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League of Angels: Chaos Character Class Tier List for April 2022

Choose from only the best classes of this month!

League of Angels: Chaos is the latest action fantasy MMORPG available for mobile devices. As an MMORPG, League of Angels: Chaos does not have a lot of characters, in fact, the only character that exists is the character that is created by the players and NPCs. We will help you by providing our League of Angels: Chaos tier list of the classes in the game.

League of Angels: Chaos has three different classes which are Dragoon class, Mage class, and Archer class. Each class has its own fighting style and strength. In today’s short article, we will discuss the tier list of each rank, this will be a brief explanation so it will help you decide which class you think is suitable for you easily.

League of Angels: Chaos Tier List for April 2022

This tier list should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and compositions can yield different results for players. This tier list will be separated into categories of S, A, and B as follows:

Strong (S)Dragoon
Good (A)Archer
Average (B)Mage
League of Angels: Chaos Tier List for April 2022

Best Meta Classes for League of Angels: Chaos in April 2022

These are the classes with the most advantageous stats and abilities in League of Angels: Chaos as of April 2022.

S-Tier Classes

Dragoon Class

The Dragoon class is an S-tier class because it is the strongest class. The Dragoon class has the highest ATK stats, because of its nature of being a warrior. Dragoon class fights a close range which explains why it has the highest attack and becomes the strongest class.

Dragoon League of Angels Chaos
Image via Yoozoo Games

If the Dragoon class user player equips it with at least purple-type equipment, the damage dealt by this class is very high, making it very easy when engaged in combat with a strong enemy. The recommended equipment that this class must have is weapon equipment, it is more preferred if this class uses purple, orange, or red type equipment to fully utilize its strength.

If you do not have high-rarity weapon equipment yet, you can combine the low rarity weapon equipment with off-hand equipment and necklace equipment, it does not deal very high damage, but it still helps you in combat.

A-Tier Classes

Archer Class

Archer class is placed in the A-tier. The Archer class is dependent on its damage and pierce or penetration capability. These two factors need to be balanced, because if one is lower than the other one the effectiveness of Archer class’s attack will be decreased.

Archer League of Angels Chaos
Image via Yoozoo Games

For example, if you have high damage but low pierce, the damage will be decreased due to the attack cannot pierce the enemy’s defense, and vice versa, if you have high pierce capability with low damage, the damage will not be increased, you can pierce enemy’s defense but to defeat it, it will take longer time due to the low damage that it gives.

The recommended equipment for this class is a purple, orange, or red weapon type and a purple or orange necklace equipment type, or you can combine three weapon equipment, necklace equipment, and a gauntlet of clothing equipment. Since the Archer class is not as well armored as the Dragoon class, the gauntlet and clothing equipment will increase the HP and DEF of the Archer class.

B-Tier Classes

Mage Class

The last on this tier list, the B-Tier is the Mage class. Mage class has relatively weak damage but every time it attacks the enemy, it will cause some effects on the enemy, such as debuff.

Mage League of Angels Chaos
Image via Yoozoo Games

At a party, the Mage class is usually used as a supportive class, which helps the other class defeat the enemy. Mage classes are very dependent on their skills, that is why mana is very important to Mage class, once the mana is run out, Mage class will become less effective.

Recommended equipment for Mage class is to focus on HP and DEF equipment like gauntlets, clothing, shoes, and other equipment that increase HP and DEF stats since Mage class does not really need additional damage, but if you are playing solo, it is better to have a couple of ATK increasing equipment with you.

Final Thoughts

Through this short article, we have seen the tier list of each class. The explanation here is just a brief explanation of each class, if you want to understand each class more, you will need to experience it for yourself in the game, you can try each class by using multiple accounts in your game, by doing that, you will have a full understanding of each class and decide which one is the most suitable for your gameplay.

What do you think about this League of Angels: Chaos Character Class Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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