Mobile Legends October 2021 Hero Tier List

Choose from the best heroes of Season 22!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has just finished with Season 21 moving on to Season 22. With such a large and supportive player base that is continuing to grow, ML is sure to be one of the most popular MOBAs for a long time. However, for this season, let’s check out the Mobile Legends Hero Tier list for the ongoing Season 22, for October 2021, which would help players understand the current meta giving them the extra edge while ranking up after the rank reset.

Mobile Legends Hero Tier List for October 2021

Tier Tank Fighter Assassin Mage Marksmen Support
Overpowered (S+)BaratsPaquito
X Borg Jawhead
Lancelot BenedettaLunox
Luo Yi
Strong (S)Khufra
Atlas Gatotkaca Tigreal
Yu Zhong
Lapu Lapu
Hayabusa Ling
Karina Saber
Kagura Chang’e Cecillion Kadita
Yi Sun-Shin Bruno
Popol and Kupa
Moskov Claude
Floryn Estes
Good (A)Hylos
Lolita Uranus Baxia
Gusion SelenaLylia
Eudora Cyclops
Nana Harley Aurora Zhask
Beatrix Wanwan Miya
Rafaela Angela Diggie  
Fair (B)Johnson Franco Belerick HildaMinsithar
Thamuz Dyrroth Khaleed
Fanny Helcrut Hanzo
Weak (C)MinotaurTerizla VexanaClintFaramis
Mobile Legends Hero Tier List for October 2021

5 Best meta heroes in Mobile Legends Season 22

These following heroes are the best of the best heroes tier as overpowered heroes(S+) which are currently dominating the meta. Players below epic rank should definitely try playing these heroes for an easier win in ranked matches. Players from the epic rank unlock the draft mode where players get to ban heroes and these heroes must be definitely banned if players won’t pick them or don’t have the first pick while selecting heroes.

1. Barats

This little dwarf with his pet dinosaur Detona is not one to mess with. Though Barats is categorized as a Tank/Fighter hero, he truly outshines when playing him as a hyper or as an offlaner. Players need to make sure to try to maintain the stacks when playing Barats as it increases their Defence and Resilience.

Barats MLBB, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.22 update

Having a Barats in the team, continuously tanking while dishing out good damage and the potential to single out an enemy by swallowing them and throwing them to his teammates makes Barats a must to have/ban type of hero.

2. Paquito

Paquito MLBB, Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.92

Though the devs tried nerfing Paquito, he punched his way through nerfs to still remain as one of the most dreaded fighters. His burst, mobility, and cc potential are extraordinary and without a good counter, Paquito can devastate enemies solo with ease. With no Mana to worry about, Paquito is a very threatening offlaner that will punch you over and over again. He is banned in almost all Ranked matches and definitely picked first when he isn’t.

3. Phoveous

He is like the anti-dash defense system of a team. Any dash or blink skills reset his cooldowns and his ultimate teleports him to players smashing himself on his enemies crushing them to their doom.

Phoveus Mobile Legends

Phoveous is a pretty good side laner and a must to have in team fights his cc skills along with his good burst damage make him quite a threat. He also counters pretty much every hero that has a dash or blink skill making enemies think twice while picking heroes with dash skills.

4. X. Borg

Mobile Legends X.Borg

With the introduction of War Axe in the game, X. Borg became a true nightmare. Burning his enemies alive while having an extra second health bar in the form of Fiagra Armor which regenerates as when dealing damage makes him the unkillable killing machine. Though the slow effect on his skill 1 got nerfed, X Borg still remains one of the most feared heroes with solo carrying potential.

5. Lancelot

Phase 3 of Project Next made a huge change to revamp Lance. His skill 1 Puncture got buffed insanely, making him not only easier to play but that much deadlier. Previously Lance was already good in the hands of a good player but with the revamp of his first skill, any novice player can perform pretty well with him, while the Lance mains go around devastating entire teams dashing through their victories.

6. Benedetta

Benedetta MLBB

Benedetta has always been in every meta ever since her release. Her remarkable mobility along with a strong cc immune 2nd skill dash makes her a hero not to be trifled with. Most players can be caught off guard by her dashing ability as she can easily penetrate enemy backlines wreaking havoc and safely disengage as well. This is also one of the reasons she is played so much in professional leagues.

7. Lunox

Lunox MLBB

Players should be ready to pick her up in the first rotation in draft picks, as she can truly impact a game. Although Lunox tends to have a slow start in the early game, picking up a few of her core items like Clock of Destiny and Holy Crystal will make a huge difference. Even with the nerfs made to Magic Penetration in the latest, Lunox still remains one of the best mages to dominate the mid lane or gold lane.

8. Luo Yi

The insane burst that comes from Luo Yi’s Passive Duality by triggering the Yin Yang marks easily puts her in the meta. She easily dominates the early game and can make her team snowball hard. Her presence in teamfights is a nightmare to enemies.


Her passive not only crowd controls the enemies but deals good burst damage as well as providing her with a shield. Luo Yi’s teleport Ultimate can be utilized to teleport not only herself but her entire team which can be used offensively as well as defensively.

9. Granger

Granger has always been a popular Marksman. His impressive basic attack damage combined with the passive skill that allows him to deal critical damage every sixth basic attack and also a dash movement skill makes him that much of a nightmare.

Granger MLBB Mobile Legends tier list

He is one of the few marksmen heroes whose early game is pretty strong and even without items can tear through enemies. A good granger can sidestep attacks and use his movement skill to stay out of harm while dealing good damage at the same time.

10. Natan

Mobile Legends Natan, Mobile Legends 1.6.06 Patch Update

Natan has earned himself quite the nickname as the One-Shot Prince. His burst is insane when he summons his clones and also his stacks attack his attack and movement speed. With a good tank peeling for Natan he can just obliterate enemies without taking so much as a scratch in the process. Even though his passive got a little nerf he is still one of the most broken marksman heroes out there.

11. Mathilda

Mathilda has been one of the best supports ever since her release. Her playstyle as a roamer provides extreme mobility to her team. Her Skill 2 can bring teammates along with her in the heat of battle while it also can be used to retreat.

Mathilda MLBB

Mathilda’s ability to shield and heal allies together with her Ultimate which can zone out an enemy makes her one of the most sought-after heroes to pick or ban. Even though she is getting nerfed and buffed every other patch to balance her, she still stays as one of the best support/roamers in the game.

Final Thoughts

With the recent buffs to marksmen which improved their laning ability and nerf to magic penetration items, the meta will be shifting significantly. Will Season 22 witness the rise of the Marksman meta again? While strategies like the Diggie Feeder Strategy which is not viable anymore, the Full Strike strategy is slowly on the decline as well. While double hyper strategy is on the rise, players can also be seen trying the Arrival push strategy.

With the ever-shifting meta and the boundaries of stagnant roles breaking down, MLBB is shifting more towards a team coordination and hero synergy-based game. Players are always coming up with new strategies and line-ups with unique hero synergies making the game more fluid and ever-evolving.

What do you think about this Mobile Legends Hero Tier List for October 2021? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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This Tier List is 🔥🔥🔥
I actually agree to the names on this list. I recently started practicing on X-Borg and Paquito amongst other heroes and I found out how OP they are.
Nice 👌 Article Man…

Terizla main

This Article is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 but I have to disagree about Terizla

milės ml name

yes I agree but he can be easily countered. Me also is a terizla main he is strong and I like to play him in rank he can dominate it solo the exp lane if you play him very well.

True or not

Indeed Terizla is strong who can easily dominate side lane but because of his slow movement speed he is at disadvantages against marksman heroes


Alucard is the strogest


Alucard is so week lol


why guin is not in top tier list?


Because she can be easily countered


Nice dude I agree u must be a pro or something u know what to rank


What about Harith. You forgot about him 😂

Godwin Pereira

I’m a Natan main.. I’ve even got a tripple kill in ult state with just one skill 1.
He is just too op in late game.. An absolute Late Game King.


Aldous with the right hands can make any hero game like a nightmare:) don’t underestimate him specially after making it easier to stack up now with killing minions , creeps or enemies

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