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Honkai Star Rail guide: How to beat Simulated Universe World 6

Stop the Last Simulated Universe World!

The Simulated Universe World 6 is the last World to be challenged by Honkai: Star Rail players. This World is the last part of the challenging content of the Honkai Star Rail for the current version. Players are expecting more Worlds to be added in the future. In this guide, players will know the most optimal way to defeat the Simulated Universe World 6.

Honkai Star Rail Cocolia World 6
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Prior to its former Simulated Universe Worlds, the Last World features a strong set of Elite Enemies and a very challenging boss. Cocolia is a boss enemy for World 6 and part of the Jarilo-VI faction. Players get to challenge Cocolia again after defeating her in the Main quest.

Cocolia Boss Stats

The Cocolia Boss from World 6 has better stats compared to its Echo of War Challenge: Mother of Deception. Cocolia has a 60% Resistance against the Ice-element. She also has a 40% Resistance against Physical, Wind, and Imaginary-type elements.

Honkai Star Rail Cocolia Damage RES
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Honkai Star Rail Cocolia Debuff RES
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Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 6 Best Characters


Asta is a Fire-type Element user along with the Harmony Path. She is a strong buffer for the team and can break a decent amount of shield from Svarog thanks to her strong skill with multiple hitboxes. Her Ultimate can help the team take advantage of the fight from the SPD buff she provides which can help your team from frozen situations.

Fire Trailblazer

The Fire Trailblazer is a Fire-type Element user along with the Preservation Path. The Trailblazer provides decent shielding to your team along with a good weakness break from the Trailblazer’s ultimate. Cocolia will summon a bunch of Fire vulnerable lances that the Fire Trailblazer can easily take care of with her ultimate.


Serval is a Lightning-type Element user along with the Erudition Path. She is a very effective shield breaker against enemies vulnerable to Lightning. In World 6, most of the Elite enemies as well as Cocolia is vulnerable to the Lightning-type element.


Hook is a Fire-type Element user along with the Destruction Path. She is a strong choice for World 6 as she can easily break the shield of most opponents in this World. With her mixed kit that can provide decent single-target damage as well as AoE with her Ultimate, she can easily deal explosive damage against enemies weak to Fire-type elements.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 6 Best Path

In order to enhance the effectiveness of your party during World 6 battle, it is crucial to optimize your choice of Path and activate its unique Resonance within the Simulated Universe Blessing. Utilizing your path choices will be crucial to beat the Simulated Universe World 6. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider your path and make the most of its potential.

Honkai Star Rail Path
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The Hunt

This Path is a risky choice but very effective for World 6. Make sure to obtain the two Path Resonance and choose the Resonance Formation: Bow and Arrow and the Resonance Formation: Perfect Aim. This will greatly help you to deal with the Ice lances that Cocolia will summon.

The Abundance

If you are looking for a reliable Path to clear World 6, Abundance is a great option. It offers substantial healing that can be beneficial if you are under-leveled for the fight. Additionally, Abundance provides significant damage through the Dewdrop mechanic. This feature charges based on specific blessings and delivers damage when you attack.

How to Beat World 6 Boss: Cocolia in Honkai Star Rail

Phase 1

During this phase, Cocolia will randomly summon the Ice lances that will deal continuous damage to all your party members within different turns, make sure to use the Path Resonance to take care of these lances and prevent it from dealing damage to your party and slowing them.

Phase 2

In the second phase, Cocolia will summon her daughter Bronya to help her in battle. Bronya can easily change the pace of the fight because she can easily make the turn of the World 6 Boss advanced. To avoid this, make sure to focus on Bronya and defeat her as fast as you can. Cocolia will still summon the Ice lances so make sure to time your Path resonance and burst it right away just as Cocolia has summoned it.

Final Phase

The Final Phase will be the most challenging, it is a challenge for your party’s strength and damage capabilities. Some of Cocolia’s attacks can wipe out your party if not taken care of immediately. solely focusing on implying weakness break on her can give your party a chance to slowly kill the World 6 Boss. Similar to the past strategy, use the Path Resonance whenever Cocolia starts to summon the Ice lances. If all of these are timed correctly, players can defeat the Simulated Universe World 6.

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