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Genshin Impact: The Foolish Fatuus World Quest Guide and Tips

Get ready to catch wanted criminals of the Sumeru region!

The Foolish Fatuus is a new world quest that was added in the Sumeru update in Genshin Impact. It is a unique world quest in the sense, that it takes a tad bit more dedication to follow than the conventional “follow the marker” quests. In this quest, the players will have to deal with fraud like in another quest called A Rare Bird. Here is a complete walkthrough guide that will help players in the completion of the Foolish Fatuus World quest in Genshin Impact.

How to unlock and start The Foolish Fatuus quest in Genshin Impact

In order to unlock The Foolish Fatuus quest in Genshin Impact, players should follow the guidelines below:

  • The first step in unlocking the quest would be finding and clearing all eight strange devices that are scattered along the Eremite camps in Sumeru. Players can find these devices marked in the map presented below.
  • After clearing the eight strange devices, the quest is unlocked. In order to start the quest, the player should visit the Eremite Camp in Genshin Impact, which is south-west of Yasna Monument. There, travelers will encounter an Eremite named Kasim and a Fatui Pyro Agent named Oleg.
  • Players will engage in combat with Oleg, once the two discover the protagonist, despite their best efforts to blend in. After defeating the Fatui Agent, players should just continue along the quest navigation.
Genshin Impact Foolish Fatuus World Quest Guide map
Image via HoYoverse

Kasim’s Willpower

For the first part of the quest, players will have to interrogate Kasim about the location of the Fatui Stronghold. The player can then decide whether or not to trust Kasim. However, both options will ultimately still result in the same action, players should feel free to question him and weaken his resolve.

After interrogating Kasim, players should then find and examine the note that was placed on top of the box behind where Kasim was standing before. It will reveal information on where the stronghold of the Fatui is located.

After finishing the previous step, the player can then proceed to go into the secret contact campsite. After leaving Pardis Dhyai, players should turn north and adjust the time to anything between 20:00 and 06:00. After that, players should light all of the four Pyro Torches.

Oleg at the Fatui Stronghold

After lighting the torches return to the Yasna Monument, players should then head to the Fatui Stronghold. Players will find Oleg behind the gate. They must proceed to talk to Oleg, who will then check their watchword. After giving the correct watchword, Oleg will proceed to let the player in the cave. However, after following Oleg, he then reveals that he recognizes the traveler through his/her disguise. Oleg will then reveal that it was a trap while calling subordinates to ambush the traveler and Paimon.

Oleg at the Fatui Stronghold
Image via HoYoverse

After defeating every enemy in the ambush you can talk to the defeated Oleg again then Paimon banishes him from Sumeru. The player will then inform Parchamdar Rukh Shah from the Corps of Thirty. He and his subordinates will take the Fatui away and also raise the bounty of the fraud the players met earlier, Kasim. Rukh Shah will then thank the player and give the rewards due for their service.

Unlocking the Open Sesame! Achievement

After completing the quest the player will unlock an achievement called Open Sesame! Its unlock trigger is ‘Use the Secret Code to enter Fatui’s hidden encampment.”Completing the quest rewards you with the Open Sesame! Achievement, which gives you 5 Primogems.

Genshin Impact The Foolish Fatuus World Quest: Completion Rewards

In the Price world quest, players can obtain rewards by completing the quest. The rewards include

  • Hero’s Wit x 4
  • Mora × 44,000
  • 20 Sumeru Reputation Experience Points
  • Primogems x 50
  • Mystic enchantment ore x 4

By also completing the “Open Sesame!” achievement, players can also get an additional reward:

  • Primogems x 5

That’s all for The Foolish Fatuus World Quest Guide in Genshin Impact!

What are your thoughts on our guide The Foolish Fatuus World Quest in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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I genuinely like the Fatui and the Abyss Order. Childe’s my all-time favorite Genshin character.

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