Mobile Legends July 2020 Tier List

Mobile Legends July 2020 (Season 17) tier list is here. In Season 17, Moonton has enhanced the solo abilities of the tanks and lowered the prices of the defense equipment. So you can guess the new season of ML will be of tanks and fighters. Not only this, but they have also introduced us to a new fighter Yu Zhong which changes the version of CC to a whole new level. As the new season is of tanks and fighters there are many revamped tanks and fighters too. So let’s get straight into our rankings of Season 17 new meta hero tier list of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for the month of July 2020.

OverpoweredClaude, Kimmy, BrunoValir, Luo Yi, ZhaskNatalia, LingYu Zhong, Badang, Xborg, SilvannaGrock, Hylos, KhufraKaja
StrongKarrie,WanWan, GrangerPharsa, Chang’e, Lylia, Cecellion, EsmeraldaLancelot, Helcurt, Hanzo, SelenaChou, Thamuz, Jawhead, Freya, Masha Lolita, Gatotkaca, Uranus, AtlasDiggie
GoodLesley, Moskov, Hanabi, Yi Sun ShinGord, Kagura, Harley, Harith, Kadita, Odette, NanaGusion, HayabusaLeomord, Guinivere, Ruby, Hilda, Roger, Terizla, AldousFranco, Tigreal BelerickEstes, Angela, Carmilla
FairIrithel, Popol and KupaCyclops, Aurora, Eudora, LunoxFannyLapu-Lapu, Balmond, Alucard, Zilong, Martis, DyrothJohnson, MinotaurFaramis, Rafaela
Below averageMiya, ClintAliceKarinaBane, Argus, SunAkai, Baxia
WeakLaylaVale, VexanaSaberAlpha, Minsitthar 
Mobile Legends Season 17 tier list

Mobile Legends Season 17 Meta Heroes


claude ml, claude, mobile legends claude

Even after getting nerfed, he still is one of the most banned marksman in the game right now. When you play Claude in 1-3-1 formation he becomes really OP, and as two people are always protecting him, he is very hard to counter. Moreover, his squishy abilities make him easy to enter and leave a gank in no time. He also has the highest attack speed and movement speed in the game, making him very hard to catch. He also has the highest base armor in the game and 2nd highest base mana in the game. You can now guess what he becomes after taking both the red and blue buffs. In our sense, he is a hero worth banning.


Kimmy is definitely neither an ordinary Marksman hero nor a traditional mage. This is the third consecutive season where Kimmy is in the overpowered section. Her long-ranged hybrid, continuous damage is one heck of a problem to deal with. Moreover, her mobile shooting ability, when combined with tanks like Hylos and Grock, is impossible to counter in the early game. If anyhow you managed to counter her early game, her mid-game damage spike is unbearable. Additionally, she is one of the best Carry in the game right now next to Claude and Ling. Though her late game is kind of weak among the other traditional marksmen but against a good Kimmy, she will never let you go late game in the first place.

Luo Yi

After the increase in the range of her first skill, she became one of the toughest mages to deal with, in respect of damage. Luo Yi is the best support mage for 1-3-1 right now in the game. Her long-distance AoE and reaction damage make her an easy counter for almost all the early game heroes. When combined with a heavy tank and a marksman she is invincible to deal with. Not only this she can easily solo hold a lane while giving tremendous damage to the enemies. Though her movement speed is pretty low but with good positioning, she is really hard to deal with.


esmeralda, ml esmeralda, mobile legends esmeralda

Esmeralda is a hybrid tank and mage which gives both physical and magical damage. She manipulates the Stardust and Frostmoon. Each of her basic attacks and skills deals damage twice and gives the target a shield equal to 135% of the damage. When she has full stacks she is literally impossible to kill even in 1v5 situations. Though she is a little weak in against the early game CC but her lifesteal and shield makes up for it. She is also the meta which is very hard to deal with.


After the slight buff Ling is now one of the most powerful characters in the game. He is the best carry in the game right now and has the ability to finish the whole enemy squad in one go. Despite his low damage in the early game, ling played in the 1-3-1 formation gains the gold advantage in the early game, overpowering other powerful early game characters. Not only this he has the least amount of counters in the game right now and is one of the most banned heroes too. 

Yu Zhong

When you need a strong CC offlaner, Yu Zhong is one of the best. Because of his passive Yu Zhong is the most irritating character in the early game. He has the perfect skills to slow down the enemy farm and take down the enemy solo at every point of the game. If he is farmed properly he can also go 1v5 and finish the enemy carry easily. By using his ultimate or dragon form he can get in and out of a squishy gank in no time. For his abilities, he definitely is worthy of the meta title right now.


hylos, hylos ml, mobile legends hylos

He is the hardest early game tank in the game right now. Combining his abilities with carries like Kimmy, Ling, or Esmeralda, he is one heck of a hero to deal with. He can also solo kill offlaners like Aldous or Masha easily. In the late game too he is very hard to melt even for metas like Claude and Ling. His stun and ultimate is also one hell of a problem as because of his huge HP, he charges and breaks down enemy formation giving an advantage to his team. He is also one of the hardest heroes to counter right now, even lacking CC abilities.

Revamped & Buffed Heroes list


His role is now both Fighter and Tank. With an increase in Basic attack and decreasing Physical defense, his new role actually suits him. He also has a new passive now in which each time he takes damage, he gains rage. When the rage bar is full, his next basic attack is enhanced. This new passive is really useful in taking down low HP heroes. His Dash Distance now only varies with charge duration and CD of the skill is adjusted to 10 now.


His HP is reduced by 100 now and his abilities are also buffed. His charging radius is increased by 50% and in Cyclone Sweep, now each time enemy takes damage, his damage starts increasing by 25% up to 100%. the damage of his ultimate is also increased to 500 and Physical attack bonus is adjusted to 100%.


Removed the HP regeneration and Max HP of the Shield is increased by 30%. Her slowing effect is adjusted by 40% and stacked damage is also increased accordingly and 40% of physical penetration gain is added to it.


Initial Physical attack is increased and HP Growth is reduced. His abilities are adjusted and the damage is also increased in some cases. The damage of the ultimate when the car hits is increased to 1500 and CD is also reduced.


Initial physical attack is increased yo 129 and initial HP is reduced. The Skills damages are also adjusted and physical lifesteal is also increased to 10%.


Total HP growth is reduced to 156, energy regeneration is increased to 4 and CD of life regeneration is reduced to 3s.


Initial physical defence is reduced and HP restoration in the ultimate is increased.


Damage of the 2nd skill is increased again and CD of his ultimate is reduced.

Luo Yi

Base damage of her skills is increased and the skill range of first skill is also adjusted.


Base damage reduced and total Magic power Bonus increased Stun duration is also increased. Leaping cooldown is also adjusted to 1.5s.


The base damage of 2nd skill is increased to 300-400. Also, total magic Power bonus is increased and stun duration is now 0.8s.


Damage of her ultimate skill is increased.


Hanzo is nerfed heavily. Damage of the demon thorn skill is reduced to 60% and extra movement speed gained while in demon blood is also reduced. It still is the most banned hero in Ranks.

Kimmy, Claude, Granger, Bruno and Karrie are all nerfed for this season.

Battlefield Adjustments

There are also many adjustments in the battlefield such as:

  • Gold or Exp gained from killing creeps shared by multiple teammates is reduced heavily.
  • Respawn time is increased.
  • Gold gained from MINIONs is increased by 30%. That means minions will give more gold than camps now. Hence giving an advantage to the offlaners and tanks.
  • CD of some spells like Vengence, Petrify and Purify is increased.
  • Gold Crab duration is reduced to 3.2s.

That is all for this season’s new updates and July 2020 tier list of Mobile Legends. See you in the next season!

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I wonder when will be the revamped classic heroes are going to come out


Kagura is only good and lance is just strong? Lance is very op especially when put in mid lane while kagura should be in strong because of her high burst dmg and mobility.

Sahil Sharma

Bro, this info is of no use because of the ban…..


Yeah I understand. But there are people from other countries who also play Mobile legends. So it will be useful to them.

However, I would suggest you to check this. 🙂

Last edited 3 years ago by Tousif

Agree with most of the positioning. Great job OP.


I miss playing with Zilong. Really looking forward to the Zilong revamp and maybe after that he will return to meta. The tier list looks good. Thanks for making it.


Simply not requiring a target for his 2nd skill so it can be used as an escape move would be a good improvement.

Ml meta

Bro what u smoking popo and kupa is super op always ban or picked in pro matches

Sayan Choudhury

R u really sure about it? Have u ever tried it in higher ranks? Pickimg a hero doesn’t mean its meta

SB online

I started on 3 June and reached epic using Zilong. I think is pretty powerful, if used carefully. Let me know what you think…

Sayan Choudhury

After the buff, his new passive is kind of strong but he is kind of useless against CC because of no dash abilities. Tbh im not a pro offlaner user. This is what i felt after using Zilong.


None would like to face a good Zilong. He can be very dangerous at times. His combinations of Skill 2+1 makes him a problematic sometimes for low HP heroes. And before you even realize this, you’re dead!

I used to main Zilong before I moved completely to Mages. 🙂


I play on eu server meta is different I guess

Sayan Choudhury

Yah probably could be a little different based on the servers and types of players.

Abhisek Anju

ML is banned in my country..😭
I’m Indian

Sayan Choudhury

Porn is banned too in India :3


So this is why I see a lot of Indians outside India!


ohhh my


No explanation for Kaja? Why is Kaja a OP support?


Need the new tier list


Wait for the new season to arrive. 🙂

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