Mobile Legends Guide: How to Defend the High Ground

You have no turrets left, what now?

Within the game of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, one match is usually segmented into three parts and referred to as the Early Game, the Mid Game, and the Late Game. In this Mobile Legends guide, we will be focusing our discussion on the Late Game, where usually teams will have only a few turrets remaining on both sides and almost all heroes will have their core items, narrowing the discussion down to the specifics on how to defend the High Ground, or how to break through your opponents’ defense.

Getting started: The High Ground

In most MOBAs, the High Ground is a name given to the area surrounding the Nexus/Base and the turrets/towers protecting it. Specifically for MLBB, the High Ground consists of 3 Inhibitor Turrets and 1 Base, all of which are capable of dealing damage to enemies inside their range.

Inhibitor Turret Attributes

  • HP: 6900
  • Attack:
    • Initial Attack: 595
    • Growth per Minute: 3.82
    • Max Attack after 12 Minutes: 641
  • Physical Def: 40
  • Magical Def: 40

Base Attributes

  • HP: 7900
  • Attack:
    • Initial Attack: 539
    • Growth per Minute: 3.82
    • Max Attack after 12 Minutes: 585
  • Physical Def: 40
  • Magical Def: 40

Because of its positioning, Inhibitor Turrets will be the last to be destroyed in a Lane; first the Outer Turret, then the Inner Turret, and finally the Inhibitor. All turrets have the same ability, which is that they will attack the nearest enemy or minion, dealing 100% of their Attack as True Damage. This means that neither Physical nor Magic Defense boosts will help you take less damage. Turrets will also deal more damage to one target the more hits it takes, increasing the damage taken by 40% for each simultaneous hit, capped at 20 times.

The High Ground map in Mobile Legends which one needs to defend

This means that if you are under fire by an enemy turret, you will constantly take more damage if you keep tanking the damage, so it is best to let your minions tank the damage for you. In addition, all turrets will take 50% less damage if there are no enemy minions in range, so it is worthless to attack these turrets without your minions, as you will not only deal significantly less damage but also take more over time. These abilities and stats apply to the Base as well.

Lord and Enhanced Lord: The differences

One of the crucial aspects to winning a match in MLBB is the Sanctuary Lord, or simply Lord for short. First spawning into the game at 9 minutes, killing this Jungle creep will not only grant your entire team a considerable amount of Gold and EXP but also will summon the Lord in one of your Lanes to fight for you, usually spawning in the Lane with the least number of Turrets and if left with only inhibitors, the Turret with the least health, i.e the Lord will spawn in the most pushed lane. In addition to the Lord, the next wave of minions in all lanes will be enhanced as well. With every Lord that is killed, the next one that spawns will be stronger than the last, having HP and Attack growing until the game reaches 18 minutes, by which then Lord will no longer enjoy growth in attributes.

Lord and Enhanced Lord


  • HP
    • Initial HP: 30233
    • HP Growth per Minute: 2135.20
  • Physical Attack
    • Initial Attack: 328
    • Attack Growth per Minute: 20.15
  • Physical and Magic Defense
    • Constantly 37, does not change

While the Lord spawns at 9 minutes into the game, killing him at 12 minutes and above grants the summoned Lord a special ability: he will lunge at the closest Turret and deal 100% of his Attack as True Damage to it, hence being given the nickname Enhanced Lord. This differentiation in strength gives way to 2 strategies when killing the Lord.

The first strategy is to set up near the Lord pit and prepare to kill the Lord as soon as it spawns in. If your team has a massive gold advantage and wants to end the game quickly, this strategy is suitable because having the Lord and a wave of enhanced minions may be enough to finish the game right then and there. Alternatively, you could wait and kill the Enhanced Lord, first by baiting a team fight with the enemy. If you successfully win, you will have more than enough space and resources to kill the Lord and finish the game while the enemies are still down for the count.

Three Heroes with the best High Ground defense


Mobile Legends Pharsa guide Mobile Legends Defend High Ground

Pharsa is no doubt one of the best mages in the current meta of mage heroes in MLBB. This is due to the high burst magic damage that she can dish out with her skills. Her ultimate ability, Feathered AirStrike deals the most burst magic damage amongst all her skills, this skill also has a wide AOE (Area of Effect). Hence, it can be used to distort the enemy gank as well as wipe out large hordes of enemy minions that are about to attack your higher ground.


Yve is a mage-type hero that can be very useful in defending the higher ground because of her incredible Crowd-Control (CC) Skills, AOE, and burst damage skills. Yve’s ultimate ability (Real World Manipulation) has the highest Crowd-Control(CC) and AOE range amongst all her skills. It creates a 7*7 square-shaped area in the designated direction which lasts for 15seconds. Enemies within the skill range receive damage based on whether one tap or swipes in the skill area. This skill can be cast 15 times (default).

Yve MLBB Mobile Legends Defend High Ground

That’s not all about Yve’s prowess, she has an amazing passive who lets her stack Galactic Power (capped at 10 stacks) whenever she deals damage with her Skill 1 and Skill 2 abilities. The stacked Galactic Power is used during her ultimate to gain an additional number of Skill Cast. So when it comes to disbanding enemy ganks while dealing high damage to them, Yve really excels in this discipline.


Akai is a tough tank hero that has high sustainability in team fights and can help defend your higher ground since he gains a shield each and every time he uses a skill. He is equipped with CC skills- ranging from Knock-back, Slow-down, and Stun effects. The most useful CC skill he has is his ultimate skill in which is movement speed is increased by 30% while knocking back enemies hit by his spins. This skill is useful in rounding up enemies while preventing them from fleeing. It can also be used to disrupt the ultimate skills of heroes like Dyrroth, Pharsa, and Odette, etc.

Three Heroes with the best High Ground offense


This marksman-type hero, Brody excels in providing great offense for your team. He can deal lots of damage thanks to his amazing passive which greatly increases his damage based on the number of Abyssal marks stacked on enemies. Brody is very useful against enemy heroes that are ganking because he can deal AOE damage and he can also lock on to enemies that are to be dealt with.

Brody MLBB

His most feared lock-on ability is his Skill 3 or ultimate ability which deals damage to all enemy targets within 8 yards from him. After locking onto a target, this skill will hit the target, even if they got out of range and it also deals high damage to enemies that are low on Hp. The combination of all his skillsets if well placed should wreak havoc for enemies (even tanks) in a matter of seconds.


When it comes to attacking the higher ground, Bruno excels in this discipline since he can be played as a hyper-carry hero. This marksman hero unlike some carry heroes that has very high damage output mostly in the mid and late game, Bruno can deal considerably high damage even in the early game. Bruno’s ultimate skill is the best skill that he has that can be used in playing offense against enemy ganks. This is so because it knocks back the first enemy hero hit while dealing high damage to the hero and reducing the physical defense of that hero. The best part is that the ball will ricochet amongst enemy units (up to 10 times) dealing considerably high damage thereby maximizing the chance of your team finishing off your enemies.

Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong Mobile Legends Mobile Legends Defend High Ground

Yu Zhong is a very strong and reliable fighter hero when it comes to playing offense and pushing turrets while attacking the higher ground. His amazing skillsets comprise of Crowd-Control abilities like Knock airborne, slow-down and knock-back effects, as well as AOE damage which is extremely useful in dealing maximum damage to enemies during their tanks. He also has an amazing Spell Vamp type of passive that can adequately sustain him in battle, if he is equipped with the right spell vamp equipment like Bloodlust Axe that would further enhance his passive, he can literally be called A Killer Machine on the battlefield.

Final Thoughts

The Higher Ground being literally one’s Stronghold should be guarded and protected at all costs, cos that’s what the game is all about. A good strategy should help one get the wins, provided there’s enough co-operation between your team. So when next you are playing, do take proper attention to all portion of the higher ground and you would surely get the wins. These tips will surely help you to guide easy ways to defend the high ground in Mobile Legends You can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season.

That’s all for today’s Mobile Legends guide on how to defend the high ground. Do you prefer to defend the high ground of Mobile Legends in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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