Marvel Snap: Season 6 Days of Future Past Pass Guide and Tips

Days of Future Past, the newest season of original content from Marvel Snap, is now live in the game. Days of Future Past is based on a plot from the Uncanny X-Men series from the early 1980s. That’s the same name as an X-Men movie from 2014 where Jennifer Lawrence plays Mystique while painted blue. This season will focus the most on the sentinels and characters related to X men. There are many cards that are yet to be released this season as well. Here’s all about the Marvel Snap Days of Future Past season pass which includes great rewards for the players dropping in the game, this season.

Ranked Seasonal Rewards for Days of Future Past

Here are the best seasonal rewards that will be received by the players while they climb up the ladder of progression in Marvel Snap:

  1. Players will receive cubes if they win a game. Thus, by getting 10 cubes they will have a rank up.
  2. When players rank up to a new tier they will receive 50 Cubes.
  3. After this season ends, the player’s rank will start off from 3 ranks below what they are in while the season ends.
  4. Players need to play at least 10 games to get the seasonal rewards actively.

Here is the complete list of the seasonal rewards players will receive for every rank:

5AgentMarvel Snap Card avatar
10Iron200 Credits
20Bronze40 Boosters
30Silver250 Credits
40Gold“Guess who’s back?” Title
50Platinum400 Credits
60DiamondMystery Variant
70Vibranium500 Credits
80OmegaNimrod Avatar
90Galactic500 Gold
100InfiniteGold X-men Card Back

List of Days of Future Past Season Rewards

Here is the list of the season rewards that will be received by the players throughout the time span of the season.

Marvel Snap Days of Future Past update
Image via Nuverse
1 Nimrod Base Card
2100 Credits 
3 25 Nimrod Boosters
4100 Gold 
5200 Credits 
6 25 NImrod Boosters
7 Mystery Variant
815 Boosters 
9 The Apocalypse Sucks Title
10100 Credits 
11 100 Gold
12 Sentinel Steampunk Variant Avatar
13200 Credits 
14 30 Sentinel Boosters
15 100 Gold
1615 Boosters 
17100 Credits 
18 Sentinel Steampunk Variant
19100 Golds 
20 30 Sentinel Variant
2115 Boosters 
22 Mystery Variant
23200 Credits 
2415 Boosters 
25 Sentinel Card Back
26 200 Credits
27Sentinels Need Love Too Title 
28100 Credits 
29 100 Golds
30 Wolverine Variant avatar
31200 Credits 
32 30 Wolverine Boosters
33100 Golds 
34 Wolverine Variant
35200 Credits 
36 30 Wolverine Boosters
37 100 Gold
3825 Boosters 
39 100 Credits
40 Mystery Variant
41200 Credits 
42 60 Nimrod Boosters
43200 Credits 
44 Wolverine is my Spirit Animal Title
45500 Credits 
46 Nimrod Dan Hipp Variant Avatar
47Mystery Variant 
48X-Men Man Card Back 
49 500 Gold
50 Nimrod Dan Hipp Variant
51+Season Cache 

List of Season Pass XP and Missions

Here are the best tips for the players to follow up so that they can easily rank up here in the Season Pass to win exciting prizes:

  1. Players will receive 1 XP for every turn they play in a match.
  2. Players will be rewarded with 10 XP if they conquer a location in a match.
  3. 50 XP will be rewarded to the players if they complete any one of the Hard Daily Missions.
  4. For the Season pass missions, every mission is divided through CHapters that come every week. Every chapter has 7 missions thus players need to complete these chapter missions every week to get a wholesome amount of XPs.
  5. Players will also get some additional XPs as well while they complete these chapter missions.
Marvel Snap Days of Future Past Season Pass
Image via Nuverse

The season of Sentinels has brought a lot for the players. The rewards are very exciting and thus players will get flabbergasted while playing the matches and completing missions this season.

What are your thoughts about the Marvel Snap Days of Future Past Season Pass guide? Let us know in the comment section below!

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