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Iruna Online MMORPG Beginners Guide

Iruna is an MMORPG with open-world capabilities. You can’t build in it, but the storyline is really riveting. There are a few grammatical errors in the translation from Japanese to English, but other then that, it is mostly understood. So let us dive into a short Iruna Online beginners guide to help you get started.

The first thing is first, you’ll get to create your character. Now if any of us have played an MMORPG, we know what this means. Hair, face, coloring, eyes, and all that fun stuff. Then we get thrown into the game. You will get a small cutscene and then it goes from there.

The journey starts from Bailune City

You start in Bailune City, which you see has been overrun by monsters and destroyed. Thankfully for you, a NPC (non-player controlled) is nearby and directs you into Fort Bailune. Now the “fun” really begins. You get to meet the various NPCs around here. I’m not going to spoil who is who. But then you get sent out and asked to look for an item and also take out some of the monsters.

Warrior or Mage?

After a few quests and quite a bit of running, you’ll return to Fort Bailune and get asked which class you want to pursue; Warrior or Mage. Now here is where it divulges drastically. Warrior type classes are more suited to dealing and or receiving damage. The mage classes are more suited to healing, buffing, debuffing, or even damage per second, aka dps. When you choose what class you want to pursue, you will want to build your stats for the endgame class. For more information on building classes, check here.

Explore Rokoko – The first major city

Iruna online

After you have chosen, you will be sent, and might I add, officially, to Rokoko City. The first major city of the game. Here you will have higher chances of meeting other players, finding quests, and or just dallying around doing nothing. (I’m guilty of that.) But the game expands further. Not only while you level up, since some social features require a minimum level now, but also some features become available through the storyline.

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But as I said, the game really opens up from here. I would suggest going to the Merchant, Chat, and buying some health and (if needed) Mana potions. Because from here on out, it gets a bit tougher. Considering your next BIG challenge will be a level 40 or level 50 boss. Personally, a recommendation would be to grind for a bit until you yourself reach about level 45. There are a few good spots to do this; the Rokoko Caves (where the boss is hiding,) where you can fight the gargoyles, the Rokoko Windhole where you can fight some big fish (level recommended of 40 for this,) or until you get to level 25 or so, the Witch’s Forest where you can fight numerous kinds of mushroom-like creatures. Now, this is just something to think over. However please watch your health and mana, because it will disappear quickly.

These were some quick tips for the beginners to guide them in the Iruna Online. Hope these will be helpful and give some basic idea about where the game is going to lead.

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