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Honkai: Star Rail guide: How to beat Simulated Universe World 7

Can you defeat this mythical creature?

Players of the turn-based game HoYoverse are now taking on the latest addition to the game’s late-game content as the Simulated Universe World 7 gets added for the version 1.2 update. In this Honkai: Star Rail update, the introduction of exciting challenges and new mechanics, along with formidable opponents for players to encounter in the Simulated Universe have been added. In this guide, players will discover effective strategies to conquer Simulated Universe World 7.

Honkai Star Rail Abundant Ebon Deer
Image via HoYoverse

In Simulated Universe World 7, players will encounter a formidable set of enemies, including the powerful World 7 Boss, Abundant Ebon Deer. This majestic creature is an auspicious spiritual beast, brought into existence by the Ambrosial Arbor, and it fiercely guards the roots of this ancient tree. Legends speak of its ability to summon exuberant vegetation, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune.

Abundant Ebon Deer Boss Stats

In Simulated Universe World 7, the Abundant Ebon Deer is weak against Fire, Ice, and Quantum-type elements but has a 30% resistance to Lightning and Wind. It also has a 20% resistance to Physical and Imaginary-type elements.

Honkai Star Rail Abundant Ebon Deer stats
Image via HoYoverse

Additionally, it boasts a 50% Frozen Resistance and a 50% Entanglement Resistance, making status effects less effective against it. Players must strategize accordingly to exploit their weaknesses and overcome their strengths in this challenging encounter.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 7 Best Characters


Seele emerges as the ultimate choice for players seeking an advantage against the new boss in Simulated Universe World 7. As a Quantum-type element character, she exploits the boss’s weakness to this elemental attribute, making her attacks especially potent.

Image via HoYoverse

Renowned as the game’s most powerful single-target damage dealer, Seele’s prowess lies in her ability to inflict devastating blows on a single target. With a specialization in the Hunt Path, she excels in dealing significant damage over multiple turns, showcasing relentless assault and precise execution.


Following the Hunt Path, Yanqing possesses a remarkable CRIT damage ceiling, making him a formidable threat in delivering devastating critical hits. As an Ice-type element character, Yanqing perfectly capitalizes on the boss’s vulnerability to this elemental attribute, making him a prime candidate for inflicting substantial damage throughout the battle.

Honkai Star Rail Yanqing Trailer
Image via HoYoverse

Yanqing’s true potential lies in his ability to maintain his passive, which significantly boosts his damage output. With the assistance of other party members who can provide the necessary support and buffs, Yanqing can sustain his passive for extended periods.

Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf is an invaluable asset for players facing the Simulated Universe Boss in World 7. With her Quantum-type element and remarkable debuffing abilities, she excels at weakening the boss and empowering her teammates for a more effective offensive. Silver Wolf’s greatest strength lies in her ability to inflict massive debuffs on the boss. Her skills and Ultimate move are specifically designed to reduce the defensive stats of the boss significantly.

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf trailer
Image via HoYoverse

By doing so, she creates opportunities for her party members to deal increased damage, exploiting the weakened defenses of the boss to their advantage. Additionally, Silver Wolf’s unique skill set allows her to provide elemental weakness to a chosen party member. This tactical advantage enables that party member to deal even more damage when attacking the boss with their corresponding element.

Fire Trailblazer

Fire Trailblazer is a formidable pick for conquering the new Simulated Universe World. As a Preservation character, the Trailblazer’s skill set, especially the taunt ability, proves invaluable in countering the crowd control effects unleashed by the plants summoned by the new boss.

Honkai Star Rail Fire Trailblazer
Image via HoYoverse

With the taunt skill, the Trailblazer effectively draws the attention of the boss’s summoned plants, redirecting their attacks and focus away from the rest of the team. By doing so, the Trailblazer acts as a frontline protector, absorbing the damage that would otherwise be inflicted on the other party members.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 7 Best Path

To maximize your team’s effectiveness in the battle against the Final Boss of the Simulated Universe World, it’s crucial to optimize your choice of Path and unlock its unique Path Resonance in the Simulated Universe Blessing. By carefully utilizing your path choices throughout the journey, you can greatly enhance your team’s capabilities and increase your chances of victory in the challenging encounter.

Honkai Star Rail Path
Image via HoYoverse

The Hunt

Hunt Path proves to be an exceptional choice for conquering Simulated Universe World 7. The boss’s summoning of plants during the battle provides an ideal opportunity to capitalize on the Path Resonance mechanics, especially when timed perfectly.

Furthermore, the Hunt Path bestows massive CRIT buffs upon the team, significantly boosting their critical hit rate and damage output. These buffs synergize perfectly with characters specialized in dealing with critical hits, further enhancing the overall damage potential of the team.

The Abundance

Choosing the Abundance Path for World 7 of the Simulated Universe is a wise and advantageous decision. By accumulating Path Resonance from this path, players can unlock highly beneficial Buffs. The key goal is to attain the Abundance Resonance exclusive buff, which offers a wide range of advantages that significantly strengthen the team.

Among these benefits is the option to select the Resonance Formation: Annica. The Resonance Formation: Annica is crucial in countering the boss’s crowd control effects. With this formation, players gain the ability to cleanse themselves and their team, effectively removing any harmful crowd control effects that could otherwise hinder their performance in the battle.

Other Path Resonance

It is important to note that players can also use other Path Resonance, especially for the team that they mainly play around with. Gepard players can maximize the Preservation Path which is also effective for the World 7 boss. The Elation Path is also useful for players that use Jing Yuan to deal massive AoE follow-up damage.

Players should consider utilizing different Path Resonance options based on their preferred team composition and playstyle. For Gepard players, focusing on the Preservation Path can be highly effective against the World 7 boss. Likewise, those who rely on Jing Yuan for massive AoE follow-up damage can find the Elation Path to be a valuable choice.

How to Beat World 7 Boss: Abundant Ebon Deer in Honkai: Star Rail

Simulated Universe World 7 is similar to previous worlds, players will face the Abundant Ebon Deer boss who comes in three phases. This formidable creature possesses remarkable agility and strength. Additionally, the boss has a summoning ability that can heal itself and stun party members. To counter these challenges, players must carefully time their Path Resonance to avoid unfavorable situations and ensure a successful outcome in the battle.

Honkai Star Rail World 7
Image via HoYoverse

Phase 1

In the encounter with the Abundant Ebon Deer, players should be aware that the boss will summon plants alongside it, which can deal additional damage and persist throughout the entire fight if the boss is not defeated quickly. To effectively handle this challenge, players must prioritize focusing on the boss and strive to advance to the next phase as swiftly as possible. During the initial phase, the boss’s resistance is relatively low, presenting a critical window to deal substantial damage before its defenses strengthen.

Phase 2

In the Second Phase, the Abundant Ebon Deer becomes more agile, swiftly summoning plants on each of its turns. Despite this, it remains essential for players to concentrate most of their damage on the boss while also ensuring the party members’ HP and crowd control are well-maintained. By employing this strategy, players can advance to the final phase of the battle with the best chances of success.

Final Phase

In the last phase of the battle against the Abundant Ebon Deer, players must exercise caution and be well-prepared for the boss’s devastating capabilities. If the plants summoned by the boss are not dealt with in a timely manner or if the boss is not effectively crowd-controlled, it can unleash a massive area-of-effect (AoE) attack that can inflict severe damage to the entire party.

Strategizing and understanding the limits of their characters become important during this critical phase. Players should carefully plan their actions to ensure the timely destruction of the summoned plants and maintain effective crowd control on the boss. By doing so, they can mitigate the risk of suffering heavy AoE damage and retain control over the battlefield.

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