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Honkai Star Rail guide: How to beat Simulated Universe World 5

Can you beat the Notorious Stellaron Hunter?

Players of the new HoYoverse game have started challenging one of the game’s late-game content, the Simulated Universe. Honkai: Star Rail has delivered some great challenges and mechanics in its current Version along with some interesting opponents that players get to face during their journey in the Simulated Universe. In this guide, players will know the best strategies to defeat the Simulated Universe World 5.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka World 5
Image via HoYoverse

The Simulated Universe World 5 features a strong set of enemies and the World 5 Boss, Kafka. She is a member of the Stellaron Hunters who is calm, collected, and beautiful. Her record on the wanted list of the Interastral Peace Corporation only lists her name and her hobby.

Kafka Boss Stats

Kafka has a 40% Resistance against the Lightning type as it is her main element. She also has a 20% Resistance against Fire, Ice, and Quantum-type element. She also has a 50% Resistance against the Frozen Debuff.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Damage RES
Image via Honkai Star Rail Wiki
Honkai Star Rail Kafka Debuff RES
Image via Honkai Star Rail Wiki

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5 Best Characters

Dan Heng

Dan Heng is a Wind-type Element user along with The Hunt Path. He is a strong Wind-type element character who can utilize the slow debuff that he provides as well as the Wind Shear DoT against the World 5 Boss. Wind-element is prevalent in this World and Dan Heng can easily proc weakness break against most enemies.


Sampo is a Wind-type Element user along with The Nihility Path. Similar to Dan Heng, Sampo is another strong Wind-type element character. He excels in AoE wind abilities from his Ultimate as well as decent DoT damage from his skills and passive. He may deal less damage than Dan Heng in single-target situations but his AoE prowess can compensate for this.


Natasha is a Physical-type Element user along with The Abundance Path. She is a decent healer choice that can also provide support for weakness break against enemies that are vulnerable to Physical-type. Natasha can also utilize The Abundance Resonance which makes her heal stronger.


Sushang is a Physical-type Element along with The Hunt Path. She is a decent single-target damage dealer that can take care of enemies that are vulnerable to Physical-type like the World 5 Boss, Kafka. She is another choice for DPS in World 5.

Fire Trailblazer

Fire Trailblazer is a Fire-Type Element along with The Preservation Path. Despite the World 5 boss not being vulnerable to the fire element, The Fire Trailblazer can provide a crucial amount of defensive shields that can keep the party safe from the explosive damage that Kafka does.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5 Best Path

Make sure to optimize your choice of Path and open up its unique Path Resonance in the Simulated Universe Blessing. Your team’s effectiveness in battle will be greatly enhanced if you have utilized your path choices along the way until the Final Boss of the World.

Honkai Star Rail Path
Image via HoYoverse

The Abundance

The safest and optimal choice for the Path in World 5 is The Abundance. Players must stack up as much Path Resonance as they can get from the Abundance path in order to unlock its very beneficial Buffs. Players must reach the Abundance Resonance exclusive buff and choose the Resonance Formation: Annica.

The Nihility

The Nihility is a very niche choice of Path but if used correctly, players can have a strong chance to beat the World 5 Boss. It mostly focuses on buffing Sampo as the weakness breaker as well as the main damage dealer with his strong DoTs. Players should prioritize choosing the Weakness break resonance as well as the DoT damage buffs.

How to Beat World 5 Boss: Kafka in Honkai Star Rail

Similar to the last Worlds in Simulated Universe, the World 5 Boss also has 3 Phases. Kafka is a very agile and strong boss in World 5. She has a stacking ability that can make your characters confused and attack one another. Players should time their Path Resonance properly in order to avoid these situations.

Honkai Star Rail World 5
Image via HoYoverse

Phase 1

Kafka will have 2 soldiers beside her that can deal additional damage and will last throughout the entire fight. Players must get rid of these soldiers first in order for them to be able to focus directly on the World 5 Boss. Kafka will deal moderate damage in this space so be careful about the HP of your character and maintain it as healthy as possible.

Phase 2

After getting rid of the soldiers and beating Kafka in the First Phase, players should focus on surviving the deadly blows that Kafka will deal during this phase, she will also start putting debuffs and marks on some of your characters. These marks will stun your characters. Stunned characters will attack their fellow party members. In order to avoid this, players should time the Abundance Path Resonance correctly when marks are put in their characters.

Final Phase

When reaching the Final Phase, Kafka will start putting multiple marks on your characters which can potentially be deadly for your party. If not timed correctly, one activation of her Stun attack can make players lose the whole fight. The Abundance Resonance timing is very important during this phase.

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