tatara arsenal gate. To open the gate, players need to find three keys. Open the gate and you will find the page near a tent-like structure.
  • The fourth and the fifth keys are located near the Shakkei Pavillion. One is on the small island to the south of the domain while the other is on the cliff in the southeast direction.
  • One must teleport to the left most waypoint and head west where they will find a large abandoned ship. The page will be on the bottommost level of the ship.
  • The other location is by the water on the southern shoreline. The nearest teleport waypoint is the one found to the left of Shakkei Pavillion.
  • One more location is to teleport to the waypoint in Kujou Encampment. One must jump down to a cave on the walls of the cave, there will be the enigmatic page.

Volume III- Toki Alley Tales II

The last currently available pages are located on Yashiori IslandThe page at the serpent’s head is located in a cave, as is the page to the right of the Statue of the Seven. It may be best to save the Yashiori Island pages until after you have cleared the storms by doing the Orobashis Legacy questline.

  • Players must head South-West of Maguu Kenki. There will be a Kairagi Samurai sitting. Behind him, players will find the page on a pillar.
  • The second page can be found under the Serpent’s Head, in the cave. They must climb up towards the north of the page will be near a Thunder Sakura bough.
  • The next torn page is located at the backyard of house located near Chouji’s house.
  • Head North of Nazuchi Beach and you will locate the page behind the beached ship.
  • One must teleport to the Statue of the Seven and head west. The enigmatic page will be on the broken pillar at Higi village.
  • They must go down from the Statue of the Seven into a cave. The page is located on a crate.
  • The next page is at Musoujin Gorge at the bottom of the tower where Ooizumi stays.
  • For the next page, one must head to the encampment of rebels. It is present behind the big tenthere’s a cliff. One must climb from there to reach the top, where there are a lot of rocks.
  • The next location is at Fort Fujitou. Between the second and the third strangely structured long pillar-like rocks, he will find a small rock where they will find the torn page.
  • In Yashiori Island, players will find a lookout tower. The page is located at the base of the tower. To reach the tower, one must teleport to Nazuchi Beach and head west.

Further volumes of the book will be released with the other three islands of Inazuma with the upcoming updates. Stay tuned for the updated guide as soon as we get access to the remaining islands.

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