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Honkai: Star Rail guide: How to beat Simulated Universe World 8

Can you defeat this young fighter?

Engage with the latest HoYoverse update with version 1.5 and delve into the newly unveiled Simulated Universe World 8. The Honkai: Star Rail update introduces a blend of thrilling challenges, fresh mechanics, and formidable adversaries for you to encounter in the Simulated Universe. This guide is designed to help you discover effective strategies to conquer Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe World 8.

Within this virtual realm, you will face a formidable array of enemies, including the powerful World 8 Boss, Cloud Knight Lieutenant: Yanqing. As the retainer of General Jing Yuan, Yanqing is a gifted swordsman who, despite his young age, has been a familiar character since the game’s release, holding the distinction of being a 5-star Standard Character. Let’s explore efficient tactics together to overcome the challenges this new world presents.

Honkai Star Rail World 8 boss
Image via HoYoverse

Cloud Knight Lieutenant: Yanqing Boss Stats

In Simulated Universe World 8, Cloud Knight Lieutenant Yanqing is susceptible to Lightning, Wind, and Imaginary-type elements but has a 40% resistance to Ice. It also shows a 20% resistance to Physical, Fire, and Quantum-type elements.

Honkai Star Rail Yanqing boss stats, Honkai Star Rail Yanqing boss weakness
Image via HoYoverse

Furthermore, Yanqing possesses a 50% resistance against Frozen, Entanglement, and Imprisonment effects, reducing the effectiveness of status effects. To succeed in this challenging encounter, plan your strategy wisely by capitalizing on your weaknesses and navigating around your strengths.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 8 Best Characters


Kafka stands out as a formidable choice against Yanqing due to her Lightning-type element on the Nihility Path. Her unique gameplay revolves around inflicting Damage over Time (DoT), allowing her to amplify the DoT damage against enemies and trigger direct detonations from her abilities.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka
Image via HoYoverse

This ability to deal massive AoE lightning damage proves particularly effective in dismantling the blades created by Yanqing, disabling both its attack and defense effectiveness.

Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae

Specializing in the potent Imaginary element aligned with the Path of Destruction, Imbibitor Lunae emerges as a top DPS character. His focus on delivering significant area-of-effect damage becomes advantageous as many enemies, including Yanqing, are vulnerable to the Imaginary element.

Honkai Star Rail Imbibitor Lunae
Image via HoYoverse

Imbibitor Lunae’s unique abilities, centered around stacking basic attacks, position him as a powerful carry capable of dealing substantial damage, making him an excellent choice against Yanqing.


Blade excels as a potent damage dealer with remarkable resilience against enemy attacks. His Wind element allows him to effectively exploit the weakness of various enemy content in the game. Blade’s abilities, enhanced by his HP Scaling, grant him the capacity to unleash impressive damage proportional to his total HP.

Honkai Star Rail Blade
Image via HoYoverse

With a highly efficient skill lasting for three turns, Blade proves resourceful against Yanqing, especially in managing SP consumption.


Luocha with his healing ability, is determined by his ATK stat, which makes him a valuable asset against Yanqing. His Ultimate skill not only removes buffs from enemies but also deals AoE damage, proving effective against enemies weak to the Imaginary-type element, including Yanqing.

Honkai Star Rail Luocha
Image via HoYoverse

With an AoE Ultimate ability capable of removing buffs and dealing significant Imaginary shield breaks, Luocha becomes exceptionally useful in countering Yanqing and his blades.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 8 Best Path

To boost your team’s performance against the Final Boss in Simulated Universe World 8, it’s vital to choose and unlock the unique Path Resonance in the Simulated Universe Blessing. Strategically selecting paths along the way will significantly improve your team’s capabilities and elevate your odds of success in this demanding battle.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Path
Image via HoYoverse

The Hunt

Opting for the Hunt Path proves to be an excellent strategy in tackling Simulated Universe World 8. When the boss summons blades, seize the opportunity to make the most of Path Resonance mechanics, especially with well-timed actions.

The Hunt Path generously grants substantial CRIT buffs to your team, significantly boosting their critical hit rate and overall damage output. These buffs synergize seamlessly with characters specialized in critical hits, making it easier to burst down Yanqing.

The Abundance

Choosing the Abundance Path for Simulated Universe World 8 is a smart decision, bringing valuable advantages. Accumulating Path Resonance from this path unlocks beneficial buffs, with the ultimate goal being the Abundance Resonance exclusive buff. This buff provides a range of advantages that significantly strengthen your team, including the Resonance Formation: Annica.

This formation is essential for countering the boss’s crowd control effects, allowing you to cleanse yourself and your team, removing any harmful crowd control effects that could impede your performance in battle.

Other Path choices

Remember that players can explore other Path Resonance options tailored to their preferred team composition and playstyle. Gepard players can maximize the Preservation Path, effective against the World 8 boss. Those relying on Clara and Jing Yuan for massive AoE follow-up damage may find the Elation Path to be a valuable choice.

The newly added Propagation Path is also extremely useful for players who want to maximize the massive burst damage of Imbibitor Lunae and Qingque. Consider your team dynamics and preferred playstyle when selecting the most suitable Path Resonance for success against the World 8 boss.

How to Beat World 8 Boss: Cloud Knight Lieutenant: Yanqing in Honkai: Star Rail

Simulated Universe World 8 follows the pattern of earlier worlds. You’ll be up against the three-phase boss, Cloud Knight Lieutenant: Yanqing, who packs a punch with impressive damage and strength. Watch out for the boss’s powerful burst ability as it can wreck your team if not handled strategically on specific turns.

To tackle these hurdles, time your Path Resonance and ultimate attacks wisely. This ensures you steer clear of tricky situations and secure a triumphant outcome in the battle.

Honkai Star Rail World 8
Image via HoYoverse

Phase 1

Facing Cloud Knight Lieutenant: Yanqing, be mindful of the boss’s potent single-target damage in this stage, capable of significantly reducing your team’s health. To tackle this challenge effectively, prioritize targeting the boss and swiftly progress to the next phase while its resistance is still relatively low, providing a crucial window to inflict substantial damage before its defenses strengthen.

Phase 2

As you enter the Second Phase, the boss gains agility, swiftly summoning blades and eliminating its elemental weaknesses. During this phase, focus on dealing with the blades to bring back the boss’s weakness. Breaking this weakness is vital to reducing the boss’s turn to summon blades again, preventing potential harm to your entire team.

Final Phase

Approaching the last phase of the battle, exercise caution and prepare for the boss’s formidable capabilities. Timely attention to the blades the boss summons is crucial. If not addressed promptly or if the boss remains undefeated, it can unleash a massive area-of-effect (AoE) attack, causing severe damage to your entire party. Prioritize dealing with this threat while maximizing your attacks to secure victory.

Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe World 8 Planar Ornaments

In World 8, you’ll find two new Planar Ornaments. Glamoth boosts damage for speedy characters, and Penacony, Land of the Dreams, supports a team with characters of the same element type.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe world 8
Image via HoYoverse

Penacony, Land of the Dreams

  • Increases the wearer’s Energy Regeneration Rate by 5%. Increases DMG for all other allies with the same DMG Type as the wearer by 10%.

Firmament Frontline: Glamoth 

  • Increases the wearer’s ATK by 12%. When the wearer’s SPD is equal to or higher than 135/160, the wearer deals 12%/18% more DMG.

These newly added relics enable more flexible itemization to supports and other DPS characters. This also provides more options and build choices, and can even be the best in slot for certain characters.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, navigating Simulated Universe World 8 demands a strategic approach. Facing Cloud Knight Lieutenant: Yanqing, it’s crucial to manage phases effectively, prioritizing damage output and countering the boss’s powerful abilities. Choose your team composition wisely, leverage Path Resonance, and explore new Planar Ornaments to enhance your strengths. Keep an eye on elemental weaknesses, be agile in adapting your strategy to each phase, and, above all, enjoy the challenge. Victory in World 8 is within your grasp with the right tactics and a well-prepared team with this Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe World 8 Guide.

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