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One Punch Man: World Reconnecting to the Server issue: Here’s how to fix

Get into the game and fix the issue!

Given the recent launch of One Punch Man: World, numerous players are encountering difficulties when attempting to log in. The surge in player numbers has led to issues such as difficulty reconnecting to servers, prolonged wait times in server queues, and various other problems. This One Punch Man: World Reconnecting to the Sever article aims to provide solutions to these issues and offer guidance on accessing the game smoothly.

In addition to offering crucial gameplay tips, this article will highlight redeem codes for rewards, provide beginner advice and tier lists, share effective rerolling strategies, help you build formidable teams, explain currency usage, and delve into the gacha system to enhance your understanding of drop rates and the pity system.

How to fix the ‘Reconnecting to the server’ issue in One Punch Man: World

Figuring out why One Punch Man: World keeps having connection problems might seem tricky, but fixing it is pretty simple. I got frustrated with it at first, but then I realized it’s not that hard to deal with. The problem usually comes down to how fast your internet is or if your device can connect properly.

Every time I tried logging into One Punch Man: World on my phone using Wi-Fi, I kept getting hit with the ‘Reconnecting to the server‘ error. I searched high and low for a fix, but couldn’t find one. Yet, when I switched to playing on my PC, which has a direct cable connection and better internet, the game worked perfectly fine.

One Punch Man World reconnecting from server
Image via Perfect World Games

So, the fix for this disconnection problem comes down to having a good internet connection. Whether you’re using Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot, making sure the connection is stable is crucial to prevent the same issue from happening and ruining your experience with One Punch Man: World.

Should the problem persist despite these efforts, attempting to log in from a device using direct mobile data, preceded by a device restart, might resolve the issue. If all else fails, the only recourse to regain access to your account is to reach out to One Punch Man: World customer support. In such instances, providing your player ID or user ID (UID) along with the server name is essential for the support team to assist you effectively.

How to fix the ‘Queue Position’ issue in One Punch Man: World

When One Punch Man: World initially launched its servers, the game struggled to accommodate the surge of players, resulting in the implementation of a queue position system for some users. Unfortunately, this led to excessively long wait times displayed in the queue for many players, including myself.

One Punch Man World queue position
Image via Perfect World Games

Experiencing the frustration of lengthy queue positions and wait times, I discovered a solution: either restart the game or exercise patience. The displayed wait time often exceeds the actual time needed to enter the game. As the game has recently launched and the development team is actively addressing this issue, patience is key.

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