Mobile Legends Luo Yi Guide: Best Builds, Emblems, Combos and Tips

Luo Yi, the Yin-yang Geomancer was available in Mobile Legends for free as a login reward on May 16. Yi is the first mage from the oriental fighters group and one of the strongest mages in the game right now. She is a mixture of CC and damage whose combos can be fatal for the enemy team if used properly. She has the capability to carry the whole team with some proper help and positioning techniques. But she is pretty difficult to play with, more so for the beginners. so in this guide, we are going to give you some tips and tricks to play with Luo Yi in Mobile Legends.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Mobile Legends heroes like Wanwan, Pharsa, Carmilla, Hayabusa, Atlas. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Luo Yi the Geomancer.


There are four skills possessed by Luo Yi in Mobile Legends, including her passive skill.

1. Dispersion

This skill is the main source of damage for Luo Yi and the only AoE. In this skill, she casts the energy of Yang/Yin in the designated direction dealing damage of 230(+100% total magic damage) to the target it hits and leaves a Yang/Yin sign on them. Now both the Yang and Yin cause the same damage and it stacks up to 4. This is also the main passive source so its pretty important to use this skill properly. This skill can also stack up whenever the Yin/Yang reaction happens.

Mobile Legends Luo Yi guide Dispersion
Dispersion by Luo Yi

2. Rotation

Its the main CC skill of her. Its basically like Gord’s 2nd skill mystic injunction. In this skill fire of yang or aqua of yin is summoned by causing a 250(+50% total magic power) magic damage in the area where it has been summoned. It lasts for 6 seconds and anyone inside it experiences slowdown by 60% for 0.5 seconds. Now if you have hit the target with Yang or light and the mark is on them, then you have to use this skill as Yin or dark and they will be pulled together in the middle of it dealing huge AoE+CC damage.

Mobile Legends Luo Yi guide Rotation
Rotation performed by Luo Yi

3. Diversion

This is basically the teleportation skill where she can carry the whole team from a designated place to another within the range. Therefore this skill is really useful for surprising the enemy from behind and create some good ganks in the game. This skill works in 3seconds and a mark appears wherever she is teleporting. It also reduces the CD of other skills by 2%.

4. Passive skill: Duality

Luo Yi’s passive is a little tricky but it’s easy with this trick. Every time Lou Yi casts a skill, a mark of Yang(light) or Yin(dark) appears on the target. Thus to use the passive you have to hit the target with the skill of the opposite mark. This creates the Yin/Yang reaction on the target making them pulled to each other. And causing 420(+140% Total magic power) magic damage on them, enough to kill any marksman or mage hero. Now, this passive works differently on single targets. When any target is only hit by Yin/Yang of the first skill she gets a shield and 30% increase in movement speed, which is best while you are being chased.

Mobile Legends Luo Yi guide Duality
Duality performed by Luo Yi

Combinations to perform with Luo Yi

Luo Yi doesn’t have many impressive stats or skill sets. But the combos are the thing that makes her OP in Mobile Legends. We are here to guide you about the combinations that can be performed by Luo Yi in Mobile Legends.

1st combination

This combo is applicable when you are in a safe position and the opponent is trying to push. Set your 1st skill to max stacks. Use yin(dark) as the first skill and yang(light) as the 2nd skill. Start like this:

2nd skill on the crowd+ 1st skill on the closest+ 1st skill on the farthest+1st skill to finish

2nd combination

This combo is for single targets for chasing and killing them. Set your first and 2nd skill to yang. Then perform this:

1st skill +1st skill + 2nd skill + 1st skill

3rd combination

This combo is a CC based combo and you need a tank or fighter in front of you to engage. Make sure you are stacked up fully and 1st and 2nd skill are set in After they engage, use this:

2nd skill+ 1st skill + 1st skill + 1st skill +1st skill + 2nd skill 

Emblem Set and Best Builds for Luo Yi

Emblem Set

Your emblem set for Luo Yi should be in the following order:

  •  1st set: +3 CD reduction to reduce the early game skill cooldown.
  • 2nd set: +3 Magic ATK to increase the early game magic damage.
  • 3rd set: Take mystery shop to increase the gold per kill.
Luo Yi Embled Set
Emblem Set for Luo Yi


  • In the starting of the game take Demon shoes to increase the mana regen, then go for Lighting truncheon. It will increase the skill AoE and damage of the 1st skill.
  • If the enemy is pushing and invading go for Divine Glaive to increase the Magic Penetration for better damage.
  • Then go Glowing wand. Its passive is really helpful to Lou Yi in providing better damage and control.
  • After that, you can go for either Ice Queen wand or Holy crystal as per needs.
Luo Yi builds
Builds for Luo Yi

Positioning and Gameplay

Luo Yi is not a mage to solo play in lanes so you need a tank in front of you always. In the starting of the game clear the mid minion wave and make sure tank buys roam. Then go for the healing crab. Take blue buff if your team doesn’t have an assassin. After taking blue rotate to the top and try to take out a kill, or you can rotate to marksman and help him to get the early kill. Rotate back to mid clear lanes and poke the mid defence.

Lou Yi is not a far ranged mage so try to get closer while attacking for better aim. But don’t go ahead of the tank. Tanks like Grock, Hylos or support like Kaja and Carmilla is best to duo with Luo Yi. If the mid gank is successful secure the turtle immediately. That will give you a lead in the Gold difference.  Make sure to rotate top constantly and push turrets. Pushing turrets makes the enemy vulnerable to plan further, breaking the flow of the game. Whenever you get a chance, destroy a turret.

In the late game place, yourself in the middle of the tank and marksman, which will protect you and you can provide damage constantly. Use your Ult to carry your team behind the enemy and surprise gank them. It will dislocate the enemy formation, giving you an advantage in the gank.

That’s all for today’s guide about Luo Yi in Mobile Legends. Do you prefer to use Luo Yi in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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