Mobile Legends December 2023 Surprise Box Event Guide and Tips

Get an Elite skin for free

Mobile Legends Surprise Box Event is live on the Original server without giving any hits. The last surprise box event was in December 2023. The Surprise box event is popularly known for being an event, whose prize pool comprises only skins from the Epic box. Players can obtain exclusive skins like Wanwan “Pixel Blast”, Pharsa “Empress Phoenix”, Benedetta “Death Oath” and more. Players can also get a free Elite skin from the event. In this guide, let us find out much further ado, let’s check out more info about this surprise box event in Mobile Legends for December 2023.

Mobile Legends December 2023 Surprise Box Event: Login to get a free elite skin

Mobile Legends Surprise Box event allows players to draw one time in the Elite box for free with the help of tokens. A permanent skin is guaranteed in the first Elite Box 1x draw. Players will also get a Rare skin fragment by sharing the event on Facebook or WhatsApp. This time, logging in to the game on the 22nd of December, 2023 will give a few tokens for free, which can be exchanged with an elite box or epic box ticket.

The Surprise Box Event, just as its name implies, is a Box with different varieties of skins inside waiting for players to get when they participate in the event. The Surprise Box is divided into two different tiers, the Elite Box and the Epic Box.

Mobile Legends December 2023 Surprise Box Event Guide
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Elite Box has varieties of skins including Special Skins, Elite Box and Basic Box. However, the Epic Box unlike the Elite Box is the full package as it contains Collector Skins, Event Exclusive Legend Skin, Limited Epics, Epic, Special Skins, Elite and Basic Grade Skins, which can all be acquired by drawing in the Epic Box. 

Players can pre-register for the event to get free tokens that would be enough to make a draw in the Elite Box. The best part is, that the First Draw on the Elite Box would give a guaranteed Elite Skin. Hence, players can get a Free Guaranteed Elite Skin from the Elite Box, by:

  • Pre-registering for the Surprise Box Event between December 10th and December 17th, 2023.
  • Logging in on December 22nd to Claim Free Tokens.
  • Completing Free tasks like Completing one Classic/Ranked/Brawl matches.

Mobile Legends December 2023 Surprise Box Event: Eternity Shop

The Eternity Shop is a segment of the Surprise Box Event that maximizes unlucky scenarios where players get Duplicate Skins from Drawing in the Surprise Box Event.

Mobile Legends Surprise Box Event Shop

Duplicate Skins are then converted into specific amounts of Eternity Fragments. Eternity Fragments in turn can be used to acquire Skins in the Eternity Shop.

Duplicate Skin Conversion Rates

The Following is the conversion rate from Duplicate Skins to Eternity Fragments:

  • Legend Skin: 500 Eternity Fragments
  • Collector Skin: 100 Eternity Fragments
  • Exclusive Limited Epic Skin: 100 Eternity Fragments
  • Epic Skin: 45 Eternity Fragments
  • Special Skin: 38 Eternity Fragments
  • Elite Skin: 30 Eternity Fragments
  • Basic Skin: 15 Eternity Fragments 

On accumulating Eternity Fragments, players can in turn exchange them for a specific grade of skins using the following conversion rates:

  • Legend Skin: 2000 Eternity Fragments
  • Collector Skins: 400 Eternity Fragments
  • Exclusive Limited Epic Skin: 400 Eternity Fragments
  • Epic Skin: 180 Eternity Fragments
  • Special Skin: 150 Eternity Fragments
  • Elite Skin: 120 Eternity Fragments 
  • Basic Skin: 60 Eternity Fragments

Rules for drawing in the Surprise Box Event

These are the rules and guidelines guiding each draw done in the Surprise Box Event:

Mobile Legends Surprise Box Event
  • During the Event, Players can open both the Elite and Epic Box, for a maximum number of 100 times between the two. That is, the maximum number of draws players can perform is 100 draws, regardless of which Box they draw in.
  • The First Draw discount does not refresh. Using event Draw tokens, would not use up the First Draw Discount.
  • Players should also note that Performing a 1X Draw 5 times does not count as a 5X Draw.
  • Box Contents:
    • Elite Box: Includes Special Skins, Elite Skins, and Basic Skins. The First 1x Draw guarantees an Elite Skin. An Elite Skin is guaranteed for every 5X Draw. 
    • Epic Box: Includes Legend Skin, Collector Skins, Limited Epics, Epic Skins, Special Skins, Elite Skins, and Basic Skins. An Epic Skin ( Prioritizing Unowned Skins and does not include Collector Skins or Legend Skin) is guaranteed for every 5X Draws.

 Players should also note that Lightborn Skins are considered Epic Skins.

  • Unused Eternity Fragments will be converted into Rare Skin Fragments at the end of the event at a ratio of 5:1 and will be sent to players via mail. Other unused event items would be converted into Battle points.
  • Drop Rates:
    • Elite Box:
      • Special Skin – 2%
      • Elite Skin – 3%
      • Basic Skin – 95%
    • Epic Box:
      • Legend Skin – 0.1%
      • Collector – 2%
      • Epic Skin – 12.8%
      • Special Skin – 7.5%
      • Elite Skin – 7.5%
      • Basic Skin – 70.1%

That’s all you need to know for the Mobile Legends December 2023 Surprise Box Event Guide!

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