Hyper Front Blast Guide: Abilities, Weapons and Gameplay Tips

Master the most explosive hero!

Blast is one of the most viable Brawlers available in Hyper Front. This hero is also beginner friendly, with a 1-star difficulty level. Brawlers are mainly focused on damage and mobility. They focus on clearing and entering the site rather than scouting or holding particular angles. Here’s our detailed guide on learning and playing with Blast in Hyper Front. 

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Hyper Front characters like Sentinel. Therefore, make sure to check the past character guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Blast.

About Blast in Hyper Front

Brawlers are designed to push the site during the attack and retake during defense rounds. So, if you are considering taking up the role of a brawler and master Blast, this article is the best place for you.

Blast Abilities

Blast’s abilities are mainly designed for aggressive style gameplays. Here are some of his abilities: 

Ability 1 – Triple Shot

Hyper Front Blast Guide
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Equip and throw three grenades that will pop off as soon as they hit the ground, causing damage to anyone around the blast radius. Use the ability again after a 45 seconds cooldown timer

Ability 2 – Jetpack

Hyper Front Blast Guide
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You need to buy this ability using 200 credits. Instantly use the Jetpack to propel yourself into the air. You can travel a certain distance while being mid-air. The ability can be used for the second time while being in the air. You can also use the ultimate ability while being in the air. 

Ultimate Ability – Mega Shark Rocket

Mega Shark Rocket (Ultimate)
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Mega Shark Rocket, or Blast’s ultimate ability, is one of the strongest ultimate available in the game. Using this ability increases the movement speed and fires a rocket that moves in a straight line. The rocket will detonate as soon as it hits any target, dealing massive damage to any enemy around it. 

Best Weapons for Blast in Hyper Front

Blast is mainly used for creating openings while entering a site. He is best paired with aggressive weapons, being an aggressive hero himself. Here are the best guns that match the aggressive gameplay of Blast:

  • USP
  • UMP
  • Vector
  • M4A1
  • FAL
  • AA12

AA12 and FAL are best paired with the Jetpack ability of Blast. Vector and UMP also give Blast an advantage during short-range combats.

Here is a list of agents who will match the best with Blast:

  • Cure Light: Cure Light is best matched with Blast as she can heal and cover Blast from the back while entering the site or in retake situations. 
  • Faith Arrow: Faith Arrow is one of the best scout agents in Hyper Front. Her Scouting Arrow can reveal the position of enemies already on the site, giving the best intel to Blast to carry out his work perfectly. Faith’s Scouting Arrow combines best with Blast’s Mega Rocket Shark.
  • Storm: Storm’s Tornado Burst helps to block a few angles in a site where there are a lot of angles to cover. Storm can block some angles with his tornado, making it easier for Blast to enter and clear the site.

Hyper Front Blast Gameplay Tips

Blast’s signature ability is his triple grenade and Jetpack. The Jetpack gives him an extraordinary advantage against the opponents, as it elevates him to the air making it harder for the enemy to keep their aim. Blast, as a brawler, has everything in his arsenal, including explosives, that enables him to take down his opponents easily without any gunfight.

Blast’s ultimate ability is best matched with his jetpack ability. The projectile of his rocket becomes easier to track while in the air. It also helps you to catch the enemies at an off angle while equipping the rocket. Jetpack’s ability also makes Blast one of the strongest heroes to enter the site. Blast can use his Jetpack to enter the site and create openings for his teammates. 

What are your thoughts on the Hyper Front Blast Guide? Do let us know in the comments below!

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