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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Card Tier List for July 2023

Use our tier list for deck building!

Players of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened are actively seeking to understand the game’s meta and create optimal decks. The Chinese version of the game has been available for a while, granting players valuable insights into which cards are most desirable. By referring to the Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Card Tier List, players can determine which cards they should prioritize acquiring. If players lack any S-Tier cards, it may be advisable for them to consider rerolling.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Card Tier List for July 2023: Best cards ranked

After dedicating numerous hours to the game, we have compiled a tier list that ranks cards based on their rarity and types. This tier list is designed to assist new players in selecting the most powerful cards for their decks. To make it easier to understand, we have categorized the characters into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B).

Strong (S)Avada Kedavra, CrurioThunderstorm, Orb of WaterSectumsempra, Glacius MaximaBewitched Snowballs, Atmospheric Charm, The Monster Book of Monsters, InflatusStupefy, Oppugno
Good (A)Piertotum Locomotor, Baby Antipodean Opaleye, Phoenix, Norwegian Rideback EggStack of Monster Book of Monsters Incendio, Niffler, Accio, Ashwinder, Baby Manticores, Bludger, Ventus, Tebo, Three-headed Puppy, ThunderbirdBoombastic Bomb Box, Episkey, Fire Crab, Acromantula’s Nest, Aguamenti, Side-Along Apparition, Glacius, Matagot, Blast-Ended Skrewt, BroomstrickHowler, Protego Totalum, Acromantula Venom, Centaur, Cornies Pixies
Fair (B)Protego Diabolica, FiendfyreOccamy, Weasley’s Fireworks Box, UnicornExpulso, NebulousSpiders, Swelling Solution, Essence of Dittany, Portkey

It is important to mention that there are various types of card rarities in the game. Common cards are the most frequently encountered and often serve as the foundation for starter decks. On the other hand, Legendary cards are highly sought-after and relatively harder to obtain.

Rare and Epic cards hold significant value, although they are more commonly found compared to Legendaries. Additionally, Dark cards encompass the sinister spells of dark magic utilized by Voldemort and his allies. The potency of a spell card is influenced by its rarity, but having knowledge about all the available cards will greatly aid in creating decks more efficiently.

Best Meta cards in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened for July 2023

Continuing with the tier list, we will now start to highlight the top cards in the game for each tier mentioned in the previous table. As depicted in the table, there is a wide array of cards available for players to collect and incorporate into their decks for battles.

Each card possesses unique characteristics, and the game offers a diverse range of options to choose from. Considering the inclusion of rarities and spell types, determining the best cards becomes highly subjective, as different players may find certain cards more useful based on their individual gameplay preferences.

Best Dark card – Avada Kedavra

Unsurprisingly, the curse that claims the top spot on our list is Avada Kedavra. While it may be a curse, it is widely recognized that the most potent spells often inflict the most damage in battles. Avada Kedavra deals damage to the first enemy in its line of sight and accumulates power over time.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Avada Kedavra
Image via Warner Bros

Although it doesn’t guarantee an instant kill initially, it becomes capable of instantly eliminating targets once it reaches a stack of four.

Best Legendary card – Thunderstorm

Among the outstanding Legendary cards available through the expenditure of Golden Keys in the Magical Studies, Thunderstorm stands out as one of the best choices for players. This versatile spell unleashes a total of 15 strikes on random enemies.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Thunderstorm
Image via Warner Bros

Furthermore, if it manages to eliminate five enemies, it gains the ability to strike all of them simultaneously. Thunderstorm proves to be a well-rounded card that can greatly assist players in various aspects of the game, making it a valuable asset.

Best Epic card – Sectumsempra

Sectumsepra bears a striking resemblance to Crucio, and in certain instances, it may even appear to be a superior spell due to its ability to bounce off to an additional enemy and its repeating effect.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Sectumsempra
Image via Warner Bros

However, it falls slightly short in terms of damage output compared to the Crucio curse. Consequently, this slight disadvantage causes it to be slightly outweighed by Crucio in terms of overall effectiveness.

Best Rare card – Bewitched Snowballs

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Bewitched snowball
Image via Warner Bros

Bewitched Snowballs possess the remarkable ability to freeze multiple enemies in their tracks, rendering them temporarily immobile. This not only provides a defensive advantage by preventing the frozen enemies from launching their own attacks, but it also offers an opportunity to strategize and set up subsequent attacks more effectively.

Best Common card – Stupefy

Subjectively considered a highly effective card, Stupefy proves to be a formidable asset in battle. With a low cost of only 3 MP to cast, it offers both knockback and stunning capabilities.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Stupefy
Image via Warner Bros

When used, it has the power to push an opponent backward, and if that opponent collides with another enemy, it can inflict damage and stun both adversaries. This unique feature allows for the possibility of hitting two opponents with a single card, potentially stunning them and setting them up for subsequent attacks.

Final Thoughts

In summary, compiling a tier list for the best cards in the game can be a subjective task, considering the diverse options available, including different rarities and spell types. While Avada Kedavra stands out as a powerful curse capable of stacking damage over time, Thunderstorm proves to be a well-rounded Legendary card that can provide significant assistance across various game content. Sectumsepra, despite its ricocheting effect, slightly falls short in terms of damage compared to Crucio.

Bewitched Snowballs offer the advantage of freezing multiple enemies, allowing for both defensive and strategic offensive opportunities. Finally, Stupefy, with its low cost and knockback/stunning abilities, becomes a valuable card for crowd control and setting up subsequent attacks. It’s important to note that individual playstyles and preferences may influence the effectiveness of these cards in different situations. Exploring and experimenting with different combinations of cards can lead to unique strategies and optimized deck builds.

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