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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened: The Complete Potion and Ingredients Guide

Brew the potions you need!

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened offers players the opportunity to delve into the magical world of Hogwarts, where they can explore and experiment with various enchanting features. This collectible card role-playing game incorporates MMO elements to provide a comprehensive experience of being a student at Hogwarts as a collaboration of WB Games and Netease. In this Harry Potter: Magic Awakened: Potion Guide, you will learn the basics from potion brewing to spell learning and encounters with magical creatures.

If you’re new to Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, I have several guides to help you get started and master the game. The Beginners Guide covers the basics, while the Reroll Guide offers tips for optimizing your character reroll. The PVP Guide provides essential strategies. To understand in-game currency, refer to the Currency Guide and the tips to earn gems. For building an effective deck, the Best Deck Tips and Card Tier List will be helpful. If you have any concerns, the Customer Support Guide will assist you in contacting the support team.

What are Potions in Harry: Potter Magic Awakened

Potions take on a significant role as magical concoctions with diverse effects and functions. Players can utilize these potions for various purposes within the game. Potions are crafted by combining different ingredients and following specific recipes, adding an element of experimentation to the gameplay.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Potions
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These magical potions offer players benefits such as healing, temporary enhancements to attributes or abilities, invisibility, and more. Each potion serves a specific purpose and can be utilized strategically to overcome challenges, gain an advantage in battles, or explore the magical world of Hogwarts. Here is a complete list of available potions that players can brew in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

Types of Potions

1. Combat-centered potions

In Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, combat-oriented potions play a crucial role in battles, providing specific buffs and utilities to enhance a player’s performance. These potions are designed to give players an advantage in combat situations and can significantly impact the outcome of battles.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened types of potion
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For example, some potions may increase a player’s damage output, granting them a temporary boost in offensive capabilities. Others may enhance defensive abilities, such as providing increased resistance to certain types of attacks or boosting overall resilience.

2. Memory potions

Potions in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened also have purposes during classes and exams. These potions can assist players in answering questions by providing beneficial effects that boost their abilities and improve their performance. During classes and exams, players often encounter challenging questions that test their knowledge and understanding of various magical subjects.

By using specific potions, players can gain advantages that aid them in answering these questions correctly and achieving better results. For example, there might be potions that enhance memory and concentration, allowing players to recall information more effectively and improve their chances of selecting the right answers.

3. Utility potions

One common application of potions is for utility during exploration. For instance, potions like the Invisibility Potion can temporarily render players unseen, allowing them to navigate areas undetected or bypass certain obstacles. This can be particularly useful when sneaking past enemies or solving puzzles that require stealth.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened brewing
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Healing potions are another vital category of potions that players can utilize to restore their health during battles or exploration. These potions provide a valuable source of recovery, allowing players to sustain themselves in the face of challenging encounters or recover from injuries sustained during exploration.

While certain potions in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened are exclusive rewards from events and quests, the majority of potions can be brewed by players using the required ingredients.

What are Ingredients used in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Players rely on a variety of ingredients to brew potions. The rarity of these ingredients often corresponds to the specific potion being brewed. To obtain these ingredients, players embark on explorations within the Forbidden Forest, where they will encounter numerous challenges and adventures.

The Forbidden Forest serves as a rich and diverse environment that hides a mystery of magical ingredients. As players venture into the depths of the forest, they may come across rare plants, mythical creatures, and hidden areas that contain the ingredients needed for potion brewing. Here is a complete list of ingredients in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

  • Boomslang Skin
  • Lady’s Mantle
  • Fairy Wings
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Valerian
  • Dittany
  • Pearl Dust
  • Verain
  • Alihotsy Leaves
  • Unicorn Tail Hair
  • Jobberknell Feather
  • Powdered Unicorn Horn
  • Horklump Juice
  • Tincture of Demiguise
  • Beetle Eyes
  • Wormwood
  • Lavender
  • Powdered Dragon Claw
  • Runespoor Eggs
  • Frog Brain
  • Lovage
  • Scurvy Grass
  • Stewed Mandrake
  • Peppermint
  • Honeywater
  • Cut Ginger Root
  • Armadillo Bile
  • Salamander Blood
  • Powdered Griffin Claw
  • The Scarab Beetle
  • Porcupine Quills
  • Rat Tail
Harry Potter Magic Awakened Potion results
Image via Warner Bros

Players should carefully brew potions in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened based on their individual needs, as the ingredients required for brewing vary in rarity and can be challenging to obtain when exploring the Forbidden Forest.

Complete List of Potions used in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Hair-Raising Potion1x Rat Tail, 2x Oil, 1x Porcupine QuillMakes the drinker’s hair stand on end for 30 minutes. Can be used in Duelling Club for hair change or the Forbidden Forest to briefly stun non-boss opponents.
Polyjuice Potion5x Water, 2x Boomslang Skin, 1x Lacewing Flies, 1x HairA potion that allows players to transform into another person by using their hair as part of the ingredient.
Hair-Dyeing Potion5x Water, 3x Dried Nettle, 1x Streeler Shell (White)Can be used to permanently change the hair color of a chosen hairstyle.
Hair-Dyeing Potion (Two-tone)3x Dried Nettle, 1x Powdered Fireball Spike, 2x Streeler Shell (White)Can be used to permanently change the hair color of two or more hairstyles.
Invisibility Potion1x Acromantula Venom, 1x Water, 1x Tincture of Demiguise, 1x Pearl DustMakes the player invisible for 30 minutes, and can be used to sneak into several areas.
Draught of Peace1x Hellebore, 1x WaterProtects players from losing points or getting demoted when challenging players in the Duelling Club.
Healing Potion3x Water, 2x WormwoodUsed in the battle to throw a vial of healing potion in a specific area which restores HP over time.
Befuddlement Draught3x Oil, 2x LovageUsed in the battle to throw a vial of Befuddlement Draught to cause some non-boss opponents to fight on the player’s side temporarily.
Scintillation Solution3x Oil, 2x Powdered Unicorn HornCan be used in battle to drastically increase the MP regeneration of players and its teammates.
Blood-Replenishing Potion3x Water, 3x Powdered Unicorn HornCan be used in the Forbidden Forest to instantly restore a portion of the player’s HP and their teammates.
Baruffio’s Brain Elixir5x Oil, 3x Frog BrainCan be consumed during History and Magic studies to eliminate three incorrect answers.
Beautification Potion1x Fairy Wings, 1x Lady’s Mantle, 1x Boomslang SkinCan be used in the Dance Club to convert 20 grades to Perfect during the performance.

In conclusion, potions in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened are essential tools that grant players unique advantages during combat. With a wide range of ingredients to collect and recipes to discover, players can brew a variety of options that provide temporary buffs and combat utilities.

Whether it’s enhancing attributes, healing injuries, or gaining special abilities, potions play a pivotal role in empowering players to navigate the challenges of the magical world and emerge victorious in their adventures.

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