Mobile Legends Ranked Mode Guide: Divisions, Rewards and Tips

Master the ranks, check the rewards and more!

Mobile Legends is a fast-paced, MOBA game that pits players against each other in intense 5v5 matches. Its Ranked Mode is where the most competitive players strive to prove their skills and climb the ladder in Mobile Legends. Understanding the divisions, knowing the rewards, and having a strategic approach are key to success in this mode. If players want to know about the different rewards in the current season, check our ranked rewards for the current season.

The ranked mode in Mobile Legends is a competitive environment where the rank determines the opponents. Winning matches earns stars, while losses make them slip away. This determines the players’ proficiency and experience in the game. The better you are in the game, the higher you can climb the ranked ladder.

Mobile Legends Ranked Mode Guide: Divisions

To access Ranked Mode, you need to reach level 8, own at least six heroes, and maintain a credit score above 90. You can play solo or in groups of 2, 3, or 5. Additionally, you can invite friends who are one rank higher or lower than you.

WarriorIII to IStar x0 to Star x3
EliteIII to IStar x0 to Star x4
MasterIV to IStar x0 to Star x5
GrandmasterV to IStar x0 to Star x5
EpicV to IStar x0 to Star x5
LegendV to IStar x0 to Star x5
MythicStar x0 to Star x24
Mythical HonorStar x25 to Star x49
Mythical GloryStar x50 to Star x100
Mythical ImmortalStar x100 to Star x∞

In every rank, there are divisions marked with Roman numerals. To move up, players need a specific number of stars. If they exceed the maximum stars or drop below zero, they move to the next or previous division. Completing all divisions leads to promotion while being demoted from all divisions means dropping a rank.

Draft Pick

Once a player hits Epic V or higher (Grandmaster V or higher in the Advanced Server), Draft Pick becomes an option for matches.

Mobile Legends Draft Pick
Image via MOONTON Games

Unlike Blind Pick, Draft Pick lets both teams view the heroes being picked and bans a total of 6 heroes (3 for each team) for balance. Once a hero is picked or banned, they’re off the table for that match. Players can try to learn more about winning in hero selection in the Mobile Legends, refer to our Mobile Legends draft guide.

Star-raising and Star Protection

There are ways to gain stars or prevent losing them, known as star-raising and star protection. Star-raising lets players earn an extra star when they hit 100% star-raising points after a win. On the other hand, star protection helps avoid losing stars when players hit 100% star protection points or use star protection cards. If a player loses, star protection cards activate before star protection points.

Mobile Legends Star-raising and Star Protection
Image via MOONTON Games

In the Mythic tier, star-raising points are disabled, meaning players can’t earn extra stars after a win. However, star protection points remain active, allowing players to prevent star loss if they reach 100% protection or use star protection cards.

Mobile Legends Ranked Mode Guide: Rewards

Season Journey Rewards

Each season in Mobile Legends introduces an exclusive skin available only during that time. The Season Journey Rewards offer various bonuses for playing ranked matches:

  • 20 Matches – Ranked Exclusive Skin
  • 40 Matches – 3,000 BP
  • 60 Matches – 1 Deluxe Skin Trial Card Pack (1-Day)
  • 80 Matches – 750 Tickets
  • 100 Matches – Small Emblem Pack
  • 120 Matches – 7,000 BP
  • 160 Matches – 1,500 Magic Dust
  • 200 Matches – Ranked Exclusive Border

By playing a certain number of matches throughout the season, players can earn these rewards, including exclusive skin, Battle Points (BP), tickets, emblem packs, and other valuable items to enhance their gaming experience.

Ranked Season Rewards

At the end of each ranked season, players get extra in-game rewards based on their rank. The rewards differ depending on how high players have climbed, with better ranks earning more Battle Points, Emblems, Magic Dust, Exclusive Borders, and other valuable items.

Warrior I, II, III – Rewards

  • 100 Tickets
  • 1,000 BP
  • 1x Premium Skin Fragment

Elite I, II, III, IV – Rewards

  • 200 Tickets
  • 2,000 BP
  • 3x Premium Skin Fragments

Master I, II, III, IV – Rewards

  • 300 Tickets
  • 4,000 BP
  • Season Exclusive Skin

Grandmaster I, II, III, IV – Rewards

  • 600 Tickets
  • 7,000 BP
  • Another Season Exclusive Skin

Epic I, II, III, IV – Rewards

  • 1,000 Tickets
  • 12,000 BP
  • Another Season Exclusive Skin

Legend I, II, III, IV – Rewards

  • 1,500 Tickets
  • 20,000 BP
  • Season Exclusive Skin

Mythic I, II, III, IV – Rewards

  • 1,500 Tickets
  • 20,000 BP
  • Another Season Exclusive Skin
  • Mythic Battle Emote (valid for 100 Days)

Glorious Mythic I, II, III, IV – Rewards

  • 1,500 Tickets
  • 20,000 BP
  • Another Season Exclusive Skin
  • Another Mythic Battle Emote (valid for 100 Days)

Mobile Legends Ranked Mode Guide: Tips to master

1. Master Key Heroes

Focusing on mastering just a few heroes gives players a deep understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. This expertise helps you adapt better to different situations and play more effectively. When you know your heroes inside out, you can counter opponents more skillfully and coordinate better with your team. If players want to know more about countering heroes in Mobile Legends, please refer to our Hero Counters guide. It’s not about knowing a lot; it’s about knowing the right heroes well to excel in various game scenarios.

2. Stay Updated with the Meta

Keeping up with the current meta isn’t just about knowing which heroes are popular. It’s about understanding their strengths, how they work together in a team, and the best item to make them shine. Adapting to the meta means you’re always one step ahead, ready to counter whatever your opponents throw your way.

This knowledge gives you a strategic advantage, letting you make smart choices that can change the game in your favor. If players want to use heroes which stay good, without the shift of meta, refer to our list of heroes which are good in any meta.

3. Communicate Effectively

Teamwork is the secret sauce in Mobile Legends. Using in-game chat isn’t just about chatting; it’s about strategizing, coordinating moves, and syncing up with your team for those game-changing plays. It’s about understanding each other, syncing strategies, and acting as a tight-knit team. Whether it’s planning surprise attacks, securing objectives, or turning the game around, teamwork and clear communication make the difference between a good team and a winning one.

4. Map Awareness Matters

Watching the mini-map is key, it’s not just about seeing where enemies are. It’s about guessing their next moves, planning your strategy, and making smart decisions based on what you spot. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero.

Mobile Legends new map guide New Map “Sanctum Island”
Image via MOONTON Games

It’s helpful to predict enemy actions, set up surprises, grab objectives, and avoid ganks. It’s not just watching; it’s about using that information to stay one step ahead of your opponents and secure that winning advantage.

5. Stay Flexible

Being flexible is a game-changer in Mobile Legends. It’s not about sticking stubbornly to one plan; it’s about being open to change when things shift. Whether it’s tweaking your approach, changing tactics with your team, or focusing on different goals, adaptability is key. Recognizing when your strategy needs a shift and making those quick adjustments can truly turn the game around.

Final Thoughts

Ranked Mode in Mobile Legends isn’t just about reaching the highest rank—it’s a journey of learning, teamwork, and strategy. Embrace the challenges, improve your skills, and enjoy the excitement of climbing the ladder. Whether you’re aiming for Mythic or Mythical Immortal, every match is a chance to become better.

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