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In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the ever-changing meta brings in new heroes and tactics, while pushing some older ones out of the spotlight. Yet, a few MLBB heroes stand strong, staying useful and influential, no matter the trends. These heroes are the best in the game and have lasting qualities that keep them valuable, no matter what’s popular at the moment. Let’s explore these top heroes, which are viable in every meta in Mobile Legends. For a detailed discussion on all the heroes in Mobile Legends in the current season, please refer to our latest Tier List.

Best Mobile Legends (MLBB) heroes that are viable in every meta

Tank Heroes

1. Khufra

Khufra is a go-to tank, fitting well in almost any match. He’s all about crowd control, perfect for players who want to take charge of fights. His ultimate, Tyrant’s Rage, is a game-changer, knocking up and stunning multiple enemies, shifting the balance in team battles.

Mobile Legends October 2023 Tier List, Mobile Legends Khufra
Image via MOONTON Games

He’s the one to change how fights go down, especially with his Tyrant’s Revenge and Bouncing Ball which can mess up the enemy team, especially the squishy and dash-skilled heroes. Khufra’s flexibility and knack for controlling fights make him a reliable and powerful choice, fitting into various team strategies no matter how the game shifts. He’s quick and tough, great for engaging in fights. Khufra is a strong and dependable tank that slides into any team setup smoothly.

2. Franco

Franco is one best MLBB heroes in locking down enemies. His grappling hook skill is a game-changer – he can pull enemies close, setting up surprise attacks or making it easier for the team to take them down. His ultimate move, Bloody Hunt, pins down an enemy hero, good for taking objectives and killing enemy carry.

Mobile Legends Franco MLBB Guide Cover
Image via MOONTON Games

What truly sets Franco apart is how he disrupts the other team’s strategies; he can even hassle enemy junglers by hooking buffs and jungle creeps. He’s strong and takes charge in the game, making him an essential team player. His blend of control, resilience, and disruption ensures he stays on top, adapting to any shifts in the game. This makes Franco one of the best heroes in Mobile Legends, which can be a part of every meta.

Support Heroes

1. Diggie

Diggie is a strong support hero with unique skills. He’s good at disrupting enemies in battles and protecting teammates. His ultimate, Time Journey, lets him and his teammate remove all debuffs, gain shield, and be immune to crowd controls for a short time, so they can fight freely without worrying about getting slowed down or stopped.

Image via MOONTON Games

Diggie is a real problem for enemies who rely on crowd-control skills because he easily gets rid of those effects. He is a big help to any team, so it’s important not to overlook how much he can do.

2. Angela

Angela is all about supporting her team, sticking close, healing them up, and throwing in shields to keep everyone in the game. And it’s not just about healing, her control skills, like slowing down enemies and locking them in place, are huge advantages in those crucial face-offs.

Mobile Legends Angela Guide, Mobile Legends Starlight Fest 2023
Image via MOONTON Games

That ability to be rock-solid support while also messing up the other team’s strategy is why Angela’s always in demand, no matter what’s trending in the game. Angela is one of the best heroes in Mobile Legends, in every meta.

Fighter Heroes

1. Chou

Chou is all about speed and flexibility, taking inspiration from martial arts. His moves, like Jeet Kune Do and Shunpo, let him dash around easily—great for starting fights, dodging trouble, or just moving fast. Ever since he joined MLBB, Chou’s been viable no matter the meta. His strength lies in messing up enemy plans and controlling how battles go down, making him stand out.

Image via MOONTON Games

Using his moves together lets Chou take out enemies quickly, and once he catches someone, they’re in trouble. His speed and ability to control enemies make him a real headache for the other team, especially when he zooms in to get rid of important targets.

His ultimate move, “The Way of the Dragon,” doesn’t just deal big damage—it messes up opponents in fights, showing why he’s such a big deal in every meta. Chou’s style of playing fast and messing with the enemy’s plans always makes a big impact, no matter how the game’s going.

2. Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong‘s viability in every Mobile Legends meta is attributed to his exceptional sustainability, making him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. His passive ability significantly contributes to his sustainability by providing valuable lifesteal, allowing him to endure prolonged engagements. He got Dragon Tail which is great for clearing out waves, Soul Grip which slows down enemies, and his Furious Dive which can knock enemies up.

Yu Zhong Mobile Legends Cover
Image via MOONTON Games

But the real game-changer is his ultimate, turning him into a dragon. This not only makes him immune to crowd control but also amps up his skills. With these skills, he’s a serious threat, especially when it comes to taking out enemies lurking in the backline. His ability to sustain, disrupt, and deal substantial damage makes him a reliable and viable hero in the game.

Mage Heroes

1. Pharsa

Pharsa is a real game-changer in Mobile Legends because of her versatility. Just look at her skills – Energy Impact clears minion waves like it’s nothing, Curse of Crow stuns multiple enemies, and Feathered Air Strike is hands down one of the best zoning moves in the game. What’s cool is how she can harass enemies from a safe distance, making her a constant threat in team fights.

Mobile Legends Pharsa guide
Image via MOONTON Games

She’s not just about the damage; Pharsa’s got this unique ability to control the map with her vision, which is super handy. And her Wings by Wings skill practically turns her into a mobile queen of zoning. She can zip around the map with ease, making her this ever-present force.

2. Valentina

Valentina‘s strength lies in her adaptability and diverse skill set. Her ultimate move, “I Am You,” is a game-changer. It lets her copy enemy ultimates, especially handy when facing opponents with predictable skills. By mimicking the enemy’s ultimates, Valentina shakes up battles, throwing off opponents’ plans effectively. This ability to counter their strategies gives her a real advantage, making her a versatile and unpredictable hero in any meta.

Valentina Mobile Legends MLBB, Mobile Legends April 2023 Tier List
Image via MOONTON Games

She’s all about changing the game by using her opponents’ skills against them. Valentina’s ability to adapt and disrupt enemy strategies, combined with her control and damage, keeps her at the top across different metas in MLBB.

Assassin Heroes

1. Gusion

Gusion brings both speed and immense damage to the battlefield. His ultimate, Incandescence, allows him to swiftly eliminate enemies by resetting his other abilities. A hero with this level of swiftness and power is a crucial asset to any team, and Gusion perfectly embodies that. He can teleport short distances and deliver devastating bursts of damage, making him a threat on the battlefield.

Gusion Mobile Legends
Image via MOONTON Games

His combination attacks are particularly devastating against fragile heroes, and his adaptability allows him to fill various roles within a team. Despite the attention other assassins might receive, Gusion remains viable due to his consistent damage output and swift maneuvers, ensuring his relevance in any game scenario.

2. Fanny

Fanny remains a strong pick in MLBB because of her exceptional mobility and damage potential. Though she’s a hero that demands serious skill, her ability to swiftly move around the map and dish out huge damage keeps her a constant threat. Her standout skill lies in how she can dive into the enemy, cause major damage, and escape, giving skilled players a big advantage.

Mobile Legends Fanny Guide Cover
Image via MOONTON Games

For players who’ve mastered her, Fanny becomes a game-changer, letting them outsmart opponents and secure kills with her amazing mobility. But because she needs a lot of skill to use effectively, less experienced players might struggle, leaving her vulnerable due to her lack of healing and fragility. Still, her potential to outmaneuver enemies and make game-changing moves makes her a strong choice for players who have the skill and smarts to make the most of her abilities in any meta.

Marksman Heroes

1. Claude

Claude’s an OG in MLBB, but he’s still a solid pick for the gold lane. His Battle Mirror Image skill gives him crazy mobility in team fights. His Blazing Duet skill is unique for a marksman—he can dive into the action using Battle Image Mirror, trigger his ultimate to blast enemies, and zip back to his starting point in a flash.

Claude MLBB Mobile Legends
Image via MOONTON Games

It’s not just about being effective, playing Claude is a ton of fun. His lightning-fast moves and massive damage keep him in demand in every meta.

2. Beatrix

Beatrix stands out among Marksmen due to her unique trait, she wields four different weapons, each with its strengths. This versatility makes her incredibly adaptable in any scenario. Compared to other Marksmen, Beatrix’s diverse arsenal allows her to shine in various situations, whether it’s ranged combat or up close and personal engagements.

Beatrix Mobile Legends, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.80 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

What makes her a standout choice is her capacity to dish out massive damage. She’s not just a decent Marksman; she’s capable of significantly reducing even a tank’s HP. Her adaptability, diverse weaponry, and immense damage potential solidify her as a reliable hero in every meta.

Final Thoughts

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, these heroes are true game-changers. They are adaptable, they shake up fights, and they leave a lasting impact, but mastering them takes skill and strategy. Each hero brings something unique to the table, but what ties them together is their game-altering potential, making them must-haves in any Mobile Legends meta.

Sure, these heroes aren’t easy to master. They require time, practice, and a good understanding of their abilities. But once you’ve mastered them, they have the power to completely shift the game in your favor. So, if you’re up for the challenge, these heroes could be the key to turning the tides of battle in your favor.

What are your thoughts on the best heroes in Mobile Legends, which will be a part of every meta? Let us know in the comments section below.

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