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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Guide: Tips to earn Gems in the game

Get more gems consistently!

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is an immersive collectible card game (CCG) that combines elements of MMO and RPG gameplay. Fans of the Harry Potter series are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to explore the captivating story set in the magical world of this new game. Alongside the exploration progress are the rewards and important currencies along the way. In order to enhance your power and progress faster in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, acquiring Gems quickly is crucial in this game.

I have several guides to help you get started and master the game if you are just starting out. The Beginners Guide covers the basics, and the Reroll Guide offers tips for optimizing your character reroll. For PVP combat, the PVP Guide provides essential strategies. The Currency Guide explains in-game currency, and for building an effective deck, check out the Deck Tips and Card Tier List. If you have any concerns, the Customer Support Guide will help you contact the support team.

These Gems play a vital role in upgrading your cards, as they enable you to obtain duplicates and invest Gold to increase their strength. Unlike a traditional leveling system, the primary method to strengthen your wizard is by obtaining duplicates and utilizing them to upgrade your cards.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Gems
Image via Warner Bros

Gems in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened serve the crucial purpose of obtaining powerful cards and duplicates, which can then be upgraded to higher levels for increased strength. These Gems act as a versatile resource, substituting for both Gold and keys within the game.

They are primarily utilized in the Magical Studies feature, which resembles a Gacha system in the game. By spending Gems, players have the opportunity to acquire valuable cards and duplicates to enhance their gameplay experience. In this guide, players will know the best way to get more gems in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

How to get more Gems in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

1. Complete Classes and Exams

Daily Classes and Exams play a crucial role in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened and can be accessed through the map section of the game. By consistently completing these missions, players can make steady progress and unlock various rewards. These daily tasks and missions serve as an excellent source of Gems, which prove to be highly valuable in the long run.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Class
Image via Warner Bros

Additionally, attending classes and fulfilling Yearbook objectives allow players to earn rewards such as Gems, Cards, Keys, and Gold. Completing the game’s story and missions is therefore one of the most effective ways to obtain Gems at a faster pace.

2. Participate in Events

Participating in events is not only an exciting aspect of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened but also a highly rewarding way to obtain Gems. These events come in various types and are regularly scheduled, offering players different challenges and tasks to complete. These events often feature limited-time quests, special battles, or themed activities that align with the Harry Potter universe.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Colouring Pages
Image via Warner Bros

By actively participating in these events and accomplishing the assigned objectives, players can earn a significant number of Gems as rewards. These Gems can then be used to strengthen their cards, acquire duplicates, and progress further in the game. Keep an eye out for these events as they provide excellent opportunities to earn Gems.

3. Challenge players in Duelling Club

To experience thrilling PvP duels against players worldwide, players must join the prestigious Duelling Club of Hogwarts in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. This intense PvP mode allows you to showcase your skills, strategies, and deep understanding of spells and magical abilities. By engaging in duels, you can compete against other players who have also joined the dueling club, creating a highly competitive environment.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened duel
Image via Warner Bros

Participating in duels not only provides an opportunity for friendly competition but also offers substantial rewards, including Gems. As you progress and achieve higher ranks within the dueling club, you will earn a generous amount of Gems. These Gems can be utilized to acquire more powerful cards that players can use to upgrade and challenge stronger opponents along the way.

4. Progress the Forbidden Forest

In Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, the Forbidden Forest is a PvE co-op section of the game that can be tackled solo or as part of a co-op party. It provides players with a diverse range of challenges in a PvE zone.

As you advance through the forest, the enemies you encounter will become progressively more difficult to defeat. The challenges in the Forbidden Forest are divided into stages, with each stage posing a greater challenge than the previous one.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Forbidden Forest
Image via Warner Bros

Engaging in the Forbidden Forest not only offers exciting gameplay but also provides players with a generous amount of Gems. The amount of Gems rewarded may vary as players tackle stronger stages within the Forbidden Forest, allowing for greater resource rewards. Importantly, the Forbidden Forest serves as a consistent and permanent source of Gems for players, ensuring a steady supply of this valuable resource.

5. Redeem codes

In Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, special promo codes are periodically released, offering players the opportunity to redeem them for valuable rewards such as Cards, Gems, and Gold. These promo codes serve as a convenient and straightforward method for players to obtain Gems and enjoy a bonus in the game as they redeem the codes.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened how to redeem codes
Image via Warner Bros

It’s important to note that these codes have expiration dates, so players must act swiftly to redeem them in order to receive the rewards, including a substantial amount of Gems. By staying vigilant and redeeming promo codes promptly, players can significantly boost their Gem collection and progress further in the game.

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